How To Style Joggers Like A Casual Baddie

How To Style Joggers Like A Baddie

Joggers are good news for all of us at the moment. It’s all anyone can bring themselves to wear right now because it’s on trend and makes us feel like we’re wearing pajamas - they’re that comfortable. As soon as you put joggers and sneakers on, suddenly you’re a badass. 

If you are someone who is a sucker for casual everyday clothing, and believe in wearing things that are non-complicated, yet stylish, Joggers are basically the cousin of your sweats/workout gear or athleisure pants but they are more versatile and a level up than the regular sweats. Don’t get confused with the styles between joggers and sweatpants, as they may be similar in design but the materials are completely different. Sweatpants are thicker, whereas joggers are made of thinner material that makes them great for wearing to any occasion.

Sweatpants Are All That Fits - Mean Girls Meme

Sometimes when wearing sweatpants, we end up compromising a little bit more than we should and get a little bit too comfortable. Because when we wear tight, body-hugging clothing, it’s great but some of us hardly want to put in as much effort every single time. While many still rely on leggings for our regular workout sessions or a quick easy fix with a hoodie thrown over post hangover-coffee run, it has occurred to me recently that fashion girls aren’t wearing their usual athleisure staple as much as they used to and wearing jogger outfits instead. Yep, jogger with sneakers are practically taking over leggings amongst our favourite go-to fashion choices. Much like the denim trends that have emerged earlier this year—where relaxed proportions have been winning out—athleisure wear has been growing more pajama-like with jogger silhouettes replacing form fitting leggings.

All anyone can bring themselves to wear at the moment are Joggers and sneakers, and we honestly can’t blame them! Joggers are no longer only for workouts thanks to the booming trends of atheisure wear. Joggers can be worn to add a bit of trend to your wardrobe, whether for a casual lazy Sunday at-home or running errands. If you’re interested in adding this trend into your jogger outfit style, we’ve come up with how to style joggers like a casual baddie that you are to make them super versatile - maybe even wear them Monday to Friday without anyone noticing, you can thank us later.

Joggers Crop Top Sneakers Outfit

Joggers And Crop Top

A coordinating jogger, white sneakers and crop top is the casual baddie go-to and honestly so cool. Add a pair of hoop earrings to make them fun as a weekend staple or to cozy up on a chilly day on your couch. To keep your joggers and crop top outfit from looking frumpy, always strike to keep a balance of proportions. If your joggers are a relaxed fit, wearing a crop top that is more form fitting will have your outfit feeling polished. 

Jogger And Sneaker Outfit
Dressy Joggers And Sneakers

You don’t have to sacrifice style with comfort when wearing joggers, just because they’re super comfy doesn’t mean you can’t dress them up! Make a dressy joggers and sneakers look with a matching set. Pick a pair of white sneakers that aren’t too bulky, but with a slimline design to compete with the elevated you’re styling with. 

Joggers And Sneakers
Casual Jogger Outfits

When wearing joggers and sneakers, there’s a fine line between looking effortless and you just rolled out of bed. To keep it a super cute vibe, seek out casual jogger outfits that graze your body in a figure-flattering way. Your casual jogger outfit shouldn’t be too loosely fitting as you’ll risk looking disheveled. Go for neutral tones to serve as a base tone for this trendy athleisure wear trend. Throw on a chunky knit or a stylish coat with lace-up sneakers for a cute casual outfit for brunch to match the occasion perfectly.

If these outfit ideas have left you inspired, let us know how you'll be styling your new jogger and sneakers to look like a casual baddie these days - we know it's found our way to our stay-at-home style!