Kylie Jenner’s Jumpsuit Is A Stay-At-Home Favourite

For many of us out there, quarantine has presented a unique opportunity to tone down the glam and throughout the past month if you’re in the beauty community, you would be categorized in two groups; all dressed up and nowhere to go or au natural. Surprisingly, a few weeks ago one of the biggest beauty moguls out there - Kylie Jenner, has entered the latter who decidedly called it quits for hair extensions, nails, fake eyelashes and the usual trappings for the sake of staying at home during lockdown. But what’s her favourite stay-at-home style to wear?

Kylie Jenner is known for her full glam revealing dresses and floor-length gowns during her red carpet events and wearing power blazers when she’s running her business Kylie Cosmetics. But her go-to piece? a jumpsuit! Kylie clearly loves this trend where she has favoured the jumpsuit style during her time at home, reaching out for this stretchy material jumpsuit which pretty much feels like a second skin. We know that Kylie has been rocking jumpsuits since before lockdown making them a versatile piece in your wardrobe, now making her jumpsuit version quarantine chic.

If you're still unsure of wearing a jumpsuit - here are some of Kylie’s past and best looks to convince you to slip into a jumpsuit in the future where styling options are plentiful.

Kylie Stay At Home Jumpsuit
1. Jumpsuits Are The Ultimate Lazy Outfit

Kylie’s stay-at-home jumpsuit zips all the way up proving to be stylish, practical and a total upgrade from pj’s and sweatpants. Jumpsuits are really, the ultimate lazy outfit. They’re not notoriously difficult to put on and off and pretty much eliminates any real stress over what to wear. When styling jumpsuits, you can dress as smart and or as effortless as the time to slip into one in five minutes. Whether you're practicing social distancing, or lazing around for Netflix and chill - in our opinion, It's an essential item every woman should have in their wardrobe.

Jumpsuit Loungewear
2. Jumpsuits Are The Perfect Loungewear 

Tell me, is there anything as stylish, practical and downright comfortable than a jumpsuit that’s perfect as loungewear? We’re waiting… Jumpsuits are the perfect loungewear that make it look like you made it out of bed. Super easy to rock at home, jumpsuits as loungewear can simply take the work out of getting dressed in the morning. There’s no other reason than calling them a one-piece wonder, mainly because jumpsuits can be styled in so many different ways you’ll never get tired of.

Red Jumpsuit Kylie
3. Jumpsuits Are Super Stylish

Jumpsuits are versatile where they can be dressed up with boots for a sexy date night outfit, or dressed down with a denim jacket and sneakers for casual wear during the day. The number one reason why they make the perfect outfit for any occasion is that they come in many different modern designs, making jumpsuits super stylish and extremely versatile to wear.

Leather Jumpsuits
4. Leather Jumpsuits Can look Modern Or Fabulously Retro

You can wear a jumpsuit to look modern for work, wear them 70’s style for the weekend, as a flowy whimsical jumpsuit or fabulously retro with leather for a unique date night outfit. Leather jumpsuits are all about minimum effort with maximum style. Whether you rock coloured leather, white or an all black leather jumpsuit, they can be dressed in so many ways making them a classic and forever item in your wardrobe.

5. Jumpsuits Are A 'One and Done."

Jumpsuits are perfect for women on the go that have a "one and done" form of dressing. When you're not into dresses and two-piece outfits seem like a lot of work; jumpsuits are the better alternative knowing after a long day - all you gotta do is strip off that one layer and step out into your fav sweats. You're welcome.

Winter Jumpsuit
5. Jumpsuits Feel Like Pajamas

Wearing a jumpsuit is just as comfortable where they feel like pajamas, that's how good they are! There's something super cozy when putting one on making a jumpsuit feel like a warm hug. Who doesn't like feeling cozy? Jumpsuits to wear for Autumn and Winter make it easy for you to get dressed according to the weather. Jumpsuits are the perfect piece for layering when you want to cover more, you can just throw on a jacket.

  Printed Jumpsuit
6. Your Bottom Will Look Perfect

You may have the perfect denim jeans at home that hug your curves at the right places, but what if that's too casual. Choosing to wear a jumpsuit for a formal event looks great for when you want to balance style and class because surprisingly they are actually very flattering. Similar to maxi dresses, they cinch your waistline that drapes over the hips. There are many jumpsuits that suit every body, shape and size that make your bottom look perfect and proportioned. It let's you show what your mama gave you - but in a subtle sexy sort of way making your feminine silhouette look it's best.

  Jumpsuit Night Out
7. A Jumpsuit Will Never Betray You

Next time you go out, try a party jumpsuit! If you're struggling to look for an outfit, we already know that a jumpsuit is a two in one. You know, there's nothing to worry about when wearing a jumpsuit for a night out. While mini dresses unexpectedly rise when we dance or have a little wardrobe-malfunction with skirts, the benefits of a jumpsuit is it's low maintenance nature and no fuss throughout your night out. All you gotta do, is enjoy yourself in the moment!