Spotted: OTT Outfits For A Gossip Girl Reboot

Gossip Girl Reboot Style

Hey, Upper East Siders. STOP everything because the announcement of a Gossip Girl reboot is set for May and we have so many feelings about it. Gossip Girl is making a comeback and so is preppy style, coloured suiting, OTT party dresses and lady-like outfits with a hint of collegiate influence. Our Gossip Girl addiction consisted of scandalous and controversial issues, dating drama, the perseverance of finding out who “Gossip Girl” actually was and let’s not forget the outfits. Oh, the outfits. ‘Gossip Girl’ was the source of fashion inspo for an entire generation. From an unbelievably gorgeous cast along with supporting roles of suave Chuck Bass and resident sad boy Dan Humphrey, the rich kids of New York are documented by social surveillance. 

Whether you love the show or hate it, there’s no denying that the fashion on Gossip Girl has introduced some influential outfits. Nailing the style of wearing classics, plaid, checkers, stripes, spots, statement headbands and seamlessly donning designer gowns in a space of a few seasons - but ultimately our crushes are towards the coordinating outfits of ‘B’ and ‘S’. In an ode to our favourite Upper East Siders or if your style is anything on the verge of being “preppy”, we’ve decoded some fashion formulas to incorporate into your wardrobe that has influenced the good, the bad, and the early 2000’s. You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl.

Plaid Dressing Outfit

Plaid, Checkers And Tartan Outfits

Preppy Style clothing is nothing without a bit of plaid, checkerboards and tartan. The same with Blair Waldorf and her schemes. Plaid clothing, tartan prints and checkerboard patterns have always been intimidating to wear, especially where there are so many different interpretations on this season's trend. But if you’re new to a bit of tartan print, we can’t help but take some classes from Queen B herself who wears it in the most sophisticated and classic ways. It seems that outfits in tartan checkers or plaid print for 2020 came in an array of sun dresses ready for a picnic, but as we take on cooler months, wearing tartan and plaid clothing in a monochromatic way can make these prints a statement grunge outfit too. Iconic plaid style moments dominated Gossip Girl, which Blair Waldorf herself has always translated in a polished style. Plaid, checkerboards and tartan prints are the ultimate style chameleons; which are timeless and trendy and perfect for all occasions like a weekend-to-work wardrobe. If you’re into this trend along with some outrageous plots, why not try a plaid combination in matching crop tops, skirts and trousers or a classic work dress to get you through day to night.

Preppy Style Spring Autumn Style

Unexpected Mix Match

There was one thing about Gossip Girl and watching New York Upper East Siders aka staring at beautiful 20-something-year-olds every season and that was, knowing how to layer and mix-match in unexpected ways. When fashion style takes on ‘mix-matching’ this season with colourful garments and vibrant shades, we can't help but get clued in to some unique outfit combinations. Aside from the noticeable designer pieces you would never ever get to wear in real life (sigh), each character had their own layering or mix-match style, whether that be combinations under trench coats, layering accessories, maybe even layering shopping bags? The great thing about layering and mix-matching fashion is, the versatility of applying to any type of weather. From Spring to Autumn, trans-seasonal style is all about layering. Watching Gossip Girl and analyzing it’s fashion, the show has taught us to not be afraid of unexpected combos like colour blocking and even playing with unexpected textures. When you're layering trans-seasonal styles, keep it chic with accessories that match the same base tone. Mix and matching your outfits aren't necessarily set on just colours but play up on different prints like printed floral dresses and silhouettes like pleated skirts. 

Autumn Outfits Suits

Styling Coloured Blazers And Suits

Sartorial suits have never popped harder in coloured juxtaposition these days, and we totally know what we'll be doing when this whole 'working from home' ordeal is done and dusted. Whilst we stay in and dream about colour combo's to wear, i guess for the time now I can just live through reruns of Gossip Girl. Through some steamy seasons and the 'will they or wont they end up together' story line, we know for a fact that the right suit can hold a multitude of sins, cough *Chuck Bass*. Just joking. But seriously, Chuck Bass had some flamboyant outfits. Thankfully, suiting is still a thing in fashion and more notably, some fresh updates if you're into tailored styles with your coloured suits. You can choose to wear brightly coloured blazer and trousers as a set or as many Influencers making it a fashion statement paired with leather pants. There's some form of uniformity when we wear tailored suit blazers as seperates, even though they're quite masculine in energy, it can be quite sexy. 

Party Dresses Metallics

'Here I Am' OTT Party Dresses

Honestly, the reason why many of us watched Gossip Girl, were the clothes. The styling on the show dramatized glamour and party dressing as being portrayed in the New York fashion scene that literally inspires you to spend all your life-savings on bedazzled headbands, because you know, they were a happy, fantastical escape. In contrast to her BFF, Serena was a little more eclectic and glam compared to her best friend's meticulously tailored preppy clothing. While Serena's party girl past is always present in her style choices, her OTT party dresses were always edgy with a 'Here I am' effortless attitude. As much as always stealing the spotlight, you can't help but be beautifully blinded by her bold choices of metallic party dresses and pops of colour that made her party girl image, chic with vintage designer influence. To get this look just like our babe Olivia Culpo, refine your style with touches of neon or a metallic party dress for some extra sparkle on a night out. A rose-toned party dress with leather pumps are perfect for date night or if you want to go extra bold, a floor length evening gown is as equally appropriate. Why not on the way out of the door, grab a fluffy faux jacket to sling back over your shoulders - but don’t brush your hair. Because, small act of rebellion.