Date Night Ideas For Rainy Days

Date Night ideas For Rainy Days

It’s raining, it’s pouring and not everyone likes dancing in the rain unless you’re in a romcom of course. Don’t get us wrong, It’s definitely much easier to stay in at-home and waste away a cloudy day when there’s a little bit of inclement weather outside. While we're constantly waiting for the tap in the sky to turn off, don't let a little rain keep you damp from having a romantic date night. What should you do when a surprise rainstorm interrupts your date night ideas? Let mother nature literally rain on your parade or get creative with free date night ideas? How about some date night ideas for couples to do? Or do you want to get inspired to do something active with your girls? It’s a challenge, we know. So we’ve compiled a list on what to do for date night ideas for rainy days when the weather throws you a curveball that’s going to be best enjoyed under an umbrella.

Regardless, if you and your significant other have always had a committed day a week for date night, whether you’re in the scenario of where you have finally secured a date (from that cute boy you’ve been talking) or just want a fun date night idea for an all girls night out; salvage your rainy afternoons and stormy nights with these date night ideas when the rain is more challenging than pleasant. Of course along with some cute date night outfit ideas to get you inspired! We’ve got some solid alternatives to help you fix up a plan rather than another date night with Netflix and chill - we got you girl, check out our list below of the date night ideas for rainy days if you’re looking for some things to do.

Free Date Night Ideas For Rainy Days

Rainy Day Dates At A Museum

It’s hard to figure out what to do on a rainy day but surely we bet that there’s a museum or two in your hood, you’ve always walked past and have been meaning to visit… and it just never happens. Well, immerse yourself in art, dahhhhling! Rainy day dates at a museum are always a great spot for all the reasons and scientifically it doesn’t rain inside, does it? Unless there’s a leak. Date night ideas or a day date at a museum will always be interesting regardless of who you’re with; your friends, with a date, or as a couple. Art museums or an independent gallery with local artists will be an awesome way to support up and coming creatives in the community. With these date night ideas for a date at a museum, it will not only be for educational purposes but there will always be conversation, encouraging laughter looking at ancient artifacts and they’re the best places to explore and learn.

Sometimes heading to a fun location indoors will have you delightfully embracing the moody weather and if you think about it, museums are kind of sexy. Dates at a museum are sexy when you can enjoy a glass of wine together, maybe a chance to show off your art knowledge with unique stories, fun facts and art can bring up different emotions. If you’re looking for date night ideas for rainy days, museums are a great first date that will have you learning about your date on a deeper level. With some art museums with free admissions - stop off at the gift shop to create a memento to remember your date night. For us, what to wear on a date to the museum is all about the colour palette. Whether it’s bright, punchy or monochrome or moody, choose a dress to wear that draws and begs your viewer for closer inspection.

Date Night Ideas Coffee Dates

Visit A New Cafe | Coffee Shop Dates

Don’t let the rain cramp your style and go for a rainy date night idea like visiting a new cafe and coffee shop dates that will really leave you buzzing! Needing a few new date night ideas for a rainy day besides a movie? Visiting a normal coffee shop may prove to be a little dull, so do your research in the area and go for something a little out of the norm like a hipster cafe in the local area that just popped up. A cool, hole-in-the-wall coffee shop or if you know of a cafe that stock those to-die-for chocolate scones your favourite person or partner loves will be a perky treat for you both instead of going stir-crazy inside the house while there are rainy days.

Call us old fashion, but coffee shop dates will be best for getting to know someone and not to mention when it’s freezing and raining outside, there’s nothing like being in a cozy coffee shop together to feel extra warm in sweater weather. It’s too perfect for a date night idea or things to do on a rainy day that will be a win-win situation, so girl, fire up your date to meet up! There’s no rescheduling rain or shine, so opt for your favourite functional rainy day playsuit to still look cute (naturally.) Pro tip: Winning points for choosing a seat for two next to a window where you can both see the rain pouring down, and a coffee shop place set closer to them.

Date night Ideas Wine And Paint

Wine And Paint Date Night Ideas

“Draw me like one of your french girls”, while french jazz soundtrack plays in the background. When date night ideas for rainy days are the opportunity to mix things up a bit, recharge with your weekly date with a wine and paint date night to charge up the romance and take it to a fun twist. When date nights shouldn’t be a routine, an exciting way to put aside stresses in life is of course, wine, and a night full of laughter together for hours on end with your bae or boo. Of course, you can do this at home for a cheeky version but there are also sessions for a wine and paint night at independent studios with BYO beverages.

Wine and paint date night ideas are not only fun to try something new but a way to get out of the house and relax with a bit of creativity making it a unique date night idea for you and your partner. Thankfully, you don’t have to be super talented with a paintbrush to sign up for a class! At most wine and paint date night events, you’ll find a complimentary set of canvases for you both to create beautiful art and If you think about it, you won’t remember that movie night you had in a few years time... but a wine and paint date night idea? You’ll have a memorable time with a piece of craft to take home to remember a unique date night idea together.

Whether you feel like getting artsy, it’s also a fun time for a girls night out to enjoy a glass or two to gossip over. Try not to spill too much wine, and depending on how much vino is consumed, hang up your masterpieces at home! When the weather isn't working in your favour, these are some of our favourite ways to spice up date night ideas for rainy days to get you inspired. Which will you choose? Grab an umbrella and get out there!