The Cozy And Chic Trend You Need Right Now

Knitted Matching Sets At Home Style

What day is it? Will we ever wear real pants again? When can I have brunch? All of these questions seem to be lingering as we are sitting at home with yet another week of staying indoors. Thankfully, our bored cries have been heard from the planets and stars to change many things about our daily lives - but on the fashion forefront, our fashion choices are more of a practical sense but the kind where we are still willing to spend money on. 

Introducing to you, the cozy and chic trends you need right now where both luxury in aesthetic and hybrid comforts of pajamas and loungewear are refined. Though our need to shop has us mindfully selecting what we put in our closet, our choices take us back to its finest wardrobe basic essentials. Welcome to quarantine chić, where comfort and style at home can be a luxury feeling as well.

From knitted matching sets, to cardigans, sweaters and co-ords, we’ve rounded up the cozy and chic trends you need right now to consider this your at-home go-to style.

Cute Knitted Matching Sets

Cute Knitted Matching Sets

When quarantine has already been a bad influence to a self-proclaimed out-of-control shopping addict like myself, people who consider their primary hobby of online shopping can of course, turn their power to a more practical cause. Deep inside we thought 2020 was the year for us and we may know that some of our best clothes might not be seen and we’re seriously missing getting all dressed up! But fear not, we think otherwise. Kick off your weekend with a Friday night of self care or dress up Friday, and yes, maybe buy a cute knitted matching set for the sake of therapy. Nothing gets our hearts pumping than cute knitted matching sets and stylish loungewear to wear at home. What you wear during self-isolation does matter - give your confidence that bit of “oomph” to make you feel sexy at home, that’s both cozy and chic as a means of #selfcare.

At Home Style Loungewear

Matching Sets Elevate Your Aesthetic

Seen on many influencers and if you’ll be changing your career to become a Tik Toker, elevate your aesthetic with matching sets that's particularly luxurious when worn in a neutral hue. The cozy and chic trend is full of monochromatic colours in beige, camel, cream, blush and olive. Though matching sets and sweatpants fall into the leisure category in a wardrobe, don’t sacrifice style when it comes to loungewear. Matching knitted sets can be worn as a ribbed top and pant for a cozy-chic vibe to your minimal look at home, or a cropped matching jumper that’ll be elevated and polished enough to handle a day full of conference calls while WFH. The good thing is, if you’re itching to get creative and not go stir-crazy, you can also DIY your matching sets in your loungewear sweats into a tie-dye design that's also as cozy and chic that’ll brighten up your week.

Cardigans Knit Sweaters Loungewear

Cozy Cardigans Are Sexy

Another day of rest and relaxation, you’ve been doing it all week, so do it some more! Cozy and chic cardigans are a must-have trend this season that has us styling our outfits in effortless layering. Your new most-loved item as days become cooler, that make staying at home outfits a chic ensemble. Did you know cardigans are sexy again? Part sweater, part coat - the humble cardigan is a wardrobe staple that’s ideal for days when you want to day dream and escape while stuck at home. There are many ways to style the new cardigan trend which makes it hard to find something comfortable, that doesn't look dowdy. Look for a silhouette with trendy sleeves and ultra-soft materials to make it uber-chic and elevated to a sexy style. Yes, cardigans are sexy again and somewhat of a risque statement piece now making it a slouch worthy casual look with unbuttoned styles. Not to mention worn with a matching set bra or your favourite lacy lingerie underneath. So much yes.

Will you nabbing yourself a chic and cozy knitted matching set while staying at home? It's like wearing a soft blanket from head-to-toe. Trust us.