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French Girl Style Influencers

‘French girl style’ and Parisian style is legendary and for good reason. The French have an uncanny ability to balance practical yet undeniably chic looks where they are confident in their own style, no matter the trend. The French IT girls have got it locked down, they know how to do sexy without fussing over too much and have given us Parisian influence in our wardrobes for timeless pieces that fit impeccably. For years women all around the world find the concept of french girl style incredibly appealing, while the rest of us look on regularly for French style inspiration. How to dress like a french girl, how french women dress, french girl fashion, are all the similar inquiries seemingly typed into search engines everyday. From throwing together simple yet effortless looks to using versatile separates, it’s all about maintaining the balance between casual cool to the other end of the spectrum of eclectic pieces. 

French girl style is unique where undone beauty is key to make everything seem, so effortless. Take a look at some of our favourite chić French girls, their quintessential je ne sais quoi and everything to know to steal their style.

Dress Like A Parisian French Girl Style Jeanne Damas

French Girl Style | Dress Like A Parisian

If you want to be chić, look no further. Take Jeanne Damas; the epitome of cool, french girl style that has us all mesmerized with her casual, yet retro-chic looks that are always topped off with a sophisticated red lip. It’s always been said that french girl style is to have a little black dress as a wardrobe staple; we believe that this is true but not all ladies that are french only wear stripes, berets and black clothing. Don’t be fooled. If you want to dress like a Parisian, Jeanne Damas believes in the power of a flowered dress to balance both seductive and natural.

A floral dress is feminine and charming that immediately makes any casual look feel romantic. You’ll find that a wrap dress is one of her staple silhouettes that look utterly perfect as a wedding guest outfit or a garden party and for evenings, a satin party dress works for every occasion that's both simple and elegant. You'll find that a staple item in every French woman's wardrobe is a flowy midi dress, and mixing these with incredible vintage finds like a colourful scarf or one-of-a-kind brooch will set you apart from the rest and stand out in a stylish way.

French Girl Style

Develop A Signature 'French Style' Look

If there’s one thing to know about french girl style, it shouldn’t look like you spent more than an hour perfecting your outfit. Parisian fashionistas' approach to style is no matter what you’re wearing, it’s all about how the fit makes you feel and with that, you have the confidence to wear a unique personal style that works for you to feel good in what you’re wearing. For the most part, a french girl won’t follow trends but for when she wants to update her looks, she’ll go for a silhouette that they know flatters their bodies. When you develop a signature look, mix and matching a wardrobe with a colour palette you know that works for you will be hard to make a fashion mistake!

We love how practical and elegant a Parisians ‘working’ wardrobe is. They know how to rock a signature pair of shoes with their classics, in addition to make their most timeless pieces work together every day with versatile use. We love Sabina Socol's signature style where basics don't have to boring! Whether you're on your daily 9-5 grind, or catching up with the girls for coffee, the french girl style to dressing will have you in ensembles where you can't go wrong when it can be an outfit to build on with unique accessories.

French Girl Style Jackets Instagram - Lena Simonne

French Girls Love Their Jackets

If you haven’t already, you need to invest in a high quality jacket into your French girl wardrobe essential list. French girls love their jackets and prefer well tailored ones to instantly add chić and elegance to their outfits, where they can easily master their look from day to night. No need to bring a change of clothes when french girl style is all about staying feminine in an oversized jacket. Style influencer and model Lena Simonne is the ultimate cool girl to steal your French style inspiration from! Having a retro aesthetic with modern twist, a Parisian is playful in her clothes with fun details that breaks the rules under a voluminous fringe.

Keep an eye on embroidery and embellishments or a beige or navy blue jacket will also be a lifesaver for any outfit! From combining boxy style jackets to go over feminine dresses and floral skirts for a city-meets-boho look, you can also wear a timeless piece like a plaid blazer or leather jacket to go every single time with high-waisted bottoms, metallic heels or white top and fitted jeans. Just add sneakers for an easy Summer formula or for when the occasion demands a little more, bright accessories like cat eye sunglasses for a fun, unexpected surprise. Whichever one you choose, wear this with tousled ‘bed-hair’ for the thrown together but undone look. 

Stylish French Girlds Parisian Style

Stylish French Girls Break The Rules

The romantic, carefree, Parisian style is an effortless distinctive many women around the world try to emulate. But there are many aspects of French style fashion girls abide by, when it comes to putting together an outfit the words 'less is more' is often synonymous by it, but why? You may have heard of the saying je ne sais qoui which is sensuality without trying to hard. Stylish french girls break the rules in fashion because what they consider sexy is from the sultriness of how they carry themselves more than what they actually wear. Yet, stylish french girls want to look unique where clothes shouldn't be a way to hide but instead highlight yourself and you're unique individuality which makes this a key to the Parisian style secret.

A part of why French women get it so right is because they investment shop! Save up for pieces you truly love and great style will come when you start dressing for yourself. Take stylish french girl Camille Cherriére's fail-safe styling trick; there are no rules when playing with fashion, embrace the weather because it's never fun to have an outfit that isn't weather appropriate and put your own spin on party season.

When Parisian women leave you wondering, "how does she look so damn cool" these are the outfit formulas to uncover the key to effortless chic. Let us know in the comments below, which French style influencer will you be stealing fashion secrets from?