How To Improve Relaxation At Home

How To Improve Relaxation At Home

Have you ever been the type of person with a whole bag of popcorn and stress-scrolling on social media or is it just me? Sometimes it can feel like our minds can go 100 mph, fitting every thought, feeling and erratically overthinking on one subject. But of course, it took a whole global crisis, the internet (and maybe one begrudging therapist of mine) to tell us to meditate what they’ve been preaching all along. Naturally as social creatures, self-isolation can be quite difficult and stressful to occupy to fill your days and while we gotta spend it with stay at home orders, perhaps you feel frustrated, beyond stressed or alone. Just remember that everyone reacts differently and these feelings will pass! However, if we are in this state of stress all the time it’s important that we take care of how to improve relaxation at home because when we feel relaxed, the blood flow increases and gives us more energy.

Suggesting from a twitter-and-popcorn binge, it can be easy to totally spiral out of control after being cooped up! So what do you do if you are looking for structure in the day? One useful way to improve relaxation at home are some activities that will help calm the mind, or how to feel refreshed throughout the day to reduce stress and give those energy levels a boost. While it’s important to get dressed every morning and give yourself a mission - yes to wardrobe culling, detoxing and organising - we’ve got a few tips on things to do to relax and de-stress and help improve relaxation at home if you’re feeling stuck.

To help you with this, there are few relaxation techniques if ‘low key stressed’ is your current mood. Whether you’re the most chilled, energetic or want to get into a different headspace to bring you back into balance - get ready to be relaxed to perfection.

Closet Organization Relax At Home

Make Your Home Feel More Relaxing

A stress-busting technique to improve relaxation at home is to make a serene balanced retreat to help you feel calm and peaceful. If work is stressing you out or you’ve got a whole bundle of woes, a tranquil abode is much more than aesthetics but simple mindful practices you can do now. Take some time to tackle that messy closet. Make your home feel more relaxing with decorating the spaces function in mind. Take a cue from our Scandinavian friends; clean spaces, happy green houseplants, soothing instant visual pick-me-ups and with this simplistic approach it will instantly make your chosen space feel much fresher! Gift yourself with a gorgeous bunch of flowers and a candle with a sweet scent as well. Be a self-loving queen with a vivid assortment because you deserve to treat yourself even if it's a pair of shoes or a super comforting coat to wrap yourself in - it's all about the little pleasure that get us jumping up and down in excitement. Your home however, should be a soothing environment, ahhhh don't you feel much better already? That’s not in your head ya’ll - that’s science.

 Wine Relax Work From Home Gif

Consider An Outside Office Space

When we talk about relaxation in our home, nature has also found it’s way into the modern office. Make for a stimulating environment and consider a stylish outside office space that will do wonders for productivity and clarity with huge benefits to our mental health and well-being. Will this be a new 'things to do in lockdown'? The pop-up garden office as a work-from home solution? If you’re lucky enough to have a huge backyard space, it can also be worth investing in if it’s the type of project you would like to do that could add value into your home. Ultimately, If you're lucky enough to have a garden, patio, or balcony… There are also amazing benefits of changing scenes to work outdoors. When that natural sunlight hits your skin - that happy hormone called serotonin are health promoting benefits of relaxation at home, even if we have to “stay at home.” Give me all the sunshine vitamin please!

Dance To Music Relieves Stress

Listen, Play Or Dance To Music

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there are plenty of things to ease your nerves if you’re the type of person who is always on the go, go, go! Have you heard that when the body feels good, the mind feels good too. Happy feeling endorphins is our body’s natural painkiller to help reduce stress, if you’re having a few restless sleeps, or an optimistic endorphin you feel after a good home sesh workout. You can listen, play or dance to music to relieve stress that will be best for those who need a creative outlet because more often than not, it connects to who we really are. Doing something you enjoy relieves feelings of achievement and especially through those ups and downs, it is a fun and stress-relieving activity you can can whenever you like during the day. So change out of your spandex, put on your fav sparkly outfit now and dance like no one's watching!

Good Nights Sleep Relax Stress

Catch Up On A Good Night's Sleep

This might seem a little obvious but catching up on a few ZZZZ's can do wonders for your body and mind! A lack of sleep can make staying happy and relaxed a daily struggle and even if you were a social person before, a good night's sleep can prove relaxation at home if it is your end goal. Take a break from social media. Instead, focus on a really good book to read before bed that will really calm the nerves especially if your mind is racing with other thoughts during this time. To get on some spiritual zen, meditation techniques is a simple practice than can be done anywhere, anytime. You can use a guided meditation app to catch up on a good night's sleep, have a de-stress mantra before bed or breathing relaxation techniques before you hit the hay will have you feel your most comfortable and combat unease. Like most relaxation practices, this will take some time, but the number one rule is, take care of yourself and thank yourself for the effort.

If you have found feelings of uncertainty, it's always important to practice ways to improve your relaxation at home and add activities into your daily routine. You might be feeling a little stir-crazy, or just a little bored in the house. But whichever you choose for your past time whether it's re-connecting back with nature, having a mood-boosting playlist or opting for decorating your space with calming features, practicing 'relaxation' is refreshing to do even if it's 20 minutes of meditation. Leave us a comments below, what do you do to help you relax at home?