Level Up Movie Nights At Home

Level Up Movie Nights At Home

With stay at home orders preventing most of us from dining out in restaurants, spending time at the beach or leaving the house unless essential, it can be a real bummer when there is only as much jigsaws and puzzles to do while stuck indoors. It comes to no surprise that cinemas were one of the first public places to shutdown shortly after this whole 'social distancing' thing until of course, the coolest trend to try! People are creating their own at-home cinemas to create a cozy-like theater space to turn their own backyards into magical indoor and outdoor creations, and they are seriously Instagram perfect.

It looks like building your own cinema at home for the movie experience, could be much better than the real thing to do during times of self-isolation. In my opinion, there are no crowds, you have full control of the sound levels and... don’t get us started on the unlimited snacks! If you feel like staying in is getting a bit too stale, movie nights at home with a cool new space brings it new life. Having an at-home cinema screening all the classics to nostalgic films is the perfect way for a fun girls night, movie marathons with the iso-household, or to just kick it back with you and bae. If you’re really going to do a movie night, you gotta do it right. And with all this new found time in our hands, what else will we be doing this weekend?

Whether it’s a full blown outdoor screening under the stars to having a fun indoor activity to stay entertained, we’ve got a few movie nights at home ideas to level up your game as a lockdown solution. For those film lovers out there, this could make your typical movie night just as exciting! Keep scrolling to see what we're talking about to level up movie nights at home.


Cozy Movie Night At Home Cinema

Cozy Movie Night At Home

For those indoor movie nights, it’s a good thing that creating an at-home cinema is just as easy when we’re stuck indoors with white walls and using props like furniture - check! To make it surprisingly easy to pull off, make it a cozy space for movie watching with blankets and cushions to your own personal heater to snuggle up in. While a set up is placed with white sheets attached to the ceiling frames of the wall, you got to get yourself a projector of course to recreate as the big screen to still give you that at home theater experience. Having a movie night at home is an easy date choice when it doesn't require much to make it a special occasion if you got your essentials covered; a fluffy blanket, an alluring cheese platter to snack on and lots of wine because what's watching movies without wine? If you really want to go baller status take your at-home cinema to cozy movie night status outdoors with fairy-light garlands and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows - alfresco style!

At Home Movie Night Cinema Snacks

At Home Movie Snacks Are The Bomb

Sometimes staying in at home and watching movies in the comfort of our PJ's is just as fun but, there needs to be snacks to munch on during a thriller or watching laugh-out-loud comedy. Let's be honest, the great thing about going to the cinemas are the movie snacks! You can go as themed for a movie night by serving popcorn in red and white paper bags to a seriously drool-worthy cheese platter to graze on for those netflix and chill nights. From bags of candied skittles to movie-themed inspired lollies, an at home cinema won’t be the same without serving up your fav beverages of course! You can go old school vintage with a slushie machine or even serve fizzy sodas in movie-themed cups - it’s the ultimate at home movie snack idea to personalize a date night idea or as the best set up while gathering the crew.

Girls Night In Home Movies

Make It A Glam Movie Night

If you’re looking to re-create a cinema at home, it’s the ultimate way to level up for a unique slumber party night where you can really customize the evening. One of the biggest bonuses of having to stay in is getting creative with what we’ve got and challenge accepted. Level up movie nights at home with the girls by throwing a themed slumber party to turn it into a glam event. With a list of romcom movies and chick flicks to binge on, toast to a glass of bubbles with the girls and make it glam AF go extra by dressing up in your most outrageous drobes or wear the most comfortable romper to turn it into a luxe and glam movie night full of self-care, lace tops and luxurious face masks to indulge throughout the films. Of course, It won’t be an glamorous epic girls night in without having #realtime talk with the gals in the early hours and waking up to fresh waffles in the morning too!

Movie Night At Home Ideas

An Ideal Movie Night That's Seriously Comfortable

To make your space extra special, think outside of the box when creating your own at home cinema. With plenty of ways to level up movie nights at home, the most important is to get seriously comfortable! Throw in cozy rugs, bean bags and textured blankets in the mix to create a stunning backdrop and take your home viewing experiences up a few notches! If you want to get seriously snuggly and romantic, dim the lamps and hang up twinkling fairy lights to set the mood but don’t let the comfort end there. Nothing says your living your best life when wearing pants is totally optional. With teepee tents and outdoor picnics to build your own camp out session, it sure makes for an ideal movie night idea to kick back and relax.