Shoe Trends We're Loving Right Now

Shoe Trends Summer 2020 Minimal Heels, Mules, Strappy Sandals

Much to the delight of shoe addicts out there we’ve got news on which shoe trends you’ll want to wear immediately - and yes! You can wear them inside the house. This year’s most covetable shoe styles are a minimalist dream, known as the ‘barely-there’ trend of simple style heels, floss heels, naked sandals and even skimpy stilettos (to name a few) that started out as a Summer trend and it has vied for a permanent place in our hearts since then. A stylish pair of sandals that are on trend but not overly too trendy is a shoe aesthetic we are loving right now because it's a style that's worth investing in to be wearable enough for everyday and you now... post lockdown pandemic. 

There's a lot to love about what’s the biggest shoe trends of 2020 so far, and for seasons to come (sustainability, folks) we have been eyeing classic, versatile and easy to imagine styling pairs because hey! Let’s make the best with what we’ve got. If you’re still on the hunt for super chić feet, we definitely have plenty of shoe styles that are classic to add a sexy and chic appeal to your outfits and pairs together everything you already own and with Summer sales happening right now it’s the perfect time to find, ‘the one.’

Even though it’s not nearly as mildly warm yet, it doesn’t mean we can’t stay current on our shoe game! Keep scrolling to see the shoe trends we're loving right now and ensure you find your dream pair.

Shoe Trends 2020 Strappy Sandals

Strappy Sandals

Is it just me or are we just in the mood to throw away our boots and slip into our dream Spring and Summer sandals instead! There are certain shoe trends that remain constant throughout the years and those are strappy sandals. Among all of them are the angular shaped silhouettes leading the trend. We know, it may not be open-toe season and they may take a minute to put on but they sure will be the shoe to dominate and step out in! Strappy sandals will be an easy closet update to subtly add a modern, yet throwback twist to your outfits. Whether you opt for the flat gladiator or heel lace ups, these sleek strappy sandals are a GO this season to use them as a simple shoe to put together a  look or as a perfect addition shoe to elevate your outfits.

Shoe Trend 2020 Ankle Strap Heels

Thin Strap Heels

From leg wrap stilettos to minimalist ‘barely there’ shoe designs, you can thank thin strap heels to come onto the market for easy, simple, yet impactful dressing, making this shoe far from boring! This season’s hottest versions of shoe trends come in ultra-uber designs with vibrant colours to minimal and sleek silhouettes that look both streamlined and feminine to complete any occasion worthy outfit. Considering all the comfort coming from this one shoe, they are also the most elegant pair for those casual ‘jeans and nice top’ days. To make them super wearable with even your most structured pieces, the more adventurous dressers out there can style thin strap heels around the bottom of trousers for a high street look. If you want something a little bit more practical, opt for lower kitten heels to rock casually for weekend play.

Shoe Trends 2020 Mules Spring Summer Heels

Minimal Mules

Mules are the IT shoes right now taking center stage where they might just be the most versatile shoe ever... but we are totally in love with them for many reasons. A pair of stylish open-toed mules are the perfect trans-seasonal choice for a comfortable shoe to stay in all day - from weekend brunch to evening dinner, the mules itself will be a statement enough. Not only are these minimal mules seriously easy to style together ensembles throughout the year, you’re bound to find one that fits for exactly what you need. When this particular shoe trend came out, the style has become a must-have fashion staple to cater to every occasion. Heeled mules are perfect as an office-appropriate shoe, a party shoe, they go virtually with everything from jeans to a fun flirty weekend dress and come in many different heights and colours to add a trendy chić appeal. All you gotta do is decide which heels to go for!

All in all, we've found that the 'barely there' shoe trends is the ultimate shoe accessory of choice. Let us know in the comments below, which shoes do you have on your wish list, will you go for this season's street style approved mule heels or the comfortable strappy sandals? Get in on the hype pronto, and own a pair.