How To Style The Oversized Blazer 2020

How To Style The Oversized Blazer 2020

A blazer in any woman’s wardrobe will always be a saviour for when we don’t know what to wear and it’s no secret in recent years that we’ve noticed the influence of masculinity in fashion. Check out your Instagram feed today and you’ll see what’s hot right now, and that is, the oversized blazer. Yes folks! Exit the timeless piece of a proper fitted blazer and now enter, the oversized blazer that is amped up in volume. How to style the oversized blazer in 2020 has reached its sense of seasonal appropriateness. Beginning to be the new uniform for all fashion influencers, the oversized blazer will have you styling it bigger, and better.

The result, styling an oversized blazer has its advantages. If you love oversized clothing, the ideal way to style the oversized blazer will have you creating some dramatic looks. What has driven us to have this must have staple in your wardrobe? it’s trendy, it’s classic and it’s eye catching. Read on to see how the oversized blazer has evolved into our daily dressing, our new intake on how to style an oversized blazer in 2020 and how to wear it for work, after hours and on the weekend. Either way, don’t be afraid to play with proportions with your outfits, get creative in your styling and the more clash the better!

Oversized Blazer Dress Street Style

Oversized Blazer + Dress + Waist Belt

The oversized blazer has been seen on all our favourite street style influencers and have made it’s way to becoming an ‘Instablazer’ on the ‘gram. While the plaid blazer has been an essential to have in the past, earning it’s badge of honour to style in a variety of ways, the stylish ways to dress the oversized blazer will have you in combinations that will feel entirely fresh and new! These days you’ll see suit jackets becoming bigger, longer and broader across the shoulders - automatically making them a real statement.

To play with the dynamics of an oversized blazer with a dress, style the jacket cinched in at the waist for an easy styling hack that suddenly looks office appropriate. Wear over your work bottoms, pants, or a street style favourite: the bike shorts and chunky sneakers for your casual days off. Most recently with the temperatures cooling down, just grab your go-to blazer and logo waist belt for some no-fuss styling and wear it over flowy skirts or a floral maxi dress that’s so Olsen twin-esque! An oversized blazer with a maxi dress gives that unexpected and interesting silhouette that gives it’s proportions a feminine and flirty touch. Alternatively, wear the oversized blazer as a dress with the belt in a knot instead of clasping for a fashion forward look perfect for girls night.

White Oversized Blazer

Monochromatic Oversized Blazer + Crop Tops

When you’re wanting a uniform to go from basic to 100% boss lady, the oversized blazer will do that to you. And while we love a good fit; the boyfriend blazer or oversized blazer is intentionally large enough for multiple styling options season to season. That being said, how to style an oversized blazer makes for a business casual look worn with wide leg pants or your favorite relaxed jeans for the weekend. Although the oversized blazer is already a statement, no need to compete it with other elements! When dressing for a tonal look, a monochromatic oversized blazer will give you a sophisticated outfit that’s going to be polished enough for work, and playful enough for after hours drinks. For example, a white on white outfit look will be like breathing new life into your everyday dressing and plus who doesn’t just want to wear and grey during Winter.

You’ll find that how to style a blazer in 2020 will show you that Instagram trends have the blazer being styled with your crop tops and bodysuits. Because of it’s long, slim lines and longer length, it gives a balance in Summer styling to match with high waisted denim skirts, shorts and jeans. For the ultimate cool girl look, complete your monochromatic oversized blazer outfit with cut out style tops to give it that edge and slouchy meanswer style trousers for that cool girl vibe. Complete the ensemble with strappy heel sandals to add a feminine touch!

Oversized Pink Blazer

Oversized Blazer + Bold Colours

You’ll mostly find blazers to be in classic pinstripes or plaid prints, the result are still versatile to wear but if you’re looking for some excitement... just add a pop of colour! You’ll find an array of oversized blazers in bold colours will instantly brighten your mood. With spirited bold colours in your oversized blazer you'll be sure to be at the top of the algorithm feed on your social media (just saying!) For relaxed casual street walks, to an easy upgrade to level up your WFH fits for video calls at home, this new breed of oversized blazers in 2020 will give you a membership to the fashion tribe in seconds.

These new incarnations come in bold colours like bright pink oversized blazers, lime and even dreamy blue hues. Society has really added a bright blazer to any outfit that instantly makes outfits more polished. With it’s sharp shoulders and structured shape, it’s relaxed and at the same time tailored to lift your daily outfits for whatever your day entails. Over a slogan tee tucked into a mini skirt, or your favourite party dress for an evening night out, there are so many bold oversized blazer combinations that it’s crazy not to try now! One you have figured out a colourway to go with, always pick a block base for a solid on-the-go look.

How to Style Blazers In 2020

It’s no wonder that the oversized blazer has been getting some major likes. With these advanced high fashion modifications, it’s proof that the trend isn’t going anytime soon. Final proof that the oversized blazer in 2020 is an essential one; it’s easy, it’s practical and if a bright pink blazer isn’t your moodboard right now, where have you been all this time? Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be trying this trend today.