Nail Art Designs Based On Your Star Sign Horoscope

Nail art design should be of course chosen based on your astrology star sign, because we all know that if you're a believer in daily horoscopes, we all turn to them for some important life-changing decisions and advice. When mercury is in retrograde and you have an extra dollop of complete mayhem why not turn to a colour pallete for our manicures to give us that inner peace or outer fierceness. I’m sure one of your co-workers have said, “that’s such a Leo thing to say” or “the colour you rock really suits your Libra personality.” Every star zodiac possesses a certain unique quality about our traits and characteristics and with that, our nail manicures based on our star sign is a clear path for some frivolous choices. 

Whether you should align your nail art to your inner creative self, or express your personality, or need help choosing the nail colour you should go for - we’ve found the perfect designs based on your zodiac sign! see, astrology rules. 

Fiery French Nail Manicure and Glitter Nails

If you’re one of the fire signs in this group, you’re quite assertive in how you express yourself. While our Daily Horoscopes describe Aries, Leo and Sagittarius as a fire element - they do not hesitate putting their creativity in reality such as playing with fiery red french manicures with metallic embellishments, making our usual gel acrylics to eye-catching metallic and glitter nail effects.

Aries: Energetic, passionate and fiery Aries. It’s no surprise that a fiery star sign like Aries should wear nail colours like red and blood orange. For a seductive, high fashion look. Try the coolest extreme french nail manicure by barely there nude, and a fiery red “v” shape hot tip.

Star Sign French Manicure

Sagittarius: Optimistic and energetic. Sags are known for their adventurous nature side that embodies a lust for life. If you're an outdoorsy girl, why not try a flower print manicure tip. Easily layer patterns to make an abstract tropical print nail.

Leo: The ruler of the planet, you need colours that stand out and you do it in style. Anything gold, glitter and metallics embodies you as a person. Instead of glitter acrylics, perfect your manicure with an even charismatic royal aura with gold foils.

How The Earth Signs Style Matte and Nude Nail Art

For our down to earth girls out there, don't you just feel way more confident when you wear the colours that instantly make you feel 100% you? When we talk about nail design for every zodiac sign, The Earth Sign tend to go for quality and durability but doing something fun every once in a while is good for them (and yes, I did read this in a horsocope!) let's take a look at how we can style matte nails and new ways to wear nude nail art.

Capricorn: Known for always in business, it’s time to reward yourself with a black and brown tortoiseshell design matte nail. We know that Capricorns are practical thinkers, and what better way to style your nails that will easily match for work and play.

Star Sign Inspired Nail Art

Taurus: As Taurus star signs are grounded, practical and responsible. Nude colour elements are perfect to go with your zodiac sign, go for a skin colour understated, soft ombre nude nail to bring together class and sophistication. 

Nude Matte Nail Art Star Sign

Virgo: When you can’t decide on one colour, Virgo’s can take on multi-colour shaded nails to step out of their routines. Your perfect colours are muted mauve and peach to help you focus on your daily tasks without compromising on style.

Daily Horoscope Muted Colour Nail Art

Watercolour Nails For Water Signs

Pastel nail trends, from baby pink to lavender is becoming summer's most popular manicure. For water signs, it's time to play with aqua nails in watercolour pastels and keep your mood up with bright nail colours that stand out.

Cancer: Zodiac nail acrylics could be a little out there for our cancerians, opt for a minimalist design with greys and white like this ethereal inspired watercolour cloud nail art.

Cloud Nail Art

Scorpio: Not afraid to experiment, Scorpio style for nail art keeps people guessing. You look for extra sharpness to transform into who you want to be. Style your fashionable tips by softly tapping colours such as magenta and pink nail polish with a small sponge, and finish off with a clear and gold overcoat.

Pisces: Star signs under Pisces are empathetic creatures, who express cheer and optimism. Colour like lavender and cotton candy blue keep you on the lighter side. The perfect manicure to style this summer is playing with pastels and light blue. It's no surprise that the rose quartz trend is for you.

Airy Minimalist Nail Designs to Horoscope Inspired

Light and airy shades best describes our Air Signs for Libra, Aquarius and Gemini's. Generally associated with their personal emotions, they like to subtly express their feelings with minimalist nail designs or go extreme when wearing multi-coloured nails. We're totally into the idea of trying out marble nail art or injecting colour into our wardrobes, and yes, it goes for our nail choices too.

Libra: Libra are social butterflies at best, we all know that a rainbow nail palette is specifically designed for you. But as lovers of balance, they make sure that their manicures match their outfits. At all times. They just use fun patterns to level up.

Aquarius: These airy creatures the ones more aligned with the planet and stars, and have the ability to reflect awareness into their worlds. An Aquarius should match their nail designs with electric blues and metallic silver to inspire their love for horoscopes. We love an out of the box idea for a mani-pedi look, try out this look with easy to find nail stickers to take your nails a whole new universe.

Star Horoscope Nail Design Nail Art

Gemini: Gemini’s are all about exploration and are great communicators. An air sign ready to be social and have a tendency to have dual personalities. It makes sense that a star sign like a Gemini, are destined to wear more than one colour.