Relaxed And Glamourous Boho Dresses

Fashion is always evolving with ever-changing trends, and the fun thing about fashion is - trying different styles! Most of the time people tend to coincidentally strive for a certain style, whether your personal style is preppy, edgy, hipster, sport luxe - these are the categories you might be familiar with but what about Bohemian Glam? 'Bohemian' in general is often referred to as another alternative to fashion, formally affiliated with being a hippe who live “unconventional lives” or the “artsy type” that follows their own beat of the drum.

But what is ‘Bohemian Glam’ you say? Well it’s not all just crochet tops and maxi skirts. Bohemian glam is a blend of relaxed style with glamour. Yes, you don’t have to choose between laid-back casual and luxurious glamour. Just blend the two! With ‘‘bohemian chic’ itself emerging in the 2000’s that was popularized by Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe, they made boho chic the ‘IT’ style of the moment. Thanks to the floaty, effortless and nonchalant way of wearing fringe boho dresses and embellished sandals as the essentials that nail ‘Bohemian Glam’, it become the uniform for festivals in the likes of Coachella and Burning Man. With bohemian style trends making it’s way in relaxed and glamourous forms, how to style bohemian glam has elevated the traditional trims and whistles for modern romantic takes instead.

If you’re style is a little bit glam, a little bit boho, scroll down to see how fashion girls are adding ultra chic bohemian dresses to their ensembles. If you’re reading this and want a boho glam wardrobe, don’t worry  - anyone can nail the bohemian glam look. All you have to do is let loose a little bit and try out these outfit combinations to see if the style is for you!

White Boho Dress

Bohemian Dresses

Bohemian glam is one of our all type favourite style vibes that have taken a modern twist. Although it may be tricky to pull off, your boho dress should be chic enough to be worn for a cocktail party or elegant enough for a wedding. An easy relaxed fit of a flowy dress is the perfect tone for the night with embroidery details to give it that glamorous feel. Bohemain dresses should look free-spirited, but to ramp up the glam factor, make it luxe with equal parts retro at the same time by channeling your inner bohemian princess with sequins and embellishments. Complete your bohemian dress with tousled waves in your hair, and perplexed heels for that boho-glam touch. 

Boho Mini Dress

Going Out Bohemian Style

Quirky, playful and exotic comes to mind when thinking of what bohemian style cothing would look like but are you also attracted to sparkly things like eye-catching metallic accessories as well? then bohemian glam is the style for you. Interesting prints give a worldy edge to your wardrobe. For your going out outfit, embrace earth tones to show your unique sense of style. Sure we may associate silhouettes like a pretty maxi dress with bohemian style, instead keep it modern and think of wearing a well structured bodycon dress instead. For your going out glam, incorporate these modern styles with bohemian aspects like layering rings, mixing textures with your clutches and finishing it off with strappy heels to give it that edge.

Modern Vintage Boho Dress

Whisical Boho Dresses

Boho glam is one of our all-time favorite style vibes. We think it’s chic, sophisticated, soulful and sprinkled with artistic whimsical spirit. But it can be tricky to pull off. Wouldn’t it be great if we had an easy cheat sheet on 'How to style Bohemian Dresses' in a flash! Everything seems so seamlessly thrown together and the ideal combination of comfortable and romantic at the same time. Whimsical style boho dresses serve up the traditional look with all the fixings - frills, cascading layers with bold and bright colours. You’ll be enjoying life to the fullest int he most spontaneous way, stepping out in a long sleeve romper, playsuit or dress that have that ‘toss your hair in braids’ kinds of feels. For the off duty look, pair with combat boots to make a statement. 

Boho Floral Dress

Boho Floral Dresses

Nothing says bohemian style than a floral dress, making it a foolproof boho outfit! If you’re naturally attracted to wearing floral and prints, why not combine vintage aesthetics to a contemporary cut dress to revive your look into a modern twist. When it comes to key boho glam items; do not underestimate the floral dress. Whether you choose your armour in a beautiful floor length maxi, midi or mini dress - a boho floral dress that's printed will always add that feminine romantic flair. If you're new to this style, you don't have to flip your wardrobe upside down with peasant tops and ruffles. A boho floral dress will have you dipping into the trend because of it's a subtle approach to boho style. If you really want to go head first, finish your look with a woven bag if you're in warmer weather or wear a faux fur jacket with cowboy boots in Winter.

Let us know in the comments below if you'll be trying boho dresses for a glamorous night out or event. From relaxed and glamorous, to formal maxi dresses, here's to the modern romantics out there - we can honestly see ourselves running free in the wilderness already!