Happy Pride! Pride Month At Home

Celebrate Pride Month At Home

Pride month has officially arrived and though the worldwide pandemic has caused celebrations to look different this year with festivities to go viral, it’s given a somber cast over an annual month meant to celebrate all things love. With marching parades being a prominent feature, special events and a pause on large party gatherings cancelled, the colourful jubilant event of Pride month is likely to go online - but it’s no reason not to give it the celebratory spirit it deserves. We get it, there is close contact with huge crowds and wayyy to many bodies and you might be as devastated as us but there are plenty of ways to show up for your LGBTQ community to celebrate pride month at home, virtually and at a safe social distance. Sure our hearts may have sank because our rainbow-coloured get ups won’t be shown off at the bar - but that’s what instagram is for!

Pride month will be celebrated all through the month of June 2020, read on for our suggestions to celebrate pride month at home to still get in on the fun and support.

Pride Makeup Beauty Influencers

Pride Month Rainbow Inspired Makeup Looks

Pride month is all about serving lewks - so don’t think for one minute that you’re getting away this season without turning it on, honey. Make a head turning beauty moment with rainbow inspired makeup looks to bring out the glitter and let your creativity run wild! Imagine 10 years ago, it was sadly abnormal for men to wear makeup but with more male beauty influencers on the scene, the makeup industry has shaken up the new norm with ‘boys can wear makeup too.’ We love that makeup is for everyone no matter what race, gender or sex you are. For the best rainbow makeup looks, get to know some of the world's influential beauty boys to inspire your pride month ‘fit; rainbow eyeliners, psychedelic makeup tricks to different eyeshadows to elevate your Pride rainbow beauty look. It's all about experimenting and being your own definition of beauty. Of course, post pics on social media to express your support because, beauty boys are on the rise.

Pride Playlist At Home

Make A Pride Playlist And Dance

Pride 2020 isn’t cancelled when you can get creative on How to celebrate Pride at home. When your favorite thing in the whole entire world is dancing with your LGBTQ fam, make a Pride playlist and collaborate to share tunes together. To ensure that the show must go on - we’re talking about diva’s Dua Lipa, Katy, Ariana, Lizzo and other booty-shakin anthems if you’re in the mood for a bedroom dance party. With music history of course it’s not all about feel-good jams but music that gives artists a voice that gives us a form to escape, release joy or songs that have a touch on experiences many LGBTQ encounter but more than ever, they celebrate love. While you may not be dancing en masse this year, sharing a Pride month playlist with friends can be a really powerful thing to echo back to your identity and would be a nice way to be together, without being together. So we say, dance wherever you may be. Spin, twirl, and join the global pride party or round up your friends on a call.

Pride Month 2020 Virtual Party

Pride 2020 Virtual Party

Are you stuck indoors for pride this year? Pride month is a way to show our love, support and expression through colourful designs. Now that this is a time for all of us to get creative and brainstorm our way to make Pride 2020 successful, what better way than to have a virtual gathering to bring all your friends together for a group Zoom virtual party! Pride month is usually all about dressing up, so challenge your pals on who can put on their most fantastically vibrant party dress, rainbow accessories or most carnival-esque costumes for a virtual pride parade at home. Adorn yourself with a rainbow wig, a dash of glitz with diamante heels and make it an unforgettable event for Pride 2020. The kitchen is the new catwalk after all.

Pride Month Rainbow Cake

Celebrate Pride Month With Rainbow Cake

When the spirit of the season is not all about dance parties, one way to celebrate pride month in 2020 is to create something colourful. Whether it’s decorating and decking out your house in pride gear like rainbow flags, art and paintings, or perhaps you’re more of a pro in baking! If so, a rainbow cake with all the sprinkles is a must to celebrate Pride month at home. Just looking at this unicorn rainbow cake will make you happy. If your culinary skills aren’t quite there and if frosting isn’t your thing, create a colourful rainbow fruit salad for a healthier alternative or pride cocktails to shake it up for the celebrations ahead while you are dressed up in your best Pride attire.

When there are countless Pride month virtual events organized throughout the month of June 2020, mark your calender's for some headliners! Make this an opportunity to use social media as a way on 'How to celebrate Pride month at home' to show visibility and representation in our community. Whether you join the Global Pride 24/hour live stream event, donate online, or dress up at home for a virtual dance party with friends, there are plenty of ways to show your support. Happy pride!