Maxi Dresses for Winter

Maxi Dresses For Winter

Bring on the cold - because we're ready for it! Would you believe us if we said that a dress in Winter is totally possible without freezing? Before the weather really turns, we’ve got some Winter styling tricks and outfit combinations up our sleeves where you don’t have to retire your summer pieces just for the hotter season. In fact, thanks to one chić, practical and fashion forward piece of item: The stylish maxi dress. If you want to wear a dress for Winter, it’s totally a possible reality. When we’ve spent months sashaying our maxi dresses gleefully through the long days of Summer, we are fully convinced that they aren’t only reserved for warmer months but it also makes the perfect candidate for Winter too.

When the cold rolls around, we automatically say a brief adios to our Summer staples, like dresses, but before you make room for the Winter bulk; those maxi dresses can actually be quite handy so don’t store them away just yet! We’re about to show you how you’ll want to wear dresses for Winter where maxi dresses can be quite handy that’s good enough to pair with your other wardrobe essentials. Also, maxi dresses for Winter are pretty much an all-in-one item. Now it begs us the questions, how exactly do we stay warm while still looking chić AF in a Winter dress?

If you’re curious on how to style up your new Winter staple to give your wardrobe longevity, keep reading to see how easy it is to make those pretty floor length dresses last you for seasons ahead and shop our guide on how to wear these stylish maxi dresses for Winter.

Maxi Dress Winter Style

Style A Maxi Dress Creatively

How incredibly easy was it to wear a maxi dress in Summer when you could throw it on and it instantly looked cute, breezy, and put together. But when Winter comes along, having a throw-on-and-go outfit is completely impossible? If a maxi dress is your favourite thing to wear, who says that you can’t continue to wear it during the colder months. Maxi dresses and it’s sweeping lengths are perfect for balmy nights but we’ve come up with ways to style a maxi dress creatively during the chillier months too, even all year long! How to wear a Winter maxi dress to withstand those icy days is actually pretty simple when you can wear Maxi dresses with a faux fur coat that are actually stylish enough to keep you staying warm and feeling glamorous for any special occasion you have to attend (the struggles of finding a Winter wedding guest outfit.) Maxi dresses for Winter outfits can be cozy as it can be, you can get creative pairing with trench coats, and even tough it out in leather jackets as a smart casual look.

Maxi Dress Over Jeans Trend

Layer Jeans With A Maxi Dress

Wearing layers is strongly believed, but you shouldn’t be restricted from being comfortable and refrained from a full range of motion from your limbs. The great thing about wearing a maxi dress for Winter is the layering you can do underneath. Layers are completely expected in Winter, where you can add more warmth underneath or to accessorize the hell out of it like boots as a leg warmer. Additionally, when it comes to what to layer underneath, you can also try the ‘dress-over-pants’ trend where you layer jeans with a maxi dress to play with textures, colours and prints to dress up stylish maxi dresses for Winter. If you are a beginner at this, layer jeans with a maxi dress that doesn’t look too bulky such as skinny denim leggings. For a sexy touch, look for a maxi dress with a high slit at the front in an asymmetrical cut. This way you can play around with the different lengths of hem to show a peek-a-boo-design or your most glam pumps making this Winter styling outfit an evening to day ensemble.

Floral Maxi Dress Winter

Winter Floral Dress

When you open up your closet do you find yourself with a wardrobe full of floral dresses, because they’re just so darn effortless? Floral dresses have really been a fashion go-to when they are easy to dress but how do we pull off the ‘floral dress for Winter”? It can be tricky to get the floral dress right, but if you stick to a more darker palette patterm, you’ll find that it can seamlessly flow into your other Winter wardrobe items. A Winter floral dress don’t have to necessarily be in dull boring colours when you can incorporate beautiful tones of mustard, white, burgundy red and even rich colours of emerald green. If you love the idea of a Winter floral dress (I know, sometimes we fall in love with dresses that are out of wack for the season) make it cold weather appropriate pocketed with sleeves. From this, dressing a Winter floral dress is versatile enough for you to transition it from Winter all through to Summer that'll work for every occasion you have coming up! To keep it fresh, add trendy pieces like sparkly mule heels for a touch of elegance and a headband for lady-like femininity. 

We're pretty convinced that you can wear your dresses for longer and with a little creative styling - you can work it too! Which maxi dresses for Winter will you be styling this season? layer up.