Glitter Make-Up Trends That Are Shockingly Wearable

Spectacular glitter makeup are fast becoming to be all about bright neons, pigmented colours and shiny bold glosses. With the most trending sparkly designs, it's time for makeup maximalists to pull out their multi-shades and have a little fun! sorry discreet enthusiasts out there, but the good news is, these shockingly wearable glitter makeup ideas are easy to pull off - who doesn't want a little excuse to be a little out there? These fashion shades will certainly suit every style or any casual outfit as well as make a dramatic beauty look, all you gotta do is take pleasure and experiment, especially when it comes to the latest fashion trends.

Scroll down to see our list of Trending Spring/Summer Makeup Looks 2020 with glitter, metallics and neon shades that'll will make you want to try a bit of bold liner, like, right now.

Glitter Eye Embellishments

From epic festivals to Mardi Gras, glitter makeup literally screams for fun and creativity.Yes, you can be a little extra or you can add a sprinkling for a touch of glam. Glittering eye embellishments and festival face glitter can be a little out there but keep it wearable by limiting the amount of gems.

Glitter Festival and Makeup Looks

Continue with your normal beauty routine but keep your base makeup bare and natural, easily apply star stickers above, or style glitter strategically lined around the eye. We also love just a simple star or rhinestone just underneath as seen on Anna Sui's 2020 runway.

Neon Shade Cat Eye

For anyone who follows beauty trends, they can religiously tell you, it's all about the hottest shade right now and that's some juicy neon. Bring your cat eye makeup game in 2020 by trying neon shade pigments with your lines - the best bit of being the most wearable trend this year is, you can be as dramatically bold or minimal as you want. 

Neon Cat Eye Liner

Again, keep your complexion a clean base. Swap out your basic black liquid pen to a more spring fresh coloured gel liner, or apply just outside your black liner. Create yellow, blue or bright pink colours as a cat eye effect and shape across with a wing at the back.

Rainbow Makeup Ombre Looks

When warm palettes are a bit boring right now, we play around with rainbow makeup designs. Perfect for Coachella, and always trending for Mardi Gras and pride -  we are down to experiment with all the colours of the rainbow or play looks with bright ombre makeup gradients. The most photogenic beauty looks from Spring show has rainbow crystals cascading down the eyes. Dip into the wearable trend by emulating a rainbow with pops of colours with two or more tones. 

Rainbow Makeup Trends

Best to prep eyes with eyeshadow and apply your favoured colour by taps from the middle inner to an outer opaque. For a soft subtle rainbow design, create a watercolour effect and smudge lightly to blend it all in.

Gloss Eyes For Glossy Girls

If you're looking for some whimsical adventures, your most favourite bright pastel colours have become a glossy eye effect. Our beauty influencers have predicted this beauty style as one of Spring Summer Makeup Trends you will be trying to spice up (or gloss up) your everyday looks this summer and we think, it is a ~mood~. You've seen glossy lips on Insta and now it's time to play the effects for the eyes. 

Gloss Makeup trends 2020

For the most editorial looks, try out this extremely versatile and wearable gloss eye makeup effect by keeping your base to a natural skin texture and finishing your eyeshadows with a finished gloss.

Metallic Makeup Looks

Ready to add a touch of luxury to any makeup look, gold and silver metallic eyes with gel liners and eyeshadows are remarkably stunning and dramatic at the same time. If our list of the wearable beauty makeups hasn't given you artistic freedom yet, there's nothing more than mixing mettallic pigments like pink tones with shine to make an understated and dramatic moment. The perfect playful look for girls night, or attending summer events with a slicked back ponytail.

Mettalic and Glitter Makeup Look

Metallics are actually so gorgeous itself, that you have to keep it a little more restrained, we love a flick of a floating liner, or soft subtlety with eyeshadows. Combine with bold brows, matte lips with glossy skin and damp hair.