Chic Loungewear Outfits I’ll Be living In

What is Loungewear and how do I wear it” might not make sense at first but considering that an increasing number of us are simply staying at home these days, with our daily routines previously whacking on a full face of makeup and dressing up in chic outfits to go to work with a smoothie in hand, it is by far, a distant memory for now. Loungewear is your favourite separates; tracksuits, hoodies, cashmere, sweats and sweatpants. Considering the circumstances for fashion-people like us, it could be appealing and tempting to just roll out of bed in our pajamas and call it a day, but as we navigate through this unsettling time, here are our most comfiest loungewear outfits to be living in to get you through in style.

My prediction of Loungewear having a fashion moment right now, was confirmed when i turned on my Instagram. From our favourite style influencers not in their usual it-girl fashion get ups but their latest outfit shots in cosy sweats and chic jogging pants while working from home or staying in. If you’re planning on making some facetime conference calls during your at-home shift to stay in, scroll through for our favourite couch surfing looks. 

Loungewear Sweats Sweaters
(Image Source: Hailey Bieber)

Sporty Chic Loungewear | Style Sweats

With the thought of wearing sweatpants I'm basically asking myself, “How do I style like Hailey Bieber.” When this girl isn’t in her extroverted ensembles at the Met Gala, she pulls off that “off duty” and “stay in” style aesthetic as enviable as her red carpet moments. Who literally gave Hailey Bieber the right to look so damn good in sweats? This girl manages to style sporty chic to look as high-fashion with separates that makes sweats as appealing and not look insecure AF. Donning second day hair and low-key make up, Bieber pulls off that effortless look while styling sweatpants. Style sporty chic in casual sweats and pants with trendy sneakers or boots to slay to make them seemingly edgy. Keep it chic, with monochrome colours. When you’re incorporating streetwear and athleisure wear, maintain an edgy vibe by wearing your sweatpants oversized. Sporty sweatpants as loungewear can look oversized without lacking in style, who doesn’t want to look stylish and comfortable at the same time? 

How To Style Loungewear

(Image Source: Sofia Richie)

Elevated Sleepwear | Pajamas As Loungewear 

Our sleepwear and slip dresses aren't just for bed ya'll. Some of our favourite muses for elevated street style is Sofia Richie. When you’re a girl who travels a lot, she pretty much takes the cake at rocking the whole sleepwear-as-elevated-street-style look, with luxe silk pajama style loungewear without a cry for compromise.  Of course, we’re not jet-setting off to exotic islands at the moment to invoke the whole, “woke up like this” vibe, but all I want to do is be able to walk out the door and buy my necessities at a socially acceptable level. Sleepwear inspired loungewear and daywear can become an elevated street style look with silk dresses for you to quickly put a jacket over, or a silk top to wear with jeans around the house or if you have to go outside. Keeping it softly tailored with your "sleepwear" is the key, stick with luxe silk fabrics to keep it elevated. Definitely no pink teddy bears or ugg boots. If you see me buying toilet roll at the nearest grocer, don’t judge. It’s called fashion.

Kylie Chanel Outfit Loungewear
(Image Source: Kylie Jenner)

Stay In Style | Loungewear As Day-Wear 

If you’re working from home, or one of the many few who have to adjust to the new norm. Your loungewear wouldn’t be complete with day wear like tees and slouchy pants and leggings. While you still want to be comfortable sitting on the couch or desk, stay in style with loungewear to look put-together. What you usually wear around the house, you still want to look totally chic in something you would actually add to your instagram feed. If your time consists of freelancing and spending 80% working from home, or running a business like Kylie Jenner, the best is to upgrade your “hang around in the house” wear into a wardrobe that will impact your mood. If we plan to stay in, nothing says cozy-chic than to mix and match with textures with our crop tops and shorts to keep it casual with minimal effort, yet simple and effective to get work done. Yes, despite our temptations to actually stay in our usual pajamas, even whacking on a chic knitwear dress could be your new BFF to give you that boost to park up on your couch for another day of work (while rifling on quarantine snacks of course.)