High-End On A Budget

Kylie Pink Money Edit - High End On A Budget

People love the high-end luxury look, you’ll flip through any glossy magazine and soon enough you’ll come across a gorgeous outfit that’s completely swoon-worthy leaving us mortals with wardrobe envy! Do these editors assume that we can spend $2,000 a month on new shoes every season? It’s tough out there isn’t it. But if we were ever chatting over a glass of wine this is what I would tell you from a stylist’s point of view; these magazines can be an inspiration for your personal style and you gotta make the most of it. If you ever wished to look always on trend and incredibly put together, here’s some good news for you. You can dress high end on a budget - and thank goodness for that, because life is already expensive enough. Yet, fashion keeps rockin’ on, and it’s quite tempting or us (woops!)

Although looking high-end on a budget is quite frivolous in a sense as ‘budget’ is subjective as one person’s save could be another one’s splurge. But if you want to achieve a high end look on a budget, there are some simple styling rules to go by. A few clever tricks, mixing the right pieces or and how to know where you should invest your pieces with the occasional trend thrown in to elevate your look, you can still be best-dressed on a daily basis. And that is true value.

You want that expensive look, girl! To help you out, we’ve got some tried and true practices that will command your attention. Now for the secrets…

How To Look Expensive

Keeping your wardrobe modern is a goal. The key to look like you spent a fortune without bankrupting yourself is made up of little tweaks with big results. Some might seem obvious, but there are little tricks on how to look expensive on a budget to make any outfit look elevated. To look classy yet trendy, a great trick you can do now that doesn’t require a lot of money is always making sure your clothes are always pressed and ironed because it’s always how you dress rather than what you buy. Even if it is something your mother would say, If you were in your business-casual worktop or any other crisp shirt, having everything pressed to perfection and taking the time to steam your items can instantly level up an elevated look and polish those wardrobe MVP’S you have on rotation. Nothing says expensive and luxurious then seeming like you never do your own laundry. A steamer will be your new best friend.

Neutral Outfits High End On A Budget

Fill Your Closet With Neutrals

When you love fashion but have to admit that keeping up with the trends can be a little overwhelming, why not invest in pieces with the current resources you have now. For tops, bottoms, cover ups, or investing in a cream coat in your wardrobe, fill your closet with neutrals. How expensive does an all white or neutral palette look? The styling tricks of dressing in neutrals to make outfits look high-end will seem like you don’t have a care in the world if you happen to bump into a stain during the day. Yes! You can keep all that money because this is a style hack that most fashionable women make. Are you planning on an effortless evening out? Your LBD, little black party dress is a sure fire winner to instantly make you look luxurious and stunning without trying too hard. If you want to dress in prints, go for leopard. Otherwise neutrals will always create richness no matter how much you spend. Just waiting for my uberX here.

High Fashion On A Budget Accessories

A Few Polished Accessories

An easy way to look expensive and high-end on a budget is having a few polished accessories. Believe me, accessories will always be the finishing touches to make for an elevated look! We’re thrilled that scarves around the neck are majorly back on trend to achieve a luxe style, that will go well with any off-the shoulder tops. You can use polished accessories to make a statement to any plain outfit as well. Other accessories to include are belts that will also define any silhouette and nothing looks chicer than one adorned with gold hardware to do the trick. All these details will speak volumes and you’ll be surprised how much difference it makes to nip and tuck a frock! Don’t forget that a few polished accessories also include stylish nude or black heels will have you looking fabulously classy and smart whether you’re attending an event that will make any outfit look high-end and expensive.

Trends On A Budget High-End Fashion

If You Have A Trend-Thirst

At some point in time we just wanna treat ourselves and splurge, flatter and flaunt! If you’re on a budget it certainly doesn’t mean it should limit yourself to not trying the new trends this season. Your look can easily be spruced up by adding chic and on-trend items towards your basics. After you’ve built up the bones into your timeless capsule wardrobe, you’ll be able to save money and in due time this is when you can look for more trendier pieces to fill out some gaps. Budget shopping high-low fashion is an art form you can do now that can make your outfits look super chic, on trend and on budget. There is no right or wrong way in going about this but for the most part try to avoid extreme styles. Of course, you have to know what your personal style is and what works for you! I will always go for a puffy-sleeve dress or tops with a modern edge for a statement piece, from ruched detailing to a subtle floral print dresses. It will always feel seriously on trend and fashion forward no matter how you dress it up or down with pumps for a day event or special occasion.

High-end Beauty Budget

Boujee On A Budget Beauty

The easiest way to elevate your boujee factor is all about presentation. Yes, beauty counts and it’s not all about what you wear on how to look expensive and high-end. A sleek ponytail, hair blow out or red lip can make you look polished, classy, and fancy AF and trust us on this! When it comes to looking put together, simple ways of looking high-end on a budget could also be as easy as having your nails kept up with no chipped nail polish. You can also have every makeup in the world but not having the right tools, can make a huge difference as well. Having a proper set of makeup brushes is a fabulous investment that will last you a few years and with these ones, they are a complete steal to take your applications to a new level. Less will always be more with beauty and if you're boujee on a budget; a touch of mascara, a bold lip and hitting up your beauty game with a perfect winged liner will totally be an effortless look.