Mini Bags According To Instagram’s Cutest “Micro-Influencer”

Working from home with our dogs

When the world is in complete and utter meltdown we turn to social media for all sorts of benefits: catching up with friends, seeing which family member got bored enough to download Tik Tok or updating on the latest trends in fashion. Sometimes we turn on social media like Instagram to simply look at some cute dogs to increase our serotonin. As light-hearted and wholesome as they are, who would have ever thought of taking some outfit ideas from particularly fashionable pooches? I mean, who doesn’t love seeing cute puppies on the daily like ultra-fluffy ones who post OOTD’s to the more diverse and unique with distinctive personalities and style aesthetics. Yes, feel-good Instagrams to follow are not all about brunches and sunsets but the pooches who are climbing into your dishwasher, distracting owners working from home and the ones who probably have better style than any human you will ever know.

Introducing... The cutest Instagram “micro-influencer” Boobie Billie. The Internet's most stylish dog ‘since the day I saw her micro mini bag collection. She may not look like the typical social media star but she is the teeny-tiny Instagram micro-influencer slash style icon we never thought we needed, who is simply, just living her best life. Whether Boobie Billie is sharing her beauty routines with self-care Sunday or practicing self-isolation in style all wrapped up in Louis Vuitton; we’re just not quite sure if we want to adopt her or just plain be her. We’re not seeing her frolicking in grass - in fact she’s documenting her style outfits and trendy bags in a nonchalant attitude, stirring up totally relatable stay-at-home posts and creating a style movement of her own. This stylish greyhound-chihuahua will have you splashing a smile on your face, and as we go through her best style moments, it reminds us to stay positive and that fashion can make a statement, big or small. Dog Vogue, eat your heart out.

The Micro Mini Bag Trend

Best known for her minimalist style and signature chilled out expression, Boobie Billie and her insta-persona have some enviable style to flaunt and share, including showing us how to style the micro mini bag trend that have been making waves in fashion. We started to notice that this pint-sized bag trend has even gone smaller making the micro mini bag both a blessing and a curse, but mostly equal parts cute-as-hell. The mini bag trend in fashion are found in tiny, tiny, little purses that fit absolutely nothing but would be cute for bébés first bag. It is the perfect mini bag to fit just a piece of gum or grain of rice with handles that are structured to simply just hang off one finger. As we’re in a time where dramatically fun/and or bad trends thrive from memes and tweets, the mini bag trend soared with popularity making it an IT bag to invest in no matter it’s longevity. Have you ever seen that one girl who commutes on the bus rummaging through a big black hole also known as a normal sized bag, only to find that her spilled lunch tupperware and makeup were welded together? Maybe a micro mini bag is a gateway to an organized life. We consume and keep so much so why not practice bare minimalism and cut out the junk. 

Dog Knit Sweater Style

The Beaded Bag is An Influencer Staple

A fashion "micro" influencer staple is a beaded bag with every type of colourway imaginable, and Boobie Billie shows us how to style the micro bag version. She hits the nail at styling more than one season’s colour and trends, making for a casual stay at home fashionista. With a cosy knit sweater paired along with colour blocking accessories and wearing a “look at me, but don’t look at me” micro-spec, she keeps the inspo fresh and nostalgic. A beaded bag makes for pairing a day time outfit into a boho-chic look. If you’re into the 70’s colour combination, a multi-coloured beaded bag is your go to design with a western style hat to keep it free-spirited and fetching. If you’re looking for a mood lifter, this is definitely one spicy autumn outfit that won’t make you sad. In all seriousness however, you’ll always know where your credit card is with this mini bag.

Dog Fashion Instagram Cowprint Trend

Mini And Super Mini Style

The question still remains, what can you actually fit into your micro mini bag other than a credit card or lipstick? Well, little snackies of course. And that sole purpose steals my heart and that’s why mini bags are here to stay. The mini bag trend is all over the world - and it’s no surprise that many designers have downsized it's style into super mini bag versions as well. From Fendi mini bags to pint-sized Prada sling bags; the "downsized" super mini bags are worn essentially as a necklace or as an armpack rather than a backpack. There is just no time for a full course meal when there are fashion shows you have to attend to and that’s why they’re perfect to stash snacks before you disappear into oblivion. But as Fashion Week is cancelled, nothing also stops us from living frivolously through stylish IT girl’s (or pups) on Instagram who stir up a style movement of their own. Boobie Billie proves that our imaginations for personal style can go wild. Pepper your favorite knit with cow print and wear with your choice of denim bottoms and fresh white sneakers, complete the look with softened lavender accents in your mini bag accessories to keep it clean and fresh. If there was ever an iconic look to try right now, this would be it.

Dogs Of Intsagram

Mini Bag Essentials And Stay At Home Outfits

Even though half of the world is staying at home and social distancing right now, if i could fit anything in the palm of my hand - i'd be cradling this. Only the words "it's sooooo tiny!" and "awwww cute!" will come out of my mouth. The caption says, “essentials only. be safe and be kind bb's” that melts away our daily stress and to remind us to please, accessorize joyfully and in the comforts of our stay at home outfits inside. Periwinkle blue is her miniature stye of choice, masterfully co-ordinating a tone on tone look with this season's must have essential - a bottle of Purell. This is probably the cutest stay at home “What’s in my mini bag” series ever as Boobie Billie shows us her approved bag in a contemporary but vintage inspired style piece in her edit. As the vintage mini bag is taking a nostalgic step in it’s itty bitty incarnations - it’s a versatile design that makes it a staple piece to style up any day to weekend outfits at home. Upgrade your mini bag collection with a variety of materials and finishes like matte or croc embossed leather. It's going to be hard not to collect all the coloured mini bag versions we love. But, we’ll try to keep it essential.