Healthy Recipes At Home

Healthy Recipes At Home

Now more than ever we are spending a little bit more time cooking and if you’re like us - well, adulting is hard sometimes and you’re probably at home wondering what to cook next… healthy recipes to be exact. While some cafes and restaurants are still closed, your favorite bar is booked out for weeks, or you’re still practicing social distancing and taking in all the precautions somewhere in the world; cooking healthy recipes at home will be your new anecdote especially if you’re missing those brunch style eggs benedict!

But don’t worry - we’ve already planned our post lockdown outfits as soon as business gets back on track (more on that later.) But in the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of healthy recipes at home you can recreate from your favourite hangouts. From super simple and fun mixes, to easy cocktail recipes to make at home, or the perfect #stayathome meal treat to get you through - we thought it would be helpful to share some healthy recipes at home anyone can whip through!

Healthy At Home Recipes

Dalgona Coffee

But first, coffee. Is anyone else drinking an absurd amount of coffee during this time? How do I make a cafe flat white at home? While you may not still be able to enjoy a brunch style atmosphere at your favorite hot spot and take away is just not the same - our withdrawal symptoms are fully under way. Often times while we’re at home we get distracted and perhaps drink more caffeinated drinks than usual and with Dalgona coffee being the whipped coffee trend of the moment, it’s not exactly everyone’s cup of brew with it's high sugar content. Instead try the vegan matcha dalgona coffee instead!

Matcha is a great way to swap out coffee for your daily AM or afternoon pick me up. You can either drink it hot and cold or whipped up to experience the original dalgona coffee recipe, but without the crash! Matcha's health benefits include antioxidants, gives natural energy and has the ability to control stress, help metabolism and boosts immunity. As matcha is quite bitter, it may not be to everyone’s taste. Then the ‘golden milk’ turmeric recipe is for you made of fresh turmeric, ginger and honey. We’re all about building up our immune system and with the golden turmeric milk benefits, it also includes improving your mood, aids gut health, has anti-inflammatory properties and reaps all the benefits of antioxidants as well.

To create your own barista version of superfood Dalgona Coffee, you will need: 1 teaspoon matcha powder, 3/4 cup of your choice of vegan milk and 3 tablespoons of coconut cream to whip. Add matcha to milk and mix, and whip coconut cream until stiff to serve on top generously. Snug a cuppa along with netflix and your most comfiest home-fit teddy coat for that extra hug!

 Easy Healthy Recipes At Home Lockdown

Sushi At Home

In some uncertain times, certain meals give that much needed comfort. We’ve missed the rhythm of city life and going out in our cutest brunch style outfits, getting dressed in our most extra floral dress + sneakers combo and our only stress of the day was our working-in-the-office fallback lunch choice: a high street panini or an expensive salad. Alas, there are much more important problems in the world going on, and now we’re plagued with re-creating our own healthy recipes at home. But what to cook next? Homemade sushi is our answer. And it’s super easy.

To make sushi at home, this healthy recipe for a rainbow doughnut sushi version is decorated with slices of cucumber, avocado and sprinkled with sesame seeds. A totally #instagramworthy brunch pick-me-up! Not only are these healthy recipes at home creatively fun to try out, the sushi rolls will honestly taste as good as it looks amazing. Turn your favourite food combo into a superfood blend and mix matcha powder, hemp protein, spirulina blend to your rice or easily dye your sushi rice by steaming it with vibrant veggies like red cabbage to stain. All you need are ramekin bowls or doughnut trays to line your shape, nori sheets and your favourite dipping sauce of choice. Bon Apétit!

Easy Cocktail Recipes

Easy Cocktail Recipes

Owning a well curated cocktail bar stand is adulting at it’s finest and in my eyes, the 2020 accessory of the year. Thanks to it being a stylish decor piece, it’s not only beautiful and ticks all of our storage solutions but a way to put together a home bar. Yes, a bar to you! With glistening mix drinking craft tools and fully stocked on your favourite distills, there’s no reason to save a bit of money instead and recreate an easy cocktail recipe you once loved sipping with your friends. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right?

If you plan on having a cheeky cocktail during brunch time, be your own bartender and include these healthy recipes at home to indulge while not sacrificing your health goals. It’s all about swapping your ingredients from sugary syrups to simpler tonics, or using fresh fruit puree instead of soda’s are already making a healthy choice. All this time we’ve been making homemade margaritas and there are many easy cocktail recipes you can do.

For this easy home recipe for fresh margarita, all you need is: freshly squeezed lime juice, agave for a healthy alternative to sugar and... tequila of course! Sip this while wearing your best mini dress and heels or a playsuit for Dressed Up Friday's. If you're feeling something sweet and fruity for the night, swap lime for fresh watermelon instead. It's an absolute, chefs kiss!