Looking Cute In Jackets This Winter

Womens Winter Coats Jackets

Folks, get ready because jacket season is here and if you’re in need of some fab outerwear inspiration it’s time to keep your style fresh and warm. We secretly love Winter fashion and as soon as it gets a little chilly, admittedly we get a little bit excited to revamp our wardrobe with Winter coats because cool air just gives us so many outfit options. In particular, we’re into oversize silhouettes with fabrics like leather and shearling, denim jackets and the ultimate puffer jacket that’s been ruling it all. Just because it’s going to be freezing outside won’t mean we all have to collectively give up on style - it will just be an excuse to get tons more creative when dressing in the morning!

We promise, great style is possible even during Winter and it’s darkest days. Winter fashion is sleek, cool and most importantly, warm! Seriously though. Stay warm out there. When it comes to looking cool in jackets, and especially looking cool in the cold Winter is usually the least favourite of the season when dressing, at least sartorially. The general disdain for the cold is understandable when it’s hard to imagine actually getting dressed with the ever shrinking temps making it rough to leave the house, but you can still look cute in jackets and outfits that look put-together.

For me however, Winter fashion is the most inspiring of seasons, we’re thinking plush coats worn with chic boots and layering our pieces of course! Oh the layers. As the winds start to pick up, scroll down to see our top picks of jackets and coats you’ll be happy to own.

Blazer Overcoat Winter Coat

Double Up Jackets With A Blazer And Coat

As expected, no one wants to sacrifice style when we have to face harsh weather. Though it might be smart to pile on all the chunky knit sweaters, so why not double up on Winter jackets. Wearing a smaller jacket underneath a longer heavy coat is not necessarily obvious but it’s an easy way to stay warm this Winter. When you double up on jackets make sure to add dimension to your outfit by adding texture and mixing different materials like an oversized shearling coat over your blazer. In particular we’re also fond of doubling up texture with formality, like a casual denim jacket with a more polished overcoat this way you’re mixing you’re high and low pieces in your wardrobe ultimately giving you easier dressing in the morning.

Puffer jacket Streetwear Street Style

Puffer Jackets

Luckily we’ve got one the most warm Winter clothing item that’s making it a huge trend to try this year. Puffer jackets are no longer just for the snow anymore, they're now a great fashion statement. As the puffer jacket is gaining more traction again this year, we don’t have to sacrifice style while staying warm in our Winter outfits. To style this futuristic design when wearing a puffer jacket; because of it’s bulk shape mix it into your daily dressing with slim cut jeans. Keep your outfit classic because your puffer jacket will want to be the more noticeable item in your ensemble. There are all kind of crazy hues available on the market, but if you want to just dip into the trend make the most out of this style and find yourself in a black or beige version that's cut off at the waist like a bomber. Finish it off with streetwear essentials like chunky sneakers for some style cred.

Leather Jacket Blazer

Winter Leather Jackets

We all know that Winter and leather go really well together so it’s no wonder that a leather jacket will always be an endlessly stylish choice and a must have item in every wardrobe. Leather jackets have evolved this year in different silhouettes like ‘the puffy sleeve trend’ but this year it takes on the two most loved styles creating a blazer jacket shape that’ll guide you through anything with multiple styling choices! The reinvention of the iconic “biker leather jacket” will absolutely go with everything, a cute turtleneck underneath, heeled boots and denim jeans. Style your leather jacket with a belt cinched in at the waist to add defination and pair with some sexy knee length boots! The leather jacket will always be an epicly loved Winter item by bloggers and fashion style street influencers with it’s cool girl aesthetics, it'll be one of the most loyal companions you’ll have throughout season.

Fur Coats Evening Going Out Coat

Faux Fur Lined Coats

Nothing immediately looks and feels far more luxe than a faux fur lined coat. When there are dozens of styles to choose from and new options popping it, expect fur lined coats to get more and more notorious. A fur coat will always be iconic when stepping out in your everyday pieces, making it a light-weight rain ready jacket to step out in. Many jackets are lined with fur lining to store the insulation and there’ll be nothing better than snuggling up in an oversized coat on a chilly winter day. For the ultimate glamour piece, you can go for an all faux-fur coat in a pop of colour that'll dress up an evening party dresses with heels for date night or to an event you have coming up.