Fashion Challenges For #DressUpFriday

Don’t get us wrong - but we’re living in topsy turby times now! If staying at home has been quite challenging in the entertainment department where you just want to try something different other than exercising and baking banana bread. Try these slightly off field fashion challenges that are taking a storm on Instagram and Tik Tok. From #DressUpFriday to #HomeCouture it’s only fitting that we change our casual Fridays to dress up Friday! Take on these fashion challenges to add a little fun and shake up your own style while in quarantine.

Home Couture Challenge Instagram

1. Home Couture Challenge

When we talk about lockdown fashion trends that are going viral on Instagram, make your living room into a runway with the #HomeCouture fashion challenge. Every year when Fashion Weeks come around, the fashion world has always been quite serious with couture designs, but for others we affectionately poke at it with humour and it’s questionable wearability. The "Home Couture" challenge on Instagram is a DIY create your own “couture” dress at home, using only the tools you can find laying around the house. To the more high-fashion comic relief of using bed sheets for that cinderella-style ball gown. The results, home couture quarantine queens, making Dress Up Friday the front row for some unique at home 'fits . What an incredible way to celebrate fashion and connect through humour, no wonder it’s gone global!

Quarantine Pillow Challenge

2. Quarantine Pillow Challenge

Lately influencers are using pillow cases as belted dresses making this the #QuarantinePillowChallenge bringin' a whole new meaning to loungewear. This newest trend sweeping the ‘gram gets you showing off your latest wardrobe addition - pillows! I hate to admit it but there are some pretty stylish ensembles while you've got Netflix running in the background. Scroll through the hashtag and you’ll see guys trying the trend out for themselves too.

Dont Rush Challenge Fashion Outfits

2. Don’t Rush Challenge

The ‘Don’t Rush’ challenge on Tik Tok is the latest viral fashion trend that will make you wanna go “damn i wanna try that!’ - it uses the Young T and Bugsey’s single “Don’t Rush” as the soundtrack to your video. Going from cozy to glammed up in a matter of seconds, the concept of the #DontRush challenge is forming your group of friends, in their own homes of course and recording what they would wear from at home in their ‘robes or comfy clothes or their fresh outta bed ‘fits to quickly transforming into their outfits formally as they're “going out” versions dubbed to “baddie” mode. This will be a fun fashion challenge you can do at home with your friends during self-isolation and not to mention making a revealing full glam session will spark some creativity during your time!

Dress Up Friday Flip The Switch

3. Flip The Switch Challenge

Flip The Switch the latest meme/video/viral Tik Tok challenge where two people stand in front of a mirror with Drake’s song “Non Stop” and then suddenly, when you flip the light switch, switch positions and outfits. Thousands of Tik Tok users and Popularized by celebrities like J.Lo and Alex Rodriguez, you'll find some hilarious combinations that are not only for couples but our zoomers as well. When you turn that switch - wear your most sexiest going out party dress and get on this epic dance move craze. Watch as things get weird… really weird.

Fashion Challenge Instagram
4. Insta-Rainbow Challenge

A way to spread some joy and brightness into your Instagram feeds, the #InstaRainbowChallenge was started by Influencer Zeeena Shah and Natalie Well who wanted to showcase rainbow colours with fashion. The fashion challenge is all about getting dressed in your forgotten wardrobe pieces encouraging users to have fun and rediscover their style with colours. Wearing bright colours is a boost to mental health, where it can be a positive movement that can affect our moods, especially when staying in. It’s a great challenge to get out of bed and get dressed up for friday. Show off your bright side with a printed maxi or a cute floral dress - don't forget your funky nails!

Stay At Home Outfits Instagram

5. All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

"All dressed up and nowhere to go" has been our collective mood for the past few weeks. Dressing up to go to the living room, #DressUpFriday for a date night in, and even dressing up to do some baking. Dress up Friday is the best for those who are stuck staying at home all week to add some normalcy back into our lives. Staying in is the new going out! Try out new outfits you haven't worn yet, or create outfit combos and experiment. Be bold and snap a pic for the occasion! Social distancing sucks but getting out of your pajamas and into your feel-good clothes will have you vibin' yourself again.