Proof That Puffer Jackets Are Stylish

Puffer Jackets Winter 2020 Coats Trend

We mostly wear puffer jackets in Winter, because they provide us with the right warmth. The puffer jacket has been the trend of all trends. It’s your unexpected element to a more formal attire to the chicest looking options worn sleek with your most practical basics. From the oversized puffer jacket to the off-duty crop sporty style, you’ll love wearing these padded outerwear jacket pieces to beat the cold this season. We’ve pretty much got proof that puffer jackets are stylish to give you that insulation and fashion forward aesthetic and now that Winter has now truly arrived - get the must have puffer jacket to answer all your prayers.  

How did the puffer jacket become fashion’s favourite kind of outerwear? You can basically find one that suits your needs in every shape, length, price point and endless amounts of colours to choose your puffer of choice. And to answer your inevitable question: "How to wear a puffer jacket?" Well, that’s where we consult the folks being photographed on the streets to see the stylish ways you can wear the puffer jacket.

You can lean on the athletic vibe with a classic puffer jacket, or embrace for a more alternative fabric like patent. If you’re in the mood for some serious fun, a statement fiery red puffer jacket will have you looking on fleek, or a cropped version will have you looking too cool for the cold. For work, weekend and beyond, scroll down to see one of our favourite fashion puffer jackets trending this Season.

Bomber Puffer Jacket

Bomber Puffer Jacket

Cosy and cool, the bomber puffer jacket will prove just as stylish when temps start to dip and girl - it’s been COLD. We really couldn’t have picked a better week to focus on jackets to keep us warm on the inside and if you’re feeling the full force of the Winter breeze these days; a bomber puffer jacket will have you feeling like you never left the bed. The bomber puffer will always be a classic timeless piece, but the silhouette is almost a cool persona of its own. Lightweight and convenient, it’s almost irresistible not to have a puffer bomber jacket these days when you’ve got places to go. Your morning walks, running errands and grocery shopping will have you ensured to be comfortable and stylish no matter what the agenda.

Vintage Puffer Jacket Style

The Vintage Puffer Jacket

When puffer jackets are just so darn popular at the moment with countless versions on the market, there are many different styles to experiment with especially for ladies who love a throwback look. The vintage puffer jacket creates a unique and eye-catching outfit for ladies who love retro styles, and with the 90's trend truly transcending to our outerwear as well, it's the cool-girl way to wear a puffer jacket to add edge to your everyday dress outfits. Get ready to style in velvet and even playing with materials like denim, metallic silver and even the coziest outerwear like a hybrid of a teddy-puffer coat. To rock this retro design, allow to have your vintage puffer jacket standout but keep it on trend with your denim and logo tops or dress up your casual maxi dresses for a hyped up street style look cozy enough for chilly weather.

Cropped Puffer Jacket

Printed Puffer Jackets

So what’s the secret to looking chić and staying practically warm? Street style MVP’s have been rocking printed puffer jackets for outerwear inspiration. This bad boy isn’t just for when you have to brave the cold but it appears that the fashion crowd consensus general styling is a mash up between sporty and feminine, therefore morphing it into the 'must-have' jacket of the season. Cold Winter styling hacks will have you protected for the elements, while staying fabulous in a non-ski slope sort of way. Style printed puffer jackets with leather trousers and a crop top for that off duty model look, flat boots for the day and go from weekend to night out with a colour pop of heels. This puffer jacket will have you walking in style front and centre and stylishly serve as a statement maker in it's own right.

Puffy Coat Jackets

Pop Colour Puffer Jackets

Many people consider puffer jackets to be incredibly boring with neutral colours so for those who love to go bold, a pop of colour with a puffer jacket will give you that variety of play. The result? A stylish outerwear statement. There’s no denying that these past few fashion seasons, the coloured puffer jacket will be found in every hue unimaginable to reign it’s ongoing supreme to be the ‘it’ jacket to have for Winter. Coloured puffer jackets instantly become the feature of your outfit making you utterly unmissable when paired with the right items. Wear a puffer jacket with skinny black jeans, combat boots or layered with your blazer for double the warmth. Clearly being the favourite among the most stylish people, it’s cosy enough to walk the streets and proof that puffer jackets are stylish enough to upgrade neutral tops and denim.

Black Puffer Jacket

Long Length Puffer Jacket

If you only associate a puffer jacket to the athleisure trend, then think again. With so many different styles, the slightly long length puffer jacket will have you styling it in a variety of ways from sleek to minimal. To be honest, we’re partial to feel like we’ve just wrapped ourselves in a full body comforter but if the thought of having an oversized puffer jacket makes you squirm, we love the simplicity of a long length puffer as another alternative to the traditional coat. A white or black design is an excellent option that says ‘sleek and sophisticated’ and seriously versatile for pairing with absolutely anything and everything.

This will especially be a stylish puffer jacket choice for your casual weekend outfits, sophisticated enough on the way to work and even a fashion forward piece for your most glam dresses to give it that edge. To finish the look, street style essentials like chunky sneakers is a must, or play up the drama of your coat with a feminine printed dress for an understated tone.

Now that we've got you caught up in the must have jacket of the season, will you be trying the puffer jacket trend? How to style the puffer jacket will have you both in the warmest and coolest styles no matter if it's cold, rain or hail, this will be an essential and perfect outerwear addition to your wardrobe. Just flaunt your jacket, we say!