Saturday Night Outfits

Going Out Outfits After Lockdown

We want to be able to slay our first going out outfit for when we can actually go out for the first time - and before you say anything, the answer is no, you can’t keep wearing your sweatpants after lockdown. It’s time to get ready for the real world! In hopes that this pandemic will end soon, we'll be planning our Saturday night outfits already because you guessed it, “outfits to wear after lockdown” is what’s getting us through and ya’ll know that first night out is gonna be a big one. That post-lockdown-party is gonna go off and we want to look appropriately #extra for it too. If you’ve been talking to a boy through virtual dates online but plan on going on a real face-to-face date or have a rendezvous with the girls coming up, chances are you’re feeling extremely excited about the occasion but totally anxious on what to wear for it.

Going Out After Lockdown

Every girl has this issue at one point in time or another, where the pressure for dressing to impress is sky-high but courtesy of the mandatory social distancing for the time being - you’ve still got the time to get that Saturday night outfit in order. Throw the dart anywhere in the world right now and you’ll see people around the world already ‘dressing up’ to give us some outfit inspo. After living in sweats for so long, we’ve been dreaming about the perfect Saturday night outfit for that going out comeback (what a light at the end of the tunnel!)

Will you be planning your ideal outfit post lockdown? Here are some celebrity approved looks to take for a spin.

Long Sequined Dress

Sequined Dress

Alright - so all you’ve been dreaming about all this time is what will life be like after lockdown? Well. Nothing says party, than a sequined dress! Well... when it's safe to do so, of course. Whether you didn’t get the chance to wear your prom dress with many schools cancelling this event due to the situation - what a great chance to finally wear it. A floor length gown is perfect if you’ve got a disco-themed party coming up, or go out with a bang to your next black tie event. Put the sparkle to any party with a sequined party dress and pair it with solid coloured accessories. Sequined party dresses will make you look absolutely stunning with it’s glittery embellishments and turn the whole spotlight on you with matching chandelier earrings.

Red mini dress

Mini Dress + Biker Jacket

What is the perfect thing to wear going out on a Saturday night? The elusive mini dress and biker jacket. Leave the house feeling confident and your best self with this combo - it’s chic, effortless and a surefire way to make an entrance on a first date. Unlike many celebrity styles, Hayley Bieber’s outfits are easy to re-create. Usually donning an off-duty model look wearing leggings and ankle boots but when she dresses up she oozes ‘trend alert’ in a bold mini dress. Enter in her latest look, a hot red mini dress, leather biker jacket and cool AF, fashionable pumps. The perfect balance between sweet and edgy for your first Saturday night outfit, seems like a good style mantra to live by.

Little Black Dress Statement Heels

Little Black Dress + Statement Heels

The season’s are changing, you feel a chill in the air and you’ve still got your trusty little black dress. Whether you get to finally try that newly-opened restaurant or hoping to catch a broadway show, the classic LBD dress goes for every occasion you plan to make. "How to wear a little black dress" will always be easy because the style is an essential staple in every woman’s wardrobe, making this a great choice for those who need inspiration for dressing one up. Be sure to stun on a Saturday night out with the ladies in a little black dress with statement heels. With black cocktail dresses coming in many different forms, stand out with statement heels in a bold pop of colour or sizzle it up with those makeup trends you’ve been experimenting with during this time.

Fur Lined Coat Winter Trend 2020

Fur-Lined Coat

If you’re stuck on what to wear on a Saturday night out - let the coat do all the talking. It’s abundantly clear that Winter outfits for 2020 will have you styling all your Winter coats in the (faux) fur-lined coat types; from fuzzy trimmings along the collar for that retro luxe vibe or the coziest coats of all - the 'teddy coat', which are totally making it's huge comeback this year. For those living in colder climates, a fur-lined coat won’t be just a fashion statement, it’s a necessity. It’s the ultimate fun girls night attire for that first Saturday night out. This is your chance to really go all out on your first evening, so add to this trend by wearing it in bold colours and styling it with fun and interesting accessories like feather heels. Et voilà, you’re officially ready to flirt!