How To Keep It Fresh On Insta

How To Keep It Fresh On Insta

While it’s been a few uncertain and strange few months for all of us, in a multitude of stressful ways, there is no better time than to create an Instagram feed that’s worthy of an influencer. Social media has been important for looking at new ways to spend your days, and for many of us - it’s a way to stay connected through it all. From fresh new recipes, getting fitness inspo or trying out the latest fashion trends, it’s a platform to feel inspired everyday. Sometimes social media is a way for us to combat feelings of loneliness as a way to share thoughts, or just sharing our time while at home. This week, why not get creative with Instagram? It’s the perfect opportunity to play with makeup trends, upgrade your mirror selfie game, seeing what our fellow fashionistas are choosing to wear at home, or what the heck is getting us through to get dressed in the morning!

If you’re looking for a little in-home inspiration, keep scrolling to see how to keep it fresh on Insta, with some awesome Instagram feed content ideas.

Try New Makeup Trends

Whether you choose this time to go makeup free or experiment and try new makeup trends at home, there’s absolutely no rush at all. The great thing about this is you can take your sweet time. Perfecting that right eye makeup takes practice. Do you want to nail that swift ‘winged eyeliner’? Or take a nice break from your usual makeup routine? Dig through your drawer and finally use that colourful makeup palette you totally forgot about. Since staying at home we have those extra few minutes to practice our makeup, because makeup is a thing that we can control. It’s also releasing your creative juices while pampering yourself too. Makeup has no limits, so go a little wild! Try new makeup trends you wouldn’t have normally gone for like a bold red lip and bright eye or perfect the 'no makeup' makeup look to show your glow up. There are so many new makeup trends to try, from simple and sexy, to the bright and outrageous. Day by day, you can add a little bit of colour to your daily looks. Who knows you might just have a new hobby after this!

Instagram Mirror Selfie Outside

The New Mirror Selfie

Just like a phoenix rising from the dust of obscurity, is the good old mirror selfie. Mirror selfies have been around since forever, and you could say it might have started the #OOTD phenomenon. Influencers have been thinking outside the box when keeping it fresh on insta when creating new content. By taking compact mirror’s around the house or even outside into the background. When mirror selfies are a great and innovative Instagram content idea. This trend will take your feed to different dimensions to show off your cutest mini dresses, daily outfits and beauty looks, especially if you're looking to do a solo photoshoot! A gold or wooden framed mirror is a favorite amongst influencers and a bonus to perfecting ‘the mirror selfie.’ It gives a french, vintage vibe and sense of artistic flair compared to the usual bathroom or rounded mirrors. When our Instagram boyfriends or BFF’S aren’t around to take our picture, so why not try the new mirror selfie? It’s simple. It’s easy. And you only need an iphone.

Instagram Backdrop At Home

Create An Instagram Backdrop 

Are you looking for a new instagram backdrop to make those flatlays pop to take your outfits to the next level? There are many easy ways to change up your Instagram that’ll bring the most out of of your outfit posts or at-home selfie #ootds like creating a new neutral space. When you're bored of the same four walls at home, take the opportunity to utilize the parts in your house for a pop up studio. Make your Instagram feed ten times more interesting by placing a white sheet across to set up along the ceiling and try placing cute plants or paintings on the wall to incorporate props into your new backdrop. If your romper or dress for the day is white for example, change it up and create an Instagram backdrop with different coloured prints in the background, this will imbue some character into an otherwise plain scene. To keep it fresh on Insta - choosing a vibrant block colour sheet like the use of pastel pink or mustard yellow will sure to catch the eyes of your followers and make your outfits pop!

How To Do Instagram Flatlays

Show Off New Buys With Flatlays 

When you’ve got loads of fun new stuff and nowhere to wear it, and you were usually only posting selfies before a night out, make the most of it by posting your new buys with flatlays onto your Instagram feed. You’ll be happy to know, that flatlays are the most visually interesting way to reveal a #beautyroutine or your latest #musthaves and even revealing what books you’re reading on those ‘strong coffee and warm in my duvet’ kind of mornings. Show off new buys with flatlays and style the perfect shot on Instagram by choosing your items on what you’re loving for the week. It could be your perfect heels, skirt and top combo, travel essentials, or even some simple jewelry for a minimalist style post. Here’s a confession, I love doing flatlays because it's kind of an art. Flatlays are all about composition, lighting and making use of layers - it’s a whole thought process!