A Perfect Night In Style And Self Care

We say that self care is important for your health and well being and for many of us who are staying in, make your self-isolation into a self care reflection with a perfect night in. Depending on wherever you are in the world, it could be mildly serious or incredibly serious as there is a big uncertainty surrounding this novel global pandemic with some pretty intense feelings. But babes, we’re here to help on your night in's with style and here’s a toast to just doing your best. 

No matter who you are or where ever you are in life it’s important to practice self care and self-love. With beauty, skincare or nourishing your body and mind with some feel-good practices - it’s time to take the steps to look after yourself. “Everyone wants help with their anxiety because we are living in a time of extreme uncertainty on every single level. It’s the strangest experience, I’m sure, of our lifetime,” said Elise Loehnen, chief content officer at Goop.

It’s important during this time to stay informed, practice social distancing and washing your hands. Staying home right now, can save lives. Regardless, it can be really terrifying. And while this is very challenging and as people figure out “how to work from home” and “what to do to pass the time,” it can be typically easy to hit the snooze button or watch too many funny Tik Tok videos to keep you away from going stir-crazy.

Self Care Beauty Routine

What Is Self Care

What does self care mean in context, and how do I practice a self-care routine? It simply refers to simple acts that can be taking care of the body; in a physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual sense. Self care often reflects on the actions and attitude you contribute to yourself that impacts on your health or well being. Self care may restore energy inside of you where an individual has the opportunity to maximize their health or engage in lifestyle choices and stress management. Some people may believe that self care is a reward, but it's part of a process. Self care may include taking on skincare routines like putting on a scrub that smells good, temple massages to your head to help you relax, physical self care like staying active and productive indoors or practicing diverse meditation like yoga and listening to calming music. Lifestyle, nutrition and beautification is a part of self care because it is self-love to our bodies, mind and physical well being which makes us feel good and boosts our energy. At times like these, when you feel overwhelmed, take a break and practice your self care routines which also means, doing something that feels restorative and nourishing. 

Lingerie Self Care Silk Dresses

Be Kind To Yourself | Have A Self Care Night In

Did you know that loungewear like silk dresses are actually good for your skin? First of all, there’s that great feeling as silk drapes over your skin, with it’s cooling sensation making you feel oh-so comfortable in every moment of the day. From studies, women who wear silk nightwear provide an opportunity to keep your skin from aging promoting a natural metabolism named “albumen.” Have a night in and wear that silk dress, because why not feel beautiful inside and out? You can also find silk scrunchies that have many benefits for your hair and beauty regime too. While self care encompasses a universe of activities and differs from an individual's needs, make sure to to do the things that makes you feel good in the long run. Personally, I find self care and being kind to myself by wearing certain item of clothes like silk dresses to make a connection to how it makes me feel on the inside.

The cycle of self care feeds self-love creating more self-respect. Mental self care is just as important, so what are you inhabiting in your mind today? remind yourself that you have control over how you feel and be kind to yourself. These moments can take place during your morning routines, or even better, late at night especially when our mind wonders. Self care is about taking the time to take care of yourself in a way that's best works for you. If feeling dressed and put together shifts focus from worry to accomplishment - then that's great! it's all about trying new self care habits to deliver what's going to work for you in productivity, health, life. If it's not for you, no worries, research and move on to the next big thing. Also, i'm pretty sure I read that drinking wine is good for your health too? Talk about a perfect night in!

Mental Self Care | Start A Gratitude Journal 

If you’re not the type of girl to practice self care with deep breathing yoga or guided meditations while playing calming music, what are some other night in activities you can do? When you notice yourself becoming about the past or future, focus on something that makes you feel happy. Stay present with mindfulness and bring your attention to here and now. Check your well being by tapping into a mental self care routine where it can change your way of thinking into a structure for the better! Start a gratitude journal, so you can focus on what you love in life instead of impending issues in the world. Because here’s the thing: your thoughts and emotions are valid and that’s part of our world too, so let’s not lose sight of what makes it so worthwhile.

Take some time to break down your collective thoughts in a journal and acknowledge what you feel grateful and lucky for. At times like this where we feel anxiety, maybe even loneliness - just know that it is a natural reaction to situations like what is happening in the world right now. Shift your mindset of fear to a place of love. Make writing it a gratitude journal a part of your self care rotuine with your daily life to boost your mood and confidence. With consistency and practice a self care gratitude journal, will be rewarding to your mind, well-being and health. 

Skincare Self Care Self Love

Beauty Rituals | Have A Self Care Routine

The mental health perks of having a self care routine feels good because you are moving towards a balance of authenticity. Ask yourself, what you really need today for you to feel true to yourself when you're stressed. It’s important to listen to our body and mind when you can feel that this part of your world might need a little TLC to recharge and be able to attend to it. Create a self care routine at night to give signal to your body and mind that it's time to unwind and shut down some unnecessary thoughts and help you at your highest (or happiest!)

Self care is having a date with yourself and having beauty rituals is just as important because it can be a therapeutic process to some. A self care routine is one of the simplest ways to show yourself some love, and it can be done intentionally. Wether you keep your products natural, beauty rituals can be healthy decisions that benefit your wellness in the long run. With each step in a self care skincare routine, you can add a positive thought or intention to elevate your feel. There's a difference with pampering yourself or practicing self care,  it's about investing your time to your mental health and keeping it conscious. We encounter so much stress, why not burn an essential oil for relaxation and put on a hydrating if you feel that your skin needs some nourishing.

Tell us below how you will be practicing self care or have any beauty ritual tips. What are your thoughts on the subject? What is your perfect me time to stay in? if you ask me, I'm ready for a 25-step skincare routine.