Feel Good While Working From Home

Home Office Work For Home Inspiration
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When half of the world in the next few weeks and months will likely have to self-isolate or practice social distancing, many of us are urged to work at home in the near future. Apologies, if you’re already a seasoned remote worker, but for others “working from home” is a concept difficult to grasp. There’s been such a change in people’s professional lives and considering some necessary discipline why not take advantage of some free time and create a good routine to make each day as productive. 

If you happen to crave some bit of inspiration for non-working activities we’ve compiled some tips to adjust to a new set up and dedicate your new found time for some feel-good attention. From staying productive at home while you work to wardrobe inspirations or just embracing your inner boss girl with a creative home office space, feel good during this time from the comforts of your personal abode.

Home office Wardrobe
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Have A Feel Good Wardrobe

Getting dressed in the morning and for the day ahead if you work at home, or are confined indoors should have two simple rules. Finding an outfit that makes you feel comfortable, but also productive. Yes, most of us have a few guilty PJ days when we stay at home instead of work, and even though thinking about a “dress code” at home many people will roll their eyes at, putting on a good outfit from your wardrobe and having some wardrobe inspiration can actually have the power to shift our moods.

Yes working from home and being able to wear pajamas all day could be an advantage, but when style and function are intertwined there is some sort of function to work on some unconscious level.  We’re not suggesting that you should wear a three-piece suit at home, but if that keeps you going, then more power to you. But maybe it’s as simple as throwing on a bright coloured jumper, or cashmere socks. Put on your favourite trousers and dress up to stay in, life would be hard without our simple luxurious basics that makes us feel good, and if they’re just as comfy as pajamas to help you transition home into work zone, even better - sometimes it’s the little things that give us a pick-me-up.

Home Space Inspiration
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Creative Home Office Space

When we have moments like these that seem like time just drags on. Essentially, you gotta do what you gotta do. When boredom is a spinoff of procrastination, it is a choice we make, so why not use your time in creative new ways now. If you’ve always had a personal project or idea you wanted to work on where you “wished you had more time”, now is the time.  Even if it’s something like re-organising a creative home office space. Scour the internet for home office ideas and create moodboards in your space, arrange DIY projects for yourself. We all need inspiration during this time for something to work and look forward to in the future. It’s important to set yourself a creative thinking spot at home to embrace our inner productiveness at home.

A creative home office could be an unexpected solution because sometimes being alone you can stumble on ideas you can put into writing or drawing. When you have to balance the parallel activities of work and home, having a home office setup for creative flow won’t let your thoughts disappear when inspiration starts to grow. Your enthusiasm will charge your creativity, and making it a daily routine will make you feel good on the inside and keep your head in a clear thinking space.

Work From Home Office
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Take A Break From Social Media

When you have established a daily routine and have kept up a working space, it’s important to maintain as much of it as you can, you’d be surprised how these small steps to “getting dressed” in the morning and having a dedicated spot for work or creativity will make a big difference. Make sure during the day you take a break too. Always make sure you stand up, stretch your legs and take your eyes off the screen and even dedicate a break for lunch that’s a similar time as you would in your ordinary office hours.

If you wanted to take a break from working, don't fall into a trap where you can't "switch off." Taking a break and signing off from social media is good for your mental health no matter what period of time. Whether it's scrolling through your news feed or Instagram, switch off your social media or have "social media free zones" in your home. Schedule a day to switch off from social media and have a digital detox - even for 24 hours. It'll be refreshing to take a break to feel good on the inside rather than doing it for the 'gram. Why not blast some of your favourite tunes and dance it out? Taking a break could mean replacing your energy into an activity and not pushing yourself to no end time, often because we don't have those reminders when we're at home.

All the inspiration you have are simply within your surroundings, from creating daily rituals, managing working from home and creating more "me time", to signing off social media for mental health and having a feel-good wardrobe at home. Depending on all personal needs and goals, we're all about feeling good on the inside.