Outfits We Can’t Wait To Wear

Outfits We Can't Wait To Wear

We all know that slippers and our most comfortable and practical outfits were only consisting of loungewear at the moment - on a side note, they have truly been the unsung heroes of our daily dressing; but what if we have some pretty amazing outfits lingering in our wardrobe dying to be worn? Fashion is something that is exciting to people because style is an expression. Before we’d be planning our party dresses before a night out or we’ve added a new piece of item into our wardrobe waiting to style outfits for our next event/vacation. But since the world did a whole unexpected 180 on us, there’s not much to do right now but yearn for decent outfits we can’t wait to wear after lockdown.

Oh woe the days we use to relish the thought of coming back home after a long day of work to jump back into our pj's ( how the tables have turned!) Scroll down to see the outfits we'll be emerging into as soon as we'll be able to go out and here's to looking forward to being absolutely over-dressed for every occasion because we just darn miss it, okay.

How To Wear White Jeans

White Jeans 

Surprisingly It may be that odd time of year where the weather is trying to figure itself out and there’s some confusion on what we’re supposed to be wearing to feel equal parts comfortable and cozy transitioning seasons - but "How to wear white jeans for Winter", why not? Who knew that we’d miss wearing a nice pair of jeans and top combo but as soon as lockdown finishes and days where the temperature isn’t too chilly we’re ready to step out of the house to embrace the chic potential of a cute winter outfit while wearing white jeans all Winter long. For the sake of holding onto our fav summer essential we can’t wait to wear white jeans to layer our neutral coloured long sleeved tops with our long cardigans, or a cropped teddy jacket that'll make you stand out for any occasion.

Sweater Dress And Knee High Boots

When You Just Love Sweaters, Try A Sweater Dress

When you just love sweaters while staying at home, what’s the next big thing? A sweater dress of course! Whether you’ve owned a sweater dress before and wore it to death or finding ways to style a sweater dress, we know for certain that it will always be an outfit staple in our wardrobe. We love that a long sleeved sweater dress can also be figure hugging and cinched at the waist or sleeveless for layering under coats and jackets. There are definitely infinite ways to wear a sweater dress that's easy to dress up or down for any occasion that'll take you through for the next year. Make your first outing debut with a sweater dress and boots combo that calls for some cool slouchy knee highs, or a tie-up front dress that knots at the front. Match a sweater dress with a beret to emulate the french girl look or for a whole new vibe and style a sweater dress with chunky combat boots for that unexpected contrast.

Party Dress With Coat

A Pretty Dress In General

When our normal day-to-day activities have been on hold and our go-to pieces have been loungewear or trying to dress up for ourselves, it’s more than likely that we have a dress or two in our wardrobes that haven’t been touched or had the chance to wear for a good month. So in the mood for some future thinking, the number one item we have been anticipated to wear is just a pretty dress in general. A patterned maxi dress will be a beautiful fancy frock for your first brunch/dinner you get to go to, or if the one thing you’ll be doing after lockdown is a night out seeing your girlfriends - boy am i going to show it off. Instead of waiting to wear my best dressed outfits, we just can't wait to be completely overdressed with a pretty dress and getting all dolled up for a luxurious evening.

Going Out Outfits

Going Out Heels

We can’t wait to wear… heels. Well, wearing heels is just not the same around the house. Believe or not but as soon as we’re allowed to roam free outside we’re going to take our heels quite seriously with pumps that are a little out of our comfort zones. When movements have only involved walking to the kitchen making another cup of tea or taking the dog outside for a limited walk, it doesn’t mean i haven’t missed wearing heels. Wether it’s going to dinner with friends at a rooftop bar or date night, we can’t wait to wear a going out heels to replace slippers instead.