It's Gemini Season | Celebrity Style Icons

Gemini Season Celebrity Style Icons

Geminis it’s your time to shine! Gemini season has officially arrived and consider this the chicest month you’ll have ahead with celebrity style icons like Marilyn Monroe, the Olsen twins, Naomi Campbell, Stevie Nicks and Angelina Jolie, that also fall under the star. As the outgoing, social and whimsical creature that you are; your outgoing star sign can never be questioned with your sense of style and fashion. The Gemini girl is charming and adventurous at times and you know how to indulge yourself with your wardrobe and we’re a little envious of that! As a social butterfly, it could have been hard to see your friends IRL but the surface has scratched so you’ll be socializing as much as possible.

Here’s everything you can expect. Fashion and style for a Gemini has two parts (and as you can expect from a twin flame!) There’s one major challenge you have missed, and that’s seeing your best buds for that squad catchup or your light and airy other half craves for life to just have, a little bit more flow. Needless to say, whichever the agenda, you always pull a bold and fashion forward look. Gemini’s crave variety in their outfit choices and style is the very essence of who they are. The way Gemini style requires dressing, there seems to be a lot of ingredients to mix and match to change up from season to season to stay on trend.

Now that it’s June 1st and well into Gemini Season, it’s going to be a month full of fun, often times *not following the rules and just being free where your impromptu dance party awaits. As your star sign is inclined to do a bit more impulse shopping, you might splurge because sometimes you’re just sick of the same outfit rotation. As this astrological star sign is all about dressing up and leaving the house, get ready for the excitement with these outfit formulas approved by fellow gems and celebrity style icons, to get you through the season!

Gemini Season Star Signs Style Icons

Gemini Style Icons | The Olsen Twins

The Olsen Twins are the ultimate Gemini style icons, and with the star sign literally being the twins it’s quite obvious what they embody. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have the most memorable style files to look back on, especially if you grew up in the 90’s! From bold jewelry to oversized accessories and layering their fashion pieces; when their Gemini style qualities come out, well… the proof is in the closet. Their minimalist style will have you inspired to dress in crisp workwear or just simple casual dresses that are fuss-free and won’t distract you from actually doing work while lounging around the house.

In 2020, the Olsen Twins like staying out of the spotlight - but every now and then they make an appearance and they still manage to show us why they're Gemini style icons! Because your month as a Gemini will be an eventful one, always be ready with a little black dress. A timeless and sleek piece where you can break it out for every occasion. Take it up a notch with eye-catching necklaces and rings (because you love the idea of signature jewelry) or if you’re unsure to dress up a maxi dress, The Olsen Twin’s trick is to keep a black dress sleek and layer a coat on top with a pop of colour in the heels to make it feel fancier!

Naomi Campbell 90's Style Icon

Go-To Party Dresses | Naomi Campbell

It’s a known fact that some of the biggest celebrity style icons of the world are Geminis, such as Naomi Campbell who always looks fresh and young. They are the social butterflies among their group of friends and get invited out a lot, so slipping on a dress at a moment's notice is nothing new. This is why Geminis need go-to party dresses, in fact, you’re going to get ready to build up a collection of dresses for a big date coming up or for a fancy party night out. The Gemini girl loves one-of-a-kind pieces and with that sort of shopping mentality you know they turn up with some amazing dresses where no one else has!

If you’re a Gemini with a birthday coming up, consider wearing something flirty, yet still put together for your go-to party dresses. You’re all about balancing the casual and playful outfits in your wardrobe to take it on another level! Looking back at Campbell's 90's outfits tells us that playsuits will never be boring when you can style a romper from casual to formal in so many ways, choosing a bright colour like yellow to make you feel like a goddess in a dress, or a pair of killer pumps because accessorizing is your thing. Keep in mind that your Gemini star sign is known for not following the rules, and it can get you into some (fashion) trouble. Pair a denim jacket to your dresses to give it that casual, but still structured and put together look or just style like Naomi Campbell and just have fun with it!

Marilyn Monroe Gemini Style Icon

Marilyn Monroe | Iconic Looks

The notorious, curvaceous and blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe is one of our favourite celebrity style icons who are true to the Gemini spirit. You’ll notice that she has a signature style formula, wearing classic denim or pencil skirts paired with sweaters with the right coverage. Lover of halter-neck cocktail dresses, high waisted bikinis and showing off some risqué ensembles with some subtle sex appeal; Marilyn Monroe in the Iconic pink gown, pink gloves with tons of diamonds dripping in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes will always be goals!

As of today, Marliyn Monroe continues to influence the fashion world. This Gemini took down one of the world’s most iconic looks with the power of a plunging neckline! to capture this: be sophisticated, yet seductive. It’s all about creating curves. A party dress that is form fitting around the waist, floor length and covered with sequins paired with black stilettos will be perfect for an evening out. Or get that va-va-voom sex appeal with your beauty and wear a bold lip with lustrous cat eye makeup, paired with a passion for decedance. These Marilyn Monroe iconic looks will have you dressing like a classic beauty with charisma!

If you're a Gemini, will you be trying these iconic celebrity looks? Which of these stylish ensembles channel your spirit during Gemini Season? Maybe you can treat yourself to a party dress to help you live in the moment. Just saying!