A Mini Skirt For Winter

Ways To Wear A Mini Skirt

Where it’s Winter here, it’s Summer somewhere else. Sometimes we worry that during Winter time we can’t be stylish (we know, it’s too cold to think) especially when all our Winter accouterments only consists of thick fluffy socks and wrapping ourselves in duvet like coats. We know what you’re thinking, a mini skirt for Winter? Yes, it’s possible and have faith, kind readers. Mini skirts are a must in everyone’s wardrobes, and during Winter it’s like a little dose of Vitamin C to an already cold-induced wardrobe slump. Mini skirts can actually be a seasonless staple but before we show you ways to wear a mini skirt for Winter, keep in mind these style rules that’ll have you rocking any short outfit. 

When wearing a mini skirt, it’s all about flattering one part of your body per outfit and if you love your legs - wear a gorgeous long sleeve blouse on top for proportions. No matter how you slice it, mini skirts are an instant sex appeal. And for this reason, mini skirts provide a waist-cinching effect where you can either pick a pencil skirt, or a flared mini skirt for your body shape. Now, I'm obsessed with wearing mini skirts, and I live in my denim skirt all summer long.

If you’re the type of girly girl who likes to wear mini skirts, challenge yourself to put together outfits to make a mini skirt work for what’s appropriate for Winter, because we all know it’s necessary to keep warm with the chilly temperatures right now! As a result, we’ve got some clever ways to style a mini skirt that will have you walking out stylishly bundled to step out in for the colder months ahead.

Mini Skirt And Blazer

Mini Skirt And Blazer

Don’t give up your mini skirt, just because it’s Winter. Choosing the right combo like a mini skirt and blazer will have you leaving the house looking unique and fashion-forward. When mini skirts aren’t usually the top choice for Winter particularly on punishing days, go for thick fabrics like a heat-inducing material like wool, velvet or suede to offer that warmth at a sophisticated cut. Make your jacket part of the outfit with a matching long hemmed blazer for a vintage style monochromatic outfit. Or how about a plaid blazer to play with different textures and materials? we are truly obsessed! Is there anything more Gossip Girl and simultaneously Blair Waldorf of Serena Vanderwoodsen-esque than a co-ord set? Mark my words, a mini skirt and blazer is the “it” fashion combo for every season. Voila! Your perfect outfit is done.

Knee high boots and mini skirt

Knee High Boots And Mini Skirts

Who doesn’t love a good mini skirt with knee-high boots? It’s AF and a great way to style a mini skirt during Winter that's quite impossibly effortless to style for just about any occasion. We just don’t know what we’d do without this wardrobe staple, because a lifespan of a mini skirt lasts way beyond just Summer. We particularly love styling a leather knee high boots and mini skirts outfit because, generally these boots will provide you that coverage on the bottom while still making you look modern with trendy accessories. To look edgier, choose to wear pointier black leather boots for a sexy party night outfit and to create an illusion of longer legs, or for the casual occasion, downplay the knee high boots and mini skirt combo with flat suede boots instead, you’ll instantly look glamorous and modest too.

Mini Skirt And Sweater Outfit

Mini Skirt And Sweater

We all know what Winter means, and that’s - sweater weather. When wearing sweaters and knitwear are in it’s prime, it looks even better and super stylish worn with a high-waisted mini skirt for a cute and put together outfit. One of our favourite ways to style for Winter is a sweater half-tucked at the front where your top is all the way covered with a turtleneck or absolutely adorable with a chunky knit! With the look of a mini skirt and sweater, you can boast two statement motifs, and that’s a knit top and then you can tap into your choice of season’s print with your choice of mini skirt on the bottom. Just style the jumper according to the colour of the skirt, and you’ll look fantastic!

Leather Mini Skirt Outfit

Leather Mini Skirt

Leather skirts always prove to be a firm favourite amongst the style elite because leather looks good on absolutely anyone and everyone. Regardless, you'll only look banging hot in a leather mini skirt because it’s a foolproof item that can be dressed up or down according to the occasion and to your own style. Weather you like the classic A-line skirt or a body hugging leather skirt, it’ll always be a cool-girl staple that deserves a spot in every wardrobe. Be a glam queen for any event you plan to attend in the coming weeks, and look luxuriously hot in an all black leather look with a matching jacket. How about some blood red lips for your leather mini skirt outfit? The perfect date night look, or girls night out. Throw over your most snuggly teddy coat for those cold temperatures outside without compromising on major style points.

Mini skirt and tights

Mini Skirt And Tights

A mini skirt with stockings? Yes please! Hear us out, if you want to risk the boldest of trends of wearing a mini skirt for Winter, why not try wearing a skirt with cute tights or stockings. It’s a fun alternative to style your skirts where you’ll be confident to step out without constantly in fear that a gust of wind will show what’s displayed underneath. All you have to do is make sure to pick a quality pair of stockings that won’t tear with the slightest touch and you have yourself a posh put-together look with your mini skirt! There are so many ways to wear a mini skirt for Winter, where you'll be able to show of your legs and express your style, and still be warm with layering your outfit pieces together. You can also wear a mini skirt and tights for a night out with heels and pumps, or pair with comfortable flats for that off duty model style - you’ll thank us later.

What do you think of wearing a mini skirt for Winter? Will you be trying this trend in the coming months?