Cool Girls Confirm The Must-Have Accessories

Whatever you’re doing for Summer… laying poolside in The French Riviera or partying on a billionaire yacht - we have you covered for the best affordable travel accessories you can save to update your look (like you go to Cannes pulling’ in a few mil.) When it comes to Summer Essentials; all you need for accessories are the basics you can go back to again, and again. Here we talk about some must-have items to add to your beach bag, and some cute ways to style for that upcoming getaway.

A cool girl’s accessory finds itself as a bag hanging nonchalantly across pebbled rocks or her golden necklaces stacked up against her bedside table. These are the essentials she must-have in her bag, she can’t live without them, the must have accessories she keeps. You have probably seen a cool girl sipping on a bottle of Avenè under an unsuspecting brim hat, catching a slight glimpse of her while reading novelty books.

Wide brim Straw Hats Travel Style
Image Source: Making Infinity

Straw Hats Double As Sun-Protectors

It’s always chic to wear sunscreen but the ultimate sun blocker are the big Summer Hats. This season we see travel accessories getting enormously bigger and better with the straw hat, that it’s kind of ridiculous and chić at the same time. From wide-brim styles, to the ultimate big flop, never leave the house without this piece of item in your bag (if you can fit it!) Not only do wide-brim straw hats double as protection from harsh UV sun rays but they offer to protect your shoulders, neck and ears at extra coverage. Sun protection has never looked stylish, yet comfortable. When sunny destinations call for hot weather - world travelers have used it for it’s lightweight and ventilated style. Looking glamorous but still quite purposeful, merciless rays will surely block out any hidden shade.

Chunky Gold Chain Oversize Jewellry
Image Source: Monika Dahl

Wearing The New 'Oversized' Accessories

Notice that everything in the accessories category has multiplied by size, because we have. “Over-size” is the new “micro” trend and we are seeing the jewelry department more definitive along with this season’s shoe and bag trends. Cool girls everywhere have decided to switch up “chunky” styles to more playful shapes around their ears and neck. From textural to unique and aesthetically pleasing enamels, thick oversized gold chains have made a huge comeback. Statement gold came to it's territory through medusa shaped medallion chains and gold-links while resurrecting the XL hoops again. Mixing gold and silvers use to be a sin, but the prestige of stacking them all on your wrist, gives it a little class. The current look is; wear them all at ONCE.

French Net Bag Crochet Style
Image Source: Jasmine Dowling

Carrying Essentials Net Bag Style

Have you ever considered the next ‘IT’ bag to cost $10 or less. The French inspired drawstring net bag is the best affordable summer accessory that comes in a bright array of colours. Once a supermarket tote, net bags were a sustainable way to use while picking lemons from the farmer’s market or holding all of your stylish beach essentials. We see this net design everywhere, from it’s simple aesthetic style to using it with an elevated look. While the net bag carries all your essentials in a stylish way, it can be used to fill in a significant amount (like letting other people know how many avocados you eat) or just the basics. A net bag and it's functional materials holds the right amount yet when you don’t need it, it can easily be folded or stored away into your little handbag.  

Hot Summer Hair Styles Head Scarves
Image Source: Zefinka

Head Scarves, The Perfect Hair Style

While you're driving along the coast in a vintage car, the classical way is to wrap a silk scarf as elegantly as Grace of Monaco. Remembered for her refined style, cool girls have made it a staple and have mastered this chić, minimalist look. Styling accessories this summer has never been so diverse, and while there are a million and one ways to style a head scarf - we see some creative ways from wrapping scarves around the handle of your handbag or tying vintage prints across your neck (we call this a neckerchief) The easiest way is tying around a ponytail. Whether in a convertible or whatever the frizzy situation, we say YES to controlling unruly manes.

New Season Sunglasses Retro Beach
Image Source: Trendesignbook

Unique Eye Wear For Any Girl In The Sun

When those afternoon sunbeams are casting glistening jewels across the water, we reach out for our sunglasses (probably ones we have worn for decades.)  This new year, we have seen Eyewear Trends in unique tiny triangle frames, to cat-eye designs bringing us back on the nostalgic route. Looking back on sunglasses over the years, we are now seeing frames in a wide range of colours and sizes, so much so that we are spoilt for choice. Tinted lenses are making it's way for the girl in the sun this summer - coloured or holographic, those that are more adventurous can try out these daring styles!