Bridal Outfits For An Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Bridal Outfits

Anyone who has already tied the knot will tell you it’s scary how quickly the big day comes around. But if you’re one of the thousands of couples who have had to cancel their large gathering weddings in 2020 because of the widely spread pandemic, unfortunately it has also halted so many momentous plans. Not only are brides-to-be adjusting to the new norm during these unprecedented times, but other bridal couples are also attempting on 'how to celebrate a postponed wedding' safely as a way to acknowledge their original date. The good news. You can still have a beautiful wedding in the near future - but what do you do when the day of your wedding finally rolls around? Cancel the world and hide under the blankets again? Maybe. Or go ahead to celebrate your original wedding date for an intimate wedding, a civil ceremony, registry office wedding, virtual wedding or an at-home wedding celebration?

You have planned this day for months (some people even years), you’ve organized over every little detail of flowers at the reception to the exact colour of your bridesmaid dresses and you’ve been looking forward to your catered masterpieces for months. But unfortunately, sometimes life just throws you a huge curve ball. Despite the current social limitations, you and your sweetheart can still mark the occasion and celebrate a new marriage safely that can still be chic!

To help you on your journey, it’s all about deciding on which bridal outfit you’re going to wear. In short, pretty much anything goes, but before you get shopping - take a look at our tips for dressing for an intimate wedding ceremony where there’s no way you won’t look fabulous in these alternative bridal outfits if your would-be celebration is coming up! From jumpsuits to mini dresses or billowing white maxi dresses for brides, keep reading to see which bridal outfits are the perfect choice for when you say ‘I do.'

What To Wear Registry Wedding Ceremony

What To Wear To A Registry Wedding Ceremony

Are you planning a registry wedding ceremony? With a registry office wedding, the bridal fashion world is your oyster but of course it doesn’t make it easy for a dress hunt! Whether you take your bridal outfits for an intimate wedding ceremony to go casual, formal, classic or fashion forward, this is the one chance to get creative on what to wear. When it comes what to wear to a registry office wedding ceremony there’s only one rule for the ultimate bridal outfit: you can never be too overdressed or under-dressed. Modern brides might like a jumpsuit between traditional suiting as a sleek all-in-one classic that won’t break the bank! Or a shorter dress might do the trick depending on the location of your registry wedding ceremony to influence the style of your chosen bridal outfits for an elegant way to rock the bridal look. Whether you’ll want to opt for a stunning silhouette or a casual bridal dress with pretty lace details for a style-led city registry wedding, you’ll have a lot of choice while also making sure you still look gorgeous on the big day. We also love how people are coming up with creative ways to celebrate together in a safe way! Why not have your closest family and friends come for a drive by after-party, it'll be an epic car parade as guests wave past as you wear a pretty dress with bouquet in hand.

What To Wear Garden Wedding Bridal Outfits

The Perfect Bridal Dress For A Garden Wedding 

With many weddings in 2020 being affected with social distancing measures, it might be the new norm to attend virtual weddings with brides and couples hosting beautiful backyard garden ‘minimony’ events. Deciding on what formal attire to wear to a garden wedding isn’t easy but we know that some of the coolest brides out there are choosing to wear mini dresses as a great option to experiment with cool, trend-led pieces. For an outdoor garden wedding, embrace feminine florals with easy breezy wrap dresses with sleeves for a relaxed silhouette. For the fashion forward bride, a statement maxi dress with a sexy plunging neckline would be the perfect bridal dress that would combine understated elegance and drama for the main event. All you have to do is accessorize to suit your bridal dress for a garden wedding like trendy sunglasses and mule heels that’ll be oh-so-stunning for a modern feel. To help you imagine that you're actually at your beautiful wedding reception and not in lockdown, ask your cake designer if they can bake a smaller version of your postponed wedding cake. This time you won't forget to actually eat some of it. Now that you’re dressed for your garden wedding, zoom in your guests, nearest and dearest and bridal #squad so you can all celebrate virtually together!

Postponed Wedding Photoshoot Bridal Dress

Say Yes To Dressing Up With A Wedding Photoshoot

Just because you’re not having a large scale wedding you’ve always dreamed off, you can still celebrating your big day in sweet and inventive ways like having a safe and socially distanced photoshoot at-home. Since there’s alot of scary things happening right now, a great way to feel more positive about the situation is to still commemorate your would-be wedding date in a fun way. Whether you decide to bring out your wedding dress in an intimate wedding ceremony or say yes to dressing up with bridal outfits with your chosen white dress, get planning, dressed up, and prep for your most romantic day - of lockdown yet. If you’ve been one of the unlucky few who have had to postpone their wedding this year, having a wedding photoshoot is no celebration without formal wear. Nothing will make you feel more like a bride than dressing up in a standout cocktail dress with occasion-style fabrics like silk or a gorgeous embroidered floor length gown to treat yourself to something new. With some photographers willing to do a mini shoot with careful planning and adhering to safe distancing, you can ask for a wedding photoshoot session at-home in the front porch steps, backyard, or a nearby location unique and personalized to you and your partner that will still make it a romantic and magical day.