Party Dresses To Shine, And Be Extremely Online

When virtual happy hours at home are the new norm now with official guidelines to recommend citizens to stay at least 2 metres apart except going outside for bare essentials, people are taking on creating fun new ways to interact and stay social, occupied and let’s just say - sane. As a result there’s been a boom in “Netflix Parties” watching movies together online in real time, Google Hangouts or partaking in Zoom to make the hottest parties in town - at home and on social media. It’s of course, a bit tragic social distancing apart from your group of friends but frankly it’s also inspiring that thousands of young people are willing to stay at home and make it as fun as possible. Maybe it’s time to shine and be extremely online, because damn, nothing’s gonna stop me from dressing up in party dresses and having weekly gossips from my girlfriends. 

If you haven’t already participated in a virtual happy hour for a cocktail meetup in the remote variety, please enjoy these social distancing ideas and style new "party dresses" to stay entertained and join us in clinking our wine glasses at the screen. We’re all in this together.

Party Dress Outfit With Fur Coat

Have A Houseparty

Heard the term “all dressed up and nowhere to go”? Well, for those extroverted types maybe doing a "houseparty" could be this weird and wonderful way to cope. Social distancing won’t stop people from socializing when there’s an app called Houseparty entering a generation for face-to-face networking. Houseparty is a video-chat focused social network that let’s you connect with at least 8 of your close friends which is a little bit more casual, letting people drop in and out of the chatroom. The houseparty app let’s you play different entertainment trivia games with whoever you’re video-chatting, but give the idea a twist by setting up a competition at home like who’s the best mixologist. Before lockdown, we enjoyed happy hours wether it was for brunch or pre-game before a night out. But let’s be honest, knowing how to whip up your own cocktail at home is also an underrated skill. So, if you’ve got a lit houseparty planned this week, round up your girlfriends, grab some drinks and sort a killer party dress outfit. Don’t be too stressed on what to wear to a houseparty but if you and your girls have a dress code, make it a fun party dress up theme by strutting your stuff in cute party dress attire and wearing faux fur coats with your best Kayne shades.

Party Sequin Dress For Birthday

Sequined Party Dresses And Karaoke Nights

If you’re an Aries and you’re celebrating your birthday at home this year, I feel for you but your party celebrations can still be full of fun, happiness and laughs. As many people share how they're celebrating their birthdays during lockdown, there are some creative and cool festive party ideas you can also do indoors. Plan a karaoke night with your immediate household or family. As birthday girl, step into the limelight with a sequined cocktail party dress to add some sparkle to shimmer the night away. Although we love sequins all year round, there’s no better opportunity to bring a sequined party dress than your birthday. Make your party dress super flattering, sexy and mini. The right sequined party dress should make a statement! incorporate your diva-level of sparkle with a party dress that's adorned with embellishments or a bodycon mini dress that's literally spun of metallic gold. If sequined dresses and sparkles aren't your thing, go for or a sleek and sophisticated jumpsuit and pair with some knockout chandelier earrings. Don't forget that a fun karaoke night at home won't be the same without a DIY sound system, a tacky disco ball hung haphazardly by thread and a couch podium to unleash your best Adele impression.

Feather Slip Dresses

Slip Dresses Are The New Party Dresses

We’re all about getting glam like the real life angel that you are, and although party dresses are worthy, we could also arguably challenge that slip dresses and luxe pajama sets also dictate the throne. If your social calendar is set for lunch with co-workers at 12, a cocktail meetup at 5pm to a long distance Netflix party at 7pm, make for a co-watching activity with a pajama party. Whilst we can't connect with people in person, there's something to be said when connecting with someone from our special place at home. "How to watch movies with friends online" has somewhat made it motivating to stay indoors because it's not the same binge-watching your favourite shows without commentating or reacting to what you're actually watching. These virtual pajama parties really take your slumbers to a whole new level, and of course the hilarious involvement to dress up to "stay in". As slip dresses are the new party dresses these days, some of us are already wearing lingerie as outerwear. But for the luxurious girls out there, opt for superier silk material that's light-weight for hours of comfort. Alternatively, you can make your friends swoon with a slip dress adorned with a feather trim, paired with plush slippers. Or if they're just seeing you from waist up, a silk cami will just do (because pants are so overrated.)