Music Festival Clothing | Coachella Inspired or Neon Looks

Bucket hats, bottomless pants, cowboy boots, animal prints - festive lovers are already planning their outfits ranging from Coachella Inspired vibes to eclectic neon looks and psychedelic prints. There are a lot of different Festival Clothing Styles when it comes to "Festival Fashion" and options that come to mind but let’s be honest, anything goes and rules do not exist.

If you’re attending one of Australia’s amazing festivals this year like Ultra, Electric Gardens or Splendour in The Grass, you’ve probably been planning for months - heck, I was planning my Coachella outfit one year in advance. When it comes to Music Festival Clothes, coordinating is not complicated, but keep your sense of style in mind.

Let’s look at how some free spirits have been wearing their inspired outfits, our must-have essentials in our bags and the do's and don'ts of festival fashion:

Festival Crochet Rainbow Set
Image Source: Cara Jourdan

How To Style Boho | Festival Outfits

There is no other event than Coachella when we want to be inspired for Bohemian Festival Looks. If you like to play with patterns or love matching with groovy prints, the bohemian style is for you. An artistic creative expression, it’s the girl that’s wild and free. Embrace boho-chić with festival outfits that are earth tones, vintage or have free-flowing fabrics like a maxi dress or skirt. There is no other classic style than a pretty maxi with an off the shoulder neckline that’s combined with feminine and floral prints. Style bohemian festival outfits with flowy tops, loose dresses or match with fringe shorts and suede bags.

Bohemian Festival Clothing
Image Source: Ibiza boho girl

Capture True Bohemian Vintage Style

Leave your designer at home because we love taking iconic vintage styles from the past. When you want to look a little bohemian mixed with rock; fringe tassel jackets and crochet come to mind. From cute skirts and dresses with intricate designs, elevate your look by layering your outfits. If you plan to dress in a sheer festival outfit, look ultra stylish with a bodysuit underneath or achieve the perfect contemporary boho-chić look with a playsuit matched with a lace-trimmed kimono. A bohemian style outfit is not complete without some stylish aesthetics like a head scarf wrapped around your hair and love-heart shaped sunglasses.

Floral Festival Outfits
Image Source: Lucianarose

Must Have Festival Accessory | Jackets

While you’re looking glamorous in one of our longer styled maxi dresses, or floral printed dresses. At a music festival, layering your outfits, especially with a jacket will be your best friend. Having a jacket prepares for whatever temperature that drops at night. Trust me, I made this mistake in the Coachella dessert. When styling denim, leather or rain jackets with your festival outfits, tie them around the waist as a layering accessory during the day and when things get wild in the evening, easily transition at night as the cold dips.

Festival Jackets Coachella Inspired
Image Source: Rocky Barnes

Festival Footwear That Are Actually Comfortable

When festivals are normally required for you to be walking multiple days or for some, dancing for hours, you want to be comfortable. Constant walking, standing and dancing is a hard festival DON'T for our feet. DO comfortable boots if there will be grass or mud, closed in shoes are the best to be prepared if it rains or totally rock a gladiator sandal with support instead of flimsy flip-flops.

Festival Outfits Do's and Don'ts
Image Source: Christina Biluca

How To Style Neon Glitter Looks | Festival Outfits

When we live in a world full of different genres of music, the way we dress is the ultimate form of self-expression. Enter the brighter, tighter and more vibrant sisters, Neon and Glitter. The mix of clothing for electronic music festivals are as eccentric and bursting with unimaginable colours. Whether you need a rave outfit to stand out or want to glow in fluorescent outfits in the hopes of not losing your crowd; when it comes to dressing for an edm festival there is nothing more exciting than glitter or sequinned clothing. Can you ever wear too much glitter? The answer is no. But how do I style a neon look? we say, however your poetic nature desires. 

Rainbow Festival Skirt Tassel
Image Source: Rio Magazine

Bright Festival Dressing For Every Shape

If you’re into bold and bright bursts of colour - let’s fashionably navigate how to style neon festival outfits from hot pants to mesh clothing. Seasoned vets will tell you that this is the time to wear what you want and however you want. YASSS! It’s time to make rave outfits fabulous by playing with rainbow colours and assembling with quirky accessories. Dressing festival clothing with colourful metallic skirts or sequinned jackets level up any look. For some women, booty shorts and sparkly tops are simply - not - their - jam. That said, a style that’s flattering for a curvier body shape are jumpsuits, a-line skirts or sets worn with a bonnaroo. We also love the biker short trend too! If you want to dip into the neons, wear bright coloured bodysuits over tracksuits with combat boots for an edgy look.

Neon Festival Clothing Bum bags
Image Source: Kylie Wells

Must Have Festival Accessory | Bum Bag

Dressing for a music festival is not only being comfortable but bringing your absolute essentials in a bag. Pack as light as possible into a carry bag, that’s preferably not going to be knocking anyone in a crowd. This is why we love bum bags as a must-have festival accessory for any event, for the convenience of having it across your body and having all your things in sight. A tip is to buy a phone case that doubles as a wallet, sunscreen and sunglasses for sun-protection (possibly sneak in some snacks) and bring water with you that's preferably in a collapsible fill-able bottle.

Music Festival Oufits To Wear
Image Source: Romee Strijd

Festival Fashion Do's and Don'ts

When a music festival like Splendour in The Grass goes for three blinding days, past attendees have realized to pace themselves. When there’s a lot of socializing before and after a festival takes place, DON'T forget that drinking and sweating in the sun exposes you to more dehydration - make sure to pace any alcohol consumption or at least moderately for a day. A massive festival “DO” is to always drink plenty of water! allow yourself to enjoy your time in whichever setting.

When Festival Fashion is a more heightened style of dressing in Summer, take these inspirations to slay for your next day out on the calendar. Tell us, where are you going this year? what items did you wish you packed in the past? or any outfit tips while attending music festivals?