Feel-Good Fashion

Feel-Good Fashion - Colours To Instantly Boost Mood

Well folks, it looks like we’re in for another ride of #lockdown. A huge question we’ve been asking ourselves lately is the novelty of dressing down on a daily basis. During lockdown, track pants were the ‘height of fashion’ where we thought wearing pajamas as ‘loungewear’ all day was decadent at first but everyday just started to feel like Sunday. I mean, pajama like loungewear to wear everyday is the actual dream while some of us have to work from home and if anything else, our team mates can’t see our bottom halves during conference calls but it’s all about the mindset, right? It has really come to our attention of the loungewear vs dressing up debate. Is feel-good fashion really a thing? Does getting dressed in the morning benefit our mental well-being? Should we find joy in everyday dressing? are these the reasons to dress up for our day-to-day routines because all we just need is a sartorial pick-me up, if you will. There are so many questions!

Feel-good fashion is not all about aesthetics but using the notion to make a huge impact on our mental health and well being, something which is easy to neglect amidst unprecedented times and during a pandemic. Dressing up for yourself is definitely a bonus when what we wear is how we can express ourselves and even though all we want to do is wrap ourselves into a duvet burrito, it has definitely worn off. I say, let’s stay stylish and feel fabulous, now, more than ever. Mood-boosting therapy is going on, but don’t take our word for it though - it’s all in the ‘gram.

To provide our readers out there with some major style inspo, you can easily take casual outfits to a whole new level. Whether you feel like amping up your lounging look or to still achieve great style without sacrificing on comfort; keep scrolling to see which feel-good fashion moments we’ll be embracing because it’s not all about ‘putting something fancy on’. From sprinkling eye-catching colours into your wardrobes to experimenting with style challenges to re-vitalize out of a fashion rut, now is the time to experiment with these styling tips that will really boost your mood.

Wear Feel-Good Colours

Wear Feel-Good Colours

If black leggings and a hoodie just isn’t doing it for you, introduce a dose of fun with feel-good colours to wear to boost your mood especially if you feel like parts of your wardrobe needs a revamp. Personally, after being stuck in lockdown for months, I became 100% that person that felt an instant burst of mental mood as soon as I had the chance to get a fresh set of nails in the brightest pink (self-care.) Now more than ever women are dressing for themselves; from intimates to #WFH tailored blazers and jackets or if you find yourself gravitating towards loud and bright rainbow styles like tie-dye fashion to outrageous patterns and colourful floral dresses to wear in feel-good colours, listen to what your mood is telling you. 

We’re not making this up! If you are working from home, put on a pair of heels and pumps in feel-good colours to wear like yellow or red (the colours of joy, mental clarity, positivity and energy) to supercharge in mood enhancing pieces that will make you feel as good as they look. If you're wondering which feel-good colours to wear if you plan on chilling all day, opt for blue for calmness and green for total health vibes. Make it a #ootd look with chunky white sneakers for those government approved walks. Even better, with so many prominent shades to choose from to make feel-good fashion to instantly boost your mood - it will add elements and energy into your outfits that will correspond with how you’re feeling on the inside. And we need all the positivity right now.

Tie Die Fashion - Lockdown Dress Up At Home

Lockdown Dress-Up To Feel Good

When it comes to feel-good fashion and what to wear to lift your spirits up, here’s a wardrobe guide to encourage cheerfulness to enlighten your emotions. Hear us out, when it comes to feel-good fashion choices when you’ve got lockdown dress-up in mind, it’s completely normal to actually miss it especially because we have conflicting feelings of wanting to go out. With our social diaries becoming non-existent due to an unforeseeable future, there are still so many things to do in lockdown. When I am a huge believer of not ‘saving the best’ for a better time, you can still be walking around the house looking comfortable and stylish AF like a total babe! This doesn’t mean you should be wearing ballgown dresses to take the bins out, although we don’t mind a GLAM queen, but a crazy frock could give yourself or your next door neighbour a good chuckle.

Encouraging yourself to dress-up to feel good will break up any type of autonomy. Dressing up daily in fact can keep you feeling happy, positive and productive. Remember party season back in new years? Bring out all those fun mood boosting sequins and mix it up with your basic wardrobe pieces like denim jeans or use accessories where you can to bring your fabuloussness out. When you’re motivated to dress-up and have fun with fashion it’ll bring a fresh new outlook on plenty of outfit combinations you can take to the real world as soon as we can all go outside again *sigh*. You can mix and match like a fashion blogger, and it will also be perfect for impromptu photoshoots at home because this has all been a major historical event right? And you have the photos to prove it!

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Has the idea of feel-good fashion inspired you? yep, we thought so! you could say that we are a little obsessed with keeping this in our daily routines, even after lockdown. Let us know in the comments below how you'll be slaying it inside and don't forget to share a picture with us. See you on the 'gram!