Dressing For A Conference Call

Dressing For A video Call Working At Home

Now that video conference calls have been on the rise working from home, it is increasingly becoming a steady and preferred method of business communications online, demanding the same kind of polished dressing as you would in a traditional face-to-face meeting. Just as much as you would love to practically wear your pajamas or don your athleisure-wear garb and lounge around in sweatpants, some would say, can be just as productive - but how you would normally go to work at-home is still a hot debate. Unfortunately when you have to attend a meeting via video, that professional voice in our heads will tell us to put some effort in dressing for a conference call, or look it. Chances are if you have a client meeting or have to attend a video conference call weekly, it’s still quite imperative to have a winning digital image with an appropriate work outfit. 

As many of us are facing some drastic changes and abandoning our office to work entirely from home, what does it actually mean to dress for a conference call during this time? How you looked and dressed before professionally for work in real life - and now, during isolation, is a connection between getting dressed for the day that primes your general mental state like having the right mindset, especially when you have to speak during a conference meeting or video chat that involves your boss or management. Keep in mind, different people will have a variation of work from home outfits and general comfortable loungewear depending on the nature of business but it’s also good to look credible and professional. In some ways, dressing for a video conference call will raise how you want others to perceive you or how your behavior will come across as it should match. If you have a day full of meetings, there are many reasons why you should be dressing for a conference call especially if you want to look and feel confident and virtually stylish as possible.

Working From Home Dress Work Top

Dress In Your Best Work

Clothing has a lot of meaning to us, whether it is “professional work attire” or “relaxed loungewear” it’s symbolic as to how we adopt these behavioral traits associated with the meaning of the types of clothes we wear. As soon as you are getting dressed in the morning out of your pajamas and into appropriate clothing, it sends a signal that you’re ready to tackle the day! A top tip to dressing for a conference call is being aware about your company’s culture and treat your digital meeting as you would with a client in person or talking to your boss at work.

Understanding the importance of following a dressing etiquette will have you dressing for success especially while you're conducting business. Have your boss saying, “hey you look really good today!” and dress in your best work dress that's appropriate as work attire that are both comfortable and professional. Meaning that there are no thin straps allowed and your neckline and arms are still covering our tops halves conservatively. There’s nothing like annoying straps that keep falling down that’s both distracting and uncomfortable or a high neckline that’s too ill fitting or tight. Choose a work dress that would normally be appropriate as work attire and clothing that is modest and fits well. 

Denim Jeans Work From Home

Dress Comfortable But Professional

As a freelancer working from home, we all know the fun of dressing professional-on-the-top and party-on-the-bottom, but I would never ever let a possible client or boss see me in a video conference call in my true, disheveled castaway “look”. Since we all know that we are likely to be nestled and comfortable on the couch, why not boost your mood with a WFH blouse like a comfortable long sleeve top, knit or silk top to make make you feel both snug, put together and professional. When it's time to log on, easily change out of your sweats into a pair of denim jeans for an elevated but casual look to balance out being comfortable, stylish, and professional at the same time. Keep your work top simple and not overly distracted with patterns or slogan tee's. If all else fails and you woke up at 8:45am with your Zoom meeting in just 5 minutes compensate for an easy WFH outfit by popping on a blazer over stylish pajama loungewear.

Mostly, conference calls are known for dressing in a work top with however and whatever you like from the waist down, but if you plan on standing up maybe it’s best to change out of your sweatpants, or put some pants on. As entertaining as it would be for the viewer, if you plan on multi-tasking in your meeting, your best work pants or work skirts should be the same as you would normally wear at work to get the job done that are both comfortable and doesn’t distract you. When dressing for a conference call chances are, whatever you wear on the bottom won’t be seen, but dressing professionally will make you feel and act professional. 

Rosie Hunting-Whitely Makeup

The Beauty Of Working From Home

Since the new “meeting” style is stirring up panic with those Zoom meetings invading our home, many of us are nervous of looking disheveled on screen because we want to look professional during a conference call, especially if we know our manager will be on too. We’re all in this together they said! And that’s true, literally in our living room, in our kitchen and sometimes in our bedroom. As much as we want to present ourselves in our natural state to our co-workers, it’s important to take that extra time and have an easy "working from home" beauty routine to look presentable. Put on a little makeup, quickly fill in your brows and swipe that blush, lippy and earrings to make you feel more confident. We love our fellow businesswoman Rosie Hunting-Whiteley who always has worthy at home style with minimalist makeup. Re-create her 5 minute beauty routine with a fresh but polished easy up-do ponytail or hair bun.

At the end of the day, everyone will understand that we are all working from home, yet you want to show that you can be seen as professional too. With these easy steps, nail your next dressing for a conference call, soon enough you’ll be accepting calls by video default!