First Date Outfits Your Swipe Right Will Love

Let’s be real here, meeting someone online these days is the millennial tale. But with 99.9% of first dates being awkward as hell - you want to strike that perfect balance of just stepping out of a shampoo commercial but also looking like you’ve not given your first date outfit much thought. When the anticipation of a first date conjures up an internal monologue inside of you that thinks; are first date outfits a thing? Should you dress casual to keep it cool or dress to the nines? What if my nervous energy is obvious? More often than not, things can get even more severe when we have to choose a first date outfit to wear that ultimately leaves your bedroom in shambles. 

The truth of the matter is, there will be dates that are going to be awkward and yes, they might feel your nervous energy and it’s possible that they could also be judging your outfit. But a girl should know that it’s all about trial and error. While we’ve all been programmed to dress a certain way to make the perfect first date outfit where you have to wear something sexy, without being too revealing or not wearing too much makeup because you’ll look too ‘high maintenance.’ This may sound harsh but first date outfits and the way you dress is important because it’s an expression of yourself. You don’t want to meet and date someone who wants to change your expression of personality.

To make the process even easier, keep reading to find out what you can do. From picking out the perfect first date outfit to not overthinking date night dressing, here's how to tweak your decisions accordingly and make your first date outfits ones your swipe right will (definitely) love!

The Perfect First Date Outfit

The Perfect First Date Outfit

First dates are a chance to have fun, maybe you’ll walk away with a funny story, or maybe you’ll find a special someone. But we can all agree that there is nothing more terrifying than a first date, not to mention all the anxiety that leads up to it! If you’re wondering where to start looking to pick the perfect first date outfit, our tips are firstly, - take a deep breath. It’s just a date. Secondly, if you’ve been talking to your swipe right for a while now and it’s someone who likes you for you, they won’t really care about what you’re wearing. We promise.

But you should really wear a first date outfit that truly speaks about who you really are as a person with an outfit you feel comfortable in, works for all occasions and whether or not you were expecting anything from the first date - an outfit that shows off your sense of style. In other words, stick to what you know and it will all pay off. Your date will definitely be able to decode your personality with the chosen dress you decide on, so we suggest something a little bit more pulled together but with an interesting element like a fun print or cut. Whatever you choose, it could be a conversation starter!

Date Night Dressing

Your Natural Style For Date Night Dressing

When you think about first date night outfits in the sartorial variety, know that we are visual beings that take as little as 30 seconds to make a great impression on someone else so it’s important that you should dress yourself that makes you feel great. It’s not about dressing yourself in clothes that aren’t you, but how you essentially feel sexy and confident in your own way. Choose your natural style for date night dressing, like jeans with a nice top. A classic combo that will always be cute, but also casual and fail safe that a duo like this can be dressed up or down that depends on the situation. In your favourite denim jeans, you’re automatically comfortable with a trusty wardrobe staple. And when you pick your natural style, you won’t have any of those middle-of-the-date meltdowns because how can you concentrate on getting to know your date when you’re fidgeting with an ill-fitting skirt?

Date Night Outfit Ideas

Wear An Outfit You’ve Been Complimented on Before

Was there any outfit you’ve worn where you've been complimented on before in the past? Is there a shade of colour people praise you because it makes your skin glow? Surely you've got a mini dress that makes you feel confident on the dance floor to shake it like the senorita emoji? That’s what you should choose to wear as an outfit for a first date. When you dress and feel fantastic, you’ll ooze the confidence that matches with your personality. Nailing an outfit for a first date can be a real headache, especially when you have your housemates, best friend or sister all chiming in with their two cents. But first date night outfit decisions can be easier if you know what works for you, and works well. Whatever flatters your body, or shows off your best attributes - go for it!

If you've got these basics right, all you have to do is try and not spill the drinks. Whatever the occasion for date night, is doesn't have to be a hassle with these fail-proof ways to wear date night outfits. Remember always stay true to your style, or when you're unsure of what to wear - a pair of jeans and a nice top combo will get you through as a lifesaver. Will you be trying these first date night outfit tips? let us know in the comments below.