Modern Ways To Style Tie Dye

Modern Ways To Style Tie Dye

Do you remember tie-dying your clothes when you were just a kid? Tie dye trend has literally become a self-quarantine style to wear and a colourful activity to try at home bringing us all back to our nostalgic ways - and I'm a sucker for anything nostalgic. The groovy prints of tie dye fashion were the zeitgeist of 60’s fashion, tracing back to when we wore tie dye in all our ribbed tops and shirts and even our bucket hats and jelly sandals that were religiously worn in the 90’s. Everyone had a way of wearing tie dye fashion and that was the beauty of it. It was an unpretentious medium, oftentimes it encourages imperfection in art and who doesn’t like the joy of creating something with the excitement and delight of the unknown? You can create tie-dye shirts with a swirl of rainbow colours, or it can come out in a kaleidoscope of graphics. The tie dye trend was the epitome of our younger days and it was the ultimate childhood DIY project to do in our backyard, making super colourful patterned clothes while staining our hands.

You’ve probably thought, “can i still wear tie-dye as an adult?” and we say, yes! With tie-dye and it’s ultimate comeback to fashion, you don’t have to worry about looking like you just came out of a surf shop or you had a day job scooping up ice-cream. Even though it’s counterculture had it’s hippie days, we have some fresh takes on the throwback trend. Scroll down to see some major tie dye inspiration or DIY tie dye at home - remember you can also do it yourself!

Tie Dye Trend

Upcycle Your Wardrobe With Tie Dye

Tie dye at home is the latest creative activity and and you've probably seen tie dye worn by Youtubers and Tik Tokers! it's no wonder because it requires minimal supplies and at a relatively low cost. If you're thinking of how to tie dye your items at home, it's important to know your fabrics and how they wash and use natural ingredients especially if you want to take the DIY route when creating your new upcycled tie dye wardrobe. You can easily upcycle any tops you haven't worn in a long time to turn them into new pieces that might have otherwise ended up in garbage to perfectly match with your already existing wardrobe. When you want to update your dresses, blouses, crop top or leggings at home, turn to a sustainable and chic way of tie dye to turn your favourite pieces into unique one of a kinds that will last longer or a way to re-style your clothes.

Tie Dye Trends To Wear

Sexy Ways To Wear Tie Dye

When Tie dye is everywhere this season and you probably haven’t worn the trend since you were a kid - we’re here to remind you how cool it was with it’s grown-up cuts. If you want to get that ultra chic look, elevate the print as a sexy way to wear tie dye with a tie up shirt belted at the waist. Reach for your modern button up shirt (maybe stolen from your boyfriend or a work top you haven't worn in a long time) and go crazy with the psychedelic colours and pair it with sharp accessories like silver metal necklaces. You can still represent the authenticity of tie dye with a vibrant colour like pink to make your look perfect for a casual event where you’ll still feel cute as ever.

Tie Dye Sofia Loungewear

Tie Dye Loungewear

Tie dye is the biggest trend to try at home because it’s the perfect pattern to wear for your new elevated loungewear, and we all know that lounging is an important thing right now. No other retro style says “chill” than a matching loungewear set for your lazy stay at home style and we’re here for still looking fresh, even if we just rolled out of bed too. Upgrade your tie dye loungewear with cosmic colour blends in all your comfy co-ord pieces or sweats that make a chic alternative to your outfits that won’t make you feel guilty if you plan on just chilling for the whole day. It's no wonder that street style influencers have incorporate this athleisure wear into their wardrobe too.

Tie Dye Street Style Outfits

Rainbow Tie Dye

Make your once plain top pieces into a current mood by rocking rainbow colours and bring all the lively energy to any event. There’s something laid back and ‘California cool’ ‘about rainbow tie dye patterns, but you can still pledge to the trend without looking like you just got off summer camp. It’s super easy to throw on a tie die look and call it a day, but dive into your new tie dye pieces with modern iterations like a softer top for sophistication. Achieve modern aesthetic with a rainbow of colours but if that’s too much for you, there's nothing quite as comforting as a blend of aquamarine to make an outfit from 'hippie' to 'preppy'.

Tie Dye Outfits

Chic Tie Dye Activewear

Unpopular opinion or not, but tie dye can be chic! seemingly when we think of tie dye style, we are compelled to associate it as the unofficial uniform for hippies. The easiest way to play with tie dye is doing DIY on your fitness apparel like sweats and leggings, especially the ones where you don't want to wear black. When people are a little more bold and colourful with their activewear, tie dye is the way to go as it still retains a sense of fun during your workout but still looks like you know how to shop for granola bars. Perfect your tie dye activewear with high intensity bright pops of colour and pair with yoga pants if you want to print on print.

Tie Dye Accessories

Tie Dye Accessories

When you want to figuratively “dip’ into the tie dye trend, there’s nothing quite like making a subtle statement with tie dye accessories for that pop of colour (or two) to update for a modern look. There are lots of choices to tie dye, like bucket hats, scarves, socks and even your shoes. All you have to do is choose a soft colourway like light blue and white to make for a pretty layering piece, and get on your DIY tie dye skills and make soft patterns ideal for wrapping scarves around your neck or head. There’s nothing like effortless bohemian chic with a neckerchief to make your pieces fun and unique.