Get A Job In Fashion ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ Way

Job In Fashion Devil Wears Prada

It’s been more than a dozen years since The Devil Wears Prada came out, a film about a college graduate, Andy who moved to New York and suddenly lands a job in fashion as a personal assistant “a million girls would kill for.’ Andy Sachs, a role played by Anne Hathaway, is a totally sensible and smart aspiring journalist but out of sheer survival, she starts her career as an intern for a terrifying hard-to-please boss, Miranda Priestly aka ICE-QUEEN (Meryl Streep) the editor-in-chief of notorious fashion magazine, Runway.

As the movie unfolds, we see Andy’s slight interest and knowledge of fashion didn’t necessarily fit in with the ‘runway’ girls as her more than judgemental, yet stylish, co-workers delightfully dish out their opinions but soon enough it doesn’t take her long to gain confidence and slowly transform into a polished professional by dressing the part. Ultimately Andy gains Priestly’s respect and at the end of the film, we see her co-worker Emily mouthing the words “thank you.” - like what! Emily never says ~thank you~?

While the messages learnt from The Devil Wears Prada teaches us valuable career lessons in fashion and the witty expose of working in fashion and the fashion industry, we can’t help but find ourselves taking on every opportunity to recite quotes from the movie “florals for spring, groundbreaking” because of it's harsh-but-true reality and take on important life lessons that relates back to us in some way. Maybe we've applied for a job higher than our qualifications like Andy who took a risk in a whole new industry, or we've become like Emily, the resident workaholic.

There are other factors in the movie where we have to adapt to environments, working with your co-workers, whether it's possible to survive the rat race with our selves still in tact, or your boss just plainly inspires terror and awe. It's all about growth, learning new skills and being your true self. If you've watched the movie and through the plot lines and mental breakdowns it has made you decide to work in fashion, let's continue.

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How To Get Started In Fashion

It's your dream to pursue a career working in fashion and even though how to get started in fashion is one of the most difficult challenges at the beginning. For some reason, it holds this veil of mystery on many discussions through “getting your foot in the door” dream is a completely different approach as job prospects are not specifically designed from studying one identified course. We know that the best way to aim for this is to have a killer CV for your future boss, company, or job you truly love.

If you have identified your dream to work in fashion which is a completely competitive world that is extremely exciting and fast-paced, don’t be afraid to take initiative. Get started in fashion on a high level, from many recruiters who look for candidates who are very aware in the world, who educate themselves and are proactive to bring creativity to the table. Make your own connections, write that email on LinkedIn or social media, reach out and tell them you admire their work. Put yourself out there and ask for a quick coffee break to get some valuable advice. You'd be surprised how many people are happy to help, the fashion industry is a tight knit community!

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Fashion Your Attitude To Success

In the movie we see Andy whining about her lack of interest but as a university graduate with an impressive resume, there are high expectations to perform well. We’ve all been in a situation where we can significantly struggle with a nightmare boss - but it can teach us some life lessons that can determine success. Even though managers have the jobs of getting things done, there is some realization that Andy has to try much harder to approach her work with a different attitude.

When she begins to change her attitude towards work, Andy starts to embrace the world of fashion and proactively learns about fashion trends, and creates friendly allies in the office. When Nigel, the art director comes in as a mentor figure we see the importance of workplace culture, eventually developing how attitude can determine success, where you can still maintain grace and integrity. We’re not saying to change yourself, but changing your attitude could lead you to success. A positive attitude is an important factor in all aspects to life, in the office, uplifting others you work with and in terms of networking in social events making you look more approachable and easy to talk to.

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Power Dress For The Job You Want

“Now Chanel, you’re in desperate need for Chanel.” one of the most iconic scenes in the Devil Wears Prada done by no other than Nigel and his transformative Makeover. Like a kid in a candy store, Andy is curated in designer heaven picking from Jimmy Choo’s to Dolce and Gabbana. It’s important to be presentable at work or dress for the job you want and in the professional world. As we see in the movie, first impressions do matter. “Dress for the job you want” has really become an excerpt from our fashion bibles. While the guides to wear different types of business attire varies to the type of work, should we still believe that the way we dress is for the job you want? The answer is yes.

What you wear influences how your co-workers and your manager treats you, but it’s a lot more than fashion. It gives you confidence. There is certainly some strategic value in “looking for the part” because it simply communicates that they have become the persona of that ideal candidate for the company. If showing up to work means resembling a reflection of the company, play the part by not dressing too carelessly (or you can literally taste the disapproval from Miranda Priestly’s pursed lips.) The message of power-dressing in this movie, really reflects our society interpretations to perceive others as more respectable.