Hobbies To Take On During Lockdown 2.0

Is your life slowly revolving around which Netflix series to binge watch next with endless amounts of wine? You’ve nailed your #WFH wardrobe, to leveling up movie nights at home, and interesting date nights with bae. Maybe even dipped into some easy home workouts, but for MANY of us, although everything is slowly coming back to normal it’s also just not the same as it used to be. You’re being good staying indoors and contributing to the global fight, but what are some other interesting and fun things to do at-home during lockdown after you’ve gotten that much needed sleep or exhausted pretty much every episode of Friends and what your bookshelf has to offer? You take up a new hobby, of course.

For many of us, we’ll be spending a whole lot of spare time on your hands during lockdown 2.0, so it might be time to take on a new approach. While setting up a daily routine is crucially important for our mental health and well being, getting yourself immersed into taking new hobbies can keep you engaged enough to keep up mindfulness without trying too hard. With all the unpredictable news looming about, use this lockdown to take flight on what you’re passionate about, because you know you’re still going to make the most of it! Joy-inducing hobbies to take on during lockdown is the new way to learn during quarantine to give your brain a workout, when getting a little creative to flex some skills is especially relevant thanks to it’s proven ability to keep us calm or boost our mood. It’s all about finding moments to just ‘feel.’ Enjoying in the arts can be therapeutic because it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed or feelings of being frazzled. Even for a short time, taking on a new hobby can help us in de-cluttering the mind and regaining focus up again.

From embracing crafty pastimes, to tips on how to keep boredom at bay during lockdown, we’ve got you covered if you wanna channel your inner DIY guru! Don’t worry, not only do we have nan-approved knitting tutorials but brilliantly creative ways to entertain a few new hobbies during lockdown. You can also take on this time to create some fun ways to pass the time from everything in-between even pursuing into making your hobby into a small business like a boss. Below you can find our best picks for hobbies to take on during lockdown to get you inspired to reach your full shining potential, babe!

Start A Podcoast Hobbies During Lockdown

Start A Podcast

Are you and your housemates hilariousss? Do you love connecting with others on a deeper level or enjoying giving advice on dating, relationships, different phases on the moon and how it affects on us or deep diving into various topics of interest with your gal pals? Good choice, because you can start a podcast as a hobby and turn it into a side hustle. Hobbies to take on during lockdown, could be as simple as having a podcast. Interestingly enough, ‘how to start a podcast’ have surged into the younger demographic as an entertainment format and what's the coolest thing about it? All you need are some technical equipment with reliable microphone quality and a niche topic to talk about, hours on end. Whether it’s comedy relief, light banter with the gals or a relaxed and soothing topic about basically everything from philosophy or your views on what's happening in the world right now - it's one of the most picked up hobbies to take on during lockdown to help you express yourself in audio version like a boss babe, and that's the tea.

Hobbies To Do At Home

Make Your Hobby Into A Small Business

Starting a new hobby at-home has really exploded during lockdown and since scrolling on the ‘gram, it seems like everyone has turned to nan-approved knitting, gardening, and even ceramic pottery. All great hobbies if you ask me and kudos to all if you ever flexed a good batch of banana bread, but if you’re bored of yet another puzzle in lockdown - we feel you! Now that many of us have found a lot of time on our hands, thankfully there are many ways to make a hobby into a small business during lockdown 2.0 that could be fun that could also take your passions to a whole new level. Every small business has to start somewhere and really if it’s something you love to do, doing something you’re passionate about 24/7 is exciting to take on to fuel your soul! Whether you love blogging, making DIY candles, or if becoming a Youtube beauty vlogger to perfect your makeup brush techniques is on the horizon for you, you can make your hobby into a small business.

Hobbies During Lockdown - Photography

Take Up Photography At-Home

If you’re looking for some hobbies to ignite some creativity - dust off your DSLR cameras to try your hand at something like photography at-home! You can shoot a timelapse of sunsets (on the balcony of coure) or you can try to hone your skills with macro photography with wildlife such as butterflies fluttering past the window. While you can try to do nature shoots during running your essential errands or daily walks around the neighbourhood, you can even practice your own portraits at home to nail natural lighting techniques. Lockdown life can also take inspiration for fashion photography as well. Cue me setting up an at-home studio for fashion catwalks, styling up some aesthetic outfits and donning my favorite dresses, tops and party bottoms to sing and dance in front of the camera and make a bunch of visual content with matching poetry. Believe us, the endorphins of dressing up at-home just for the hell of it will set off those happy endorphins and will keep things positive! When did is the time to focus on yourselves, you can make it art as a way of self-care. You can also collab with different brands or if you aim to create cool content for your followers, the world is your oyster.