Rainy Day Outfits

Rainy Day Outfits

Waking up to grey skies and rain pouring outside can suck the motivation out of you and stall your style. And with Winter dressing already hard enough, unpredictable weather can throw anyone off from putting together a cool and fashionable outfit. Although you may wish to stay in your pajamas past lunchtime… Thankfully, we’ve hunted plenty of ways to dress rainy day outfits to a selection of Winter wardrobe must-haves that prove that you can also out-style a downpour of rain! At least, save our outfits from looking like a bucketful of water dropped over our heads by aforementioned rain clouds.

To be frank, Winter isn’t my season of choice because you can never assume a blue-skied morning will end up with grey weather by noon but you sure get an opportunity to experiment more with fashion choices! Don't default back to the 'i-have-nothing-to-wear' classic go-to of oversized knit jumpers when these rainy day approved outfits can be an unshakable foundation, rain or shine. Rainy days can bring out statement styles. Think brilliant trenches, practical accessorizing and street style approved pieces added to your cold weather essentials. Whether it’s day to day errands to a trip to the shops, you can still look cute (and practical) without comprising on making a stylish impact - because bad weather doesn’t mean bad outfits right?

Keep scrolling to see which drizzle-ready ensembles we'll be stepping out in an attempt to keep our fashion spark alive, you might even find your perfect rainy day outfit look below.

Rainy Day Jackets Winter Coats

Rainy Day Approved Jacket

As we’ve done so many times when leaving the house, we’ve been caught in rain and that’s when the right jacket comes in. A Winter wardrobe staple is a trench coat for tricky trans-seasonal dressing and the one item every woman should own for it’s trendy functionalities. A rainy day approved jacket should be one that’s lightweight but also durable enough when temperatures start to drop to icy levels! A trench coat style jacket is the perfect way to stay warm, cozy and chić while keeping everything covered and dry. You can even choose a style that’s a transparent raincoat to show off your looks underneath to make it fashion.

Don’t feel like leaving the house? Instead choose an outerwear jacket that’s quilted where it has a warm 'outdoorsy' and homey vibe that’ll make you feel like you’re still in bed. To liven up your rainy day outfits, choose to embrace faux fur to give your look an instant glam upgrade and not to mention, will provide you with a warmer shield against windy temps and cool weather. From trendy coats to warm and chić raincoats and coats lined with faux fur, you can even style like a fashionista with a puffer jacket or an oversized blazer belted around the waist.

Maxi Dresses Rainy Day Outfit

Dresses For A Rainy Day

Not that we have anything against classic combos for traditional Winter dressing, but sometimes a girl just needs anything-but-boring basics. Combating dreary wet weather is just another excuse to get creative with fashion. For a casual rainy day outfit that strikes between being comfortable and practical, sneakers with a long sleeved dress under a moto jacket can seriously come in handy when there can be an instant downpour of rain or when it's a bit warmer on those rainy days. Graphic printed dresses calls for playful dressing to an otherwise blah day. We stan a pop of colour and what's more important is that a dress like this is easy to wear for a laid back vibe paired with casual sneakers but also looks more polished with an interesting print.

Don’t be afraid and mix it up a little when choosing dresses for a rainy day. Shirt dresses with buttoned up formality, elevates sneakers and you can turn your longer maxi dresses into a grunge overhaul with a military style shacket thrown on top. The key is to find a dress or outerwear with versatile uses to keep your outfits interesting to layer. Just remember to skip canvas shoes for leather sneakers and don't forget to wear your thermals and bring a rainbow coloured brolly to perk up a grey rainy day ahead.

Stylish Outfits For Rainy Days

Wet Weather-Proof Bottoms

The styling trick to avoiding big puddles and doing fashionable strides instead is putting together outfits that have the right cropped flares, lengths and bottoms high enough to avoid being ankle deep in soggy fabric! Look for ‘water resisting’ finishes like latex or faux leather bottoms or culotte style pants as cute alternatives. Rainy day outfits should ensure you to still look fashionably effortless while tackling a drizzle or two and with wide leg pants or culottes, they give a vintage retro-vibe that particularly favours every body shape! For the most part, they're wet weather-proof bottoms to avoid damp hems and a fashion savvy look that couldn’t be more practical to switch your rainy day 'fits from day to evening. Rainy day outfits tend to be an edit of weird and wonderful, but most importantly - practical outfit layerings. What's great about all of the above is that you get extra mileage from your existing drobes or know what gaps you're missing out.

Dressing for rainy days sure is a complex process, and when a girls gotta step out for the first time this week - we're gonna make the outfit count. From turning to street style inspired looks to solve our rainy day outfit dilemmas to trans-seasonal dressing, we'll be prepped to take on the rain and make it fashion. Comment down below, which rainy day outfits will be making a splash the next time you leave the house?