Leo Birthday Style Guide

Leo Season Birthday Style Guide

Roar, lion, roar. We are now officially in Leo season and it goes without saying that you’ll need a killer birthday outfit as fun as your infectious personality. Ruled by the sun and element of fire, the zodiac sign of Leos are known to be confident, bright and the life and soul of every party and guess what. We’re fabulous! To step into your power and make some damn noise we’ve got your Leo birthday style guide to look at the stars and spotlight your confident Leo sign traits to kick off your birthday in style and shine like the queen of the jungle. We all know that each zodiac sign is ruled by the planet - but Leos, we are ruled by the sun which means that we rarely go unnoticed. They have a real presence that exude confidence and use fashion to express themselves which truly show the fire element as one of the boldest signs to show their zest for life with enthusiasm and light.

There’s no question that Leo season invites us to embody our full potential, to step into our most glamorous versions of ourselves. We’re here, and we’re unapologetic. If you ever had a sneaky suspicion that you had the ability to pull off dramatic style trends and gravitate towards clothes that are nothing short of fierce, then we confirm that it might be written in the stars! It’s all about making a style statement without shying away from attention, experimenting with bold prints and of course gold, gold gold.

In celebration of the radiant sign, let this Leo style guide inspire your next celestial shopping spree to add into your cart ASAP, go get ‘em tiger.

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Leo Style Birthday Outfit

The Leo woman is typically a social butterfly with a calendar often double booked and no wonder, this star sign is the most loyal and pamper their friends luxuriously - someone you’ll want in your #squad. Leos, you look so good every time! And we don’t know how you do it, but we understand, you can’t help that this is the way you are. If ever there was a good time to let your inner lioness out for extra looks, this is the month to play with unexpected print and colours to put your charm on display. Your birthday is the one day where you’d want to feel you’re most sexiest and with your sartorial Leo style taste, you’ll want to experiment with bold and bright colours from head to toe. Let’s be honest, your birthday is something to get excited about and your outfit is no different. It is your night after all, which calls for a cute-as-hell birthday outfit that’ll make you feel like a bombshell birthday gal!

As you start preparing to celebrate your next trip around the Sun, it’s only appropriate that a Leo birthday outfit is a spontaneous party dress that is daring, bold and show-stopping! Give yourself a head start on planning your birthday fete with a chić birthday outfit fit for a goddess like party dresses shimmering with gold and bronze, or naturally they are attracted by sun colours such as yellow, red and orange. A Leo woman can’t resist a gold sequined party dress to steal the limelight, where their bling game is always on point with confidence as her best accessory. Needless to say with their in-built drama, you’ll want to pair matching metallic high heels to your birthday outfit, a disco ball and something bubbly for an extravagant night ahead.

Leo Zodiac Sign Style Outfits

Leo Birthday Gift

Since our lovely Leos are ruled by the sun, their birthdays have them feeling extra and ready to party! When choosing a birthday gift for a Leo, bestow on your queen of fun with a spectacular and stylish outfit because they like gifts that help them stand out from the crowd. As a vivacious star sign, the perfect Leo birthday gift is something that is out-of-the-ordinary when it comes to style like tops with off the shoulder details as opposed basic tanks, flirty two-piece sets, animal prints or something sexy - that’s definitely leather. When it comes to what to gift your Leo on their birthday, look for pieces with wow-factor and stick to a bold and passionate colour palette that radiates sunshine.

Elevated offerings like flashy pumps are a must-have for a Leo birthday gift as an elaborate approach because they love to show off what they have, and that’s their love for shoes because it’s part of their personality (if they had their way to wear them everywhere!) A bright coloured pump or glimmering shoes with a funky silhouette will put emphasis on this fire sign as a “look at me!” statement piece, a fitting tribute to their easy confidence that will obviously put a smile on their face. That being said, Leos have a dominating aura that commands attentions as soon as they walk in a room, whether it’s a killer pair of heels with a ‘IDGAF’ attitude to wearing cat eye sunglasses for serious vintage vibes, they will love stand out fashion pieces when it comes to the perfect Leo birthday gift.