Fool-Proof Makeup With A Face Mask

There’s been a new accessory to wear in public, and that’s a face mask, but what if you still want to look cute? How to wear makeup with a face mask that doesn’t come off has many of us stripping back our beauty routines, where we have pretty much said buh-bye to lipstick. Face masks have become an everyday essential - for now - it’s a safe way to protect ourselves and others while we resume social distancing. Wearing a face mask is mandatory to be worn in shops, running errands to the supermarket, while on public transport or whether you have to go back to work in the office to adjust back to our new norm routines. It might make more sense to go bare-faced, but if you’re also like us, makeup lovers are dreading the moment our makeup transfers off with smudged lips or other messy situations.

However, ways to fool-proof makeup with a face mask isn’t as hard as you think! Some of you might be contemplating whether there is any point of wearing any makeup at all when our faces are covered half the time. While the ‘new normal’ is as real as it gets, unfortunately the term ‘maskne’ has also come out of the woodwork's where we have experienced a frustrating scenario of unwanted acne spots from makeup clogging up our pores from face masks constantly rubbing on our skin causing micro-tears. Yes, your foundation can get trapped in those face masks (but trend-alert!) all you need is to change up your beauty routine to make sure you’re feeling and looking your best 24/7.

Read on to find out all our fool-proof ways to keep makeup on while wearing a face mask, foundation that doesn’t smudge, or the right transfer-proof makeup and techniques if you appreciate a full beat.

Makeup With Face Mask Beauty Routine

Change Up Your Beauty Routine

If you live in a tropical country, you just can’t escape the heat and breathing into a face mask leads up to a chaos of built up sweat, oil and bacteria. Changing up your beauty routine like avoiding thick skincare creams is a beauty routine gamechanger to fool-proof your way to the top and keep things anti-blemish. To glam up, adjust your skincare beauty routine accordingly to accommodate wearing a face mask and adapt to a new regime if you see your skin becoming irritated. If you change up your beauty routine with products such as oil-free moisturizers, light weight water-based solutions or using gentle exfoliating cleansers can help manage a protective barrier with your skin. You can also keep a setting spray in your bag to mist-on-the-go and spritz if you are experiencing oiliness during the day. It sounds like trickery, but it’s magic!

Mask Makeup Looks

Focus On Eye Makeup

Raise your hands if you love a glow-getting make-up routine? If you love a luminous look, spruce up the upper half of your face instead and give more focus on eye makeup to serve up this season. The way we wear makeup with a face mask these days have shifted towards creative eye, brow and makeup looks. For our makeup obsessed readers out there, mask-friendly eye makeup looks will have you slaying wherever you’re heading out too - a socially distanced drink in the park or that zoom date you’ve got planned for on Friday night. If you'd like to focus on eye makeup or when you’re wearing make-up alongside a mask, use one of our makeup brush tools to add darker eye-shadow palettes and definition with your products and add volume to your lashes! it’s all about drawing the attention to the eyes to create that excitement, you can keep your look fresh with minimal cat eye makeup, go graphic, or go bold and bright brighter eye looks to suit your outfits! Just don’t forget to give equal parts attention on your brow to keep 'em strong to serve up some bold looks and let your #maskmakup do all the talking.

Makeup Face Mask Skincare Beauty

Make-Up For Face Masks

Why is wearing makeup so darn hard to wear under a mask? If you’re reading this, then you already know the struggle. If you’re slooooowly venturing out back to the world aka socially distanced dinners or controlled happy hour with your closest 5 friends, then you might be a little excited to wear makeup again! But after a messy, stained mask (i’m very good at that) I’ve already done some digging to find out how to keep your make-up transfer-proof for face masks. You can always count on the various YouTube tutorials out there by veteran beauty gurus who know what they’re talking about as well! You can opt for the no-foundation look to accentuate natural features or if you prefer a flawless finish, we’ve seen some smudge-proof makeup for face masks that claim to perfect your base with full coverage foundation as well. The result? Chić and polished makeup for face masks that won’t make a mess inside.

5 Easy Steps For Flawless Make-up:

Step 1. Primer!
Step 2. Apply waterproof foundation - starting from the center and blend outwards.
Step 3. Absorb oil. Take a sponge/beauty blender or blotting paper and remove all the excess oil from the foundation. This means it will stay on longer without the foundation oxidizing with oils from your skincare.
Step 4. Powder, and powder hard. Load it up and beat, press, roll and set EVERYTHING.
Step 5. Apply matte blush, powder again and finish off with setting spray. You’re done with our easy steps for flawless make-up