Coloured Leather As Seen On Street Style

We’ve noticed this street-style approved trend on a series of rich-covered faux leather and leather clothing pieces. The new introduction of colourful leather in fashion accessories, skirts, leather pants and faux and leather jackets add that perfect touch of playfulness giving our fashion styling different textures and elements to an otherwise, bland outfit. Street Style has really given us a rainbow sampling this year, with vivid maximised accessories to now head-to-toe colourful leather combos. Soon enough, you’ll be looking into your closet thinking “why don’t I have enough leather?” luckily, you can easily look online and purchase at the comforts of your air-conditioned room.

Coloured Leather Street Style
(Image Source: Leonie Hanne)

Colorful High-Street Leather Fashion

Could you imagine high-street fashion leather in past references, we found it synonymous with high end fashion, luxury and sensuality. There are some unique variations of coloured leather today with a plethora of street style looks that have us mysteriously attracted to elevate our daily styling. While we typically reach for classic black and brown pieces when it comes to leather, there is some encouragement to branch out to the bright side as we see our buttery leather high-street goods in hot pink, kelly green and marine blue.

You've probably seen our favourite fashion updates this season with colourful denim and jeans, naturally, we should expect this in our leather versions. Despite fascinating on leather and if you were more inclined to have a moody black leather jacket beforehand, designers have boycotted preferring faux leather instead. Wether chrome or vegetable tanned, this still gives our leather an impression of that high-street construction, thus securing it's place in our top trends to try. 

Brown Leather Jacket Style
(Image Source: Style Stalker)

Leather Trousers Can Be Preferred Work Outfit

Leather pants, leather leggings or leather trousers to work may sound a bit daring, and while a huge majority can come in black, don’t ever be afraid to try a different colour! When you combine leather the right way to wear to work, it can look really powerful at the office. Colourful leather for work may be a style we can’t get enough of seeing, especially in dresses and trousers. Make a feminine and exaggerated look for work this summer with a lightweight puffy sleeve leather dress, or update your usual black leather pencil skirt to a nude-pink tone alternate.

You can team red trousers with a streamline blouse top, or on top of basics with a faux leather blazer, a pair of pumps or leather boots. When you opt for red leather pants, which is already a statement piece itself, it’s best to wear with black items for a classy look. From burgundy to emerald green worn for work, there's no shortage of what you can do with leather. The best part about faux leather trousers is that they're typically stretchy and comfortable!

Colour Leather Dress
(Image Source: Szymon Broska / Style Stalker

Street Style Leather This Season

One of our favourite colourful street style looks this year involves leather in all types of styles and colours. Perhaps, the aim of said utmost outfits for our leather fashion enthusiasts is the amount of reasonable fashion variety of stylish attires. You might be wondering, how do I style leather?  Well, the key to make an all leather look is to go tone-on-tone. The tip is to choose smooth finish with the leather, and lighten the outfits for summer by pairing with metallic accents. While black is most common for people to go to, the key to killing it with leather this season is choosing the right colour.

If you’re going to try something fresh and modern choose stylish colours like blue, yellow, green and red. If you decide to style with a white or camel base, look amazing against a muted yellow leather skirt or short sleeve jacket. Colourwise, a muted yellow, blue or sage green skirt can be purposeful as it can take you to cooler weather later in the year, or give some depth into your outfits if you were more inclined to style with warmer tones. With patent leather making it's way through this summer, give it some high degree of refinement with other pops of colour and playful accessories.

Summer Leather Dress
(Image Source: Leonie Hanne)

Reasons Leather Is Timeless

This may seem a little odd, but leather wears friendly and regulates itself in whichever weather it is. When coloured leather excessively boomed everywhere we can find our new loved pieces in bright colours even extending it’s tones to pastel lighter shades. There are many reasons to make our new found leather love into our daily wardrobes, because of its refinement degree of appearance and also the versatility of wearing it casually with a bit of fashion edge. Make your leather coloured piece a new “timeless” item by replacing your pencil leather skirt in a vibrant colour or a shift dress in a totally chic feminine vibe. 

When it comes to timeless leather fashion, it has definitely made it's way into cutting edge designs especially with it's new colourways. You can really have fun with your personal style, with some accent leather colours done beautifully in blue, a leather or faux leather shirt and colour-blocking leather accesories.

If you have loved these new ways to style leather and want to play around with the coloured leather trend make sure to share your looks with us, we know we'll be adding this on our next shopping list!