How To Celebrate Your Birthday In Lockdown

How To Celebrate Your Birthday In Lockdown

So, your birthday is coming up but ugh - social distancing! Before this whole lockdown transpired you have probably already thought about what kind of cake you envisioned, which cute outfit look you wanted to order and have more than likely already planned a huge festive birthday celebration. But in the midst of the planning, lockdown became a party pooper. Staying in this year isn’t where you expected on your birthday and while that may seem sad, you can still celebrate it in style and make it a memorable day. I mean, sure you might have had to cancel your weekend away or have had to unplug that raging house party that was planned but it doesn't mean you gotta miss out on your own bubbles! July babies, we’ve got your back. 

While you might still miss gathering with your friends IRL, and your party person self might think that celebrating a birthday lockdown isn’t the same without spending it with special people in your life - we’re here to prove that isn’t always the case! People around the world have been sharing their ways on how to celebrate your birthday in lockdown and making the most of it. From virtual birthday ideas to plan the best at-home birthday in lockdown to just decorating your space to bring in the festive spirit, here’s how to keep your day as epic as last year at a social distance friendly-way. To help you get started for the grand occasion, we’ve come up with some pretty magical ‘birthday in lockdown ideas’ to get your iso-party on!

Birthday In Lockdown Virtual Party

Throw A Virtual Birthday Bash

Houseparty just got a whole new meaning this year, when you gotta get creative and make the most out of celebrating a birthday in lockdown. With a little planning ahead, you can celebrate your birthday self-isolation style during these strange times that can still tick all the boxes! A lone candle just doesn’t cut it this year with an easy at home birthday party to go all out with decorations to throw a virtual birthday bash. Pick a platform like Zoom or Houseparty, send out online invites and add activities like karaoke or virtual ping pong games to attend. Whether you take the party indoors or outdoors (for the lucky few to have a the backyard), decorate the space in birthday banners, balloons and themed props. Don't forget that a birthday in lockdown always calls for a little fizz in hand too. You can also throw a dance party as part of your virtual birthday bash with your friends online where setting up a theme could be a brilliant way to get the laughs going!

Lockdown Birthday Photoshoot At Home

‘Cause it’s My Birthday’ Photoshoot

Celebrating a birthday lockdown when everyone has to stay at home doesn’t mean you still can’t get dressed up! Create a ‘cause it’s my birthday’ photoshoot at home, infact, purchase a cute #look fit enough to capture and style it on the ‘gram. All it takes is a little creativity and before you know it, you’ll be posing in front of the mirror with a ‘take a peak at my birthday outfit’ look. You can even create a birthday photoshoot to channel your inner blogger, a selfie with birthday treats, filling your room with confetti and garlands and even posing in between balloons. You can even make the sunset as your ultimate background, just grab a party dress and dance in front of the camera to capture your glowing moment. You’ll love looking back at these pictures and you can even top of your photo with a funny caption.

Birthday Lockdown Ideas Cocktails

Birthday Cocktails At Home

A birthday celebration calls for drinks - obviously! It’s time to make a statement into celebrating a milestone birthday during lockdown so you need to get glammed up to make it that much special. When checking out new bars with your besties just isn’t possible for now, a quarantine birthday doesn’t mean it should go unmarked. There are so many ways on how to celebrate your birthday in lockdown when there are local businesses that offer takeaway cocktails or at home deliveries of your fav sips during these unprecedented times. They did stamp alcohol as an essential you guys - so get on clicking! Or maybe you’re feeling a little bit more fancy? Order cocktail kits and fancy glassware to make birthday cocktails at home, gather your iso-household and bring the glamour of a cocktail bar at home. You can even plan an uber cool living room disco, create spontaneous cocktail mixes and a party playlist to lift the mood!

How To Celebrate Birthday In Lockdown

Treat Yourself Birthday Virtual Shopping Spree

Cue the fluffy bathrobe and park yourself in the most comfiest position in bed because it’s your birthday and that means spoiling yourself. Pour yourself a glass of wine, and apply your favourite face mask while surfing the web and going on a birthday virtual shopping spree. It’ll be the perfect excuse to treat yourself to all your wishlist items you’ve been saving in the cart for months to actually make it to your check out. There are even virtual shopping sprees you can do with someone anywhere in the world, from searching online fashion websites together, both parties can surf the web at the same time where they can pick your present for you too. It could be fun dresses to wear at home, or to stock up on loungewear and basics to make celebrating a lockdown birthday that much extra cozy. Needing more treat yourself birthday ideas for you or a loved one? Redeemable vouchers for restaurants and online gift cards are available too.

Don’t let lockdown rules get you down, consider this your most extra way to celebrate your birthday in lockdown! You can still continue celebrating with others even though we’re not together. Above all, plan for fun. In years from now, that 2020 virtual birthday lockdown party you threw will be a story to tell the grandkids. Let us know in the comment below, which birthday ideas you’ll be trying out, whether you want to take a virtual birthday bash online or treat yourself to a birthday shopping spree - we hope you plan the most epic at home birthday party ever. Happy Birthday!