Fool-Proof Date Outfits To Get the Guy

Dressing for a first date is a modern-day challenge, especially finding the right outfit if you feel like you have nothing to wear or want to make the best first impression. Fool-proof your dating outfit through our different scenarios to surely create that lasting impression or have him leaving for more.

While swipe season has definitely put some pressure on Cupid’s Arrow this year, we don’t know if it’s because of Valentine's Day or Tinder’s Growth but if it’s intimately concerning two strangers meeting for the first time, we want to make sure you look like an absolute knock out. It’s a battle-field out there ladies! but you are not alone, it’s normal to feel nervous and it’s also normal to feel overly optimistic. Forming a close connection very quickly can decide whether or not there will be a second date. At the very least - dating can help you discover more about yourself or before you know it, you could fire a new year’s romance.

So, that cute guy across from work has finally asked you out or you decided to jump the gun at accepting to be set up on a blind date by your aunt. Either way, you have completed the first challenge but - oh no, catastrophe hits you and now you realize he’s the one planning the activity - and you have no clue on what to wear for a date. Let’s look at some expert tips on how you can dress to make first dates go smoother or how to look perfectly put together wherever your crush takes you. Above all, no matter what you decide to dress, it’s all about exuding that confidence we know our Rival Girls have. 

Tall, Dark, Rich, Cup of Coffee Date

Cool, Simple Outfits For A Coffee Date

We all know that line, “let’s grab a coffee” aka- let’s bond over how the barista spelt both our names wrong. So how could one dress for a coffee date? We say, keep outfits cool and simple. Think a playsuit or a casual summer dress in lighter fabrics or the classic jeans and top combo with lady-like sandals that are cute and comfortable. Don’t go platform heels because it could look a little intimidating. For make-up, go light and natural. Even though there are no dimmed dancefloors, keep it casual. Make it look like you made no effort at all (but that messy bun did take half an hour to perfect.)

Coffee Date Outfit Ideas

Coffee dates could really lead to some great things if sparks are flying with conversation, don’t get me wrong, this is practically a pre-date. It's the perfect setting to really get to know someone; it’s simple, there are no elaborate planning for outfits and who knows, in 1 hr it could turn into “there’s a good sushi spot around the around.” When you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’re likely to be more yourself, you'll both be enjoying eachother's company so much it could follow into the evening. Are you excited? We are!

Alex, Pour Me A Drink

After-Hours Work Date Outfits

Surprise! Your crush just messaged you, “fancy catching up for a drink tonight?” or it’s mid-week and you have a date but don’t have the chance to change in between. It’s a date-like scenario everyone has encountered. Meeting someone straight after work for drinks is all about having an outfit that easily transitions into the night. If you think about it; New Yorker's have been doing this like the norm, they know how to dress from A to Z and more often than not, they are the experts in making work outfits an extension for what’s anticipating after-hours.

After Hours Date Oufit Ideas

If you’re coming directly from the office, a fool-proof way is making sure that you are able to tweak your items from day to night. Keep an eye on wearing items where you can make “one switch.” Opt for a sexy silk camisole and skirt under a corporate blazer, but as soon as you finish - you can easily take the blazer off and you’re ready to go! For Friday night, the perfect after-hour date outfit is choosing a versatile piece in your wardrobe that’s appropriate for work but still speaks about your style. Make it an easy transition like adding a leather jacket over your shoulders for an edgier look or wearing one of our work tops with a leather skirt for something more sassy. Doesn’t get much easier than this - we got you!

Decide Your Vibe

Weekend-Wear For A Date That Consists Activities

Alright, so by now you think your date is being tricky here throwing in a planned activity by choosing an even trickier conundrum. If you’re hitting up an afternoon adventure that involves sight-seeing, going on a road trip or sharing experiences like visiting the zoo or an art gallery, no matter what the plans; dress for the occasion with casual weekend-wear. When it comes to choosing the perfect date outfit for activities, make sure to dress appropriately and ask where you are going to make sure you aren’t over-dressed.

Weekend Date What To Wear Outfits

Fool-proof your way to being prepared because day dates are meant to be clothes worn comfortable and casual. If the weatherman is forecasting windy weather, make sure you bring a jacket. If you know there will be a lot of walking, make sure you wear the right footwear. For sightseeing or road trips, wear a midi dress with sneakers because it's both stylish, comfortable and an effortlessly tailored look. If floral or prints aren't your thing, we love semi-formal looks like well cut jeans paired with one of our fitted crop tops or a relaxed off the shoulder number.

Fool-Proof Dating Formula

Anticipating a first date is already nerve-racking, but let’s be honest, we want to look sexy without sending the wrong impression. Dating in general is daunting, what if it’s awkward? What if my outfit looks too fashion forward? There are so many style dilemmas. *shrug emoji*

These easy steps to dressing for a date are fool-proof formulas; the only problem you have now is what to wear on the second date? Somewhere in all this the most important advice we can give you is staying true to your style. Keep an idea of what type of impression you want to make that matches activities and wear what feels the best, version of yourself.