Sneaker Style

Sneaker Style

Blame it on the never ending athleisure trend. It is without a doubt, that we are all living in a sneakers world and if there’s one thing that we’ve learnt is - that sneakers go with absolutely everything! This fashion forward sneaker or old school runners look like the athletic shoe of the moment that is still not showing any signs of slowing down. Since appearing as a highlight seen on street style influencers, off duty models, front row editors and photographers in tow in the past few fashion seasons, they have really given the green light for sneaker styles to be the sporty staple for another year ahead to style your everyday looks. 

Since the fact that during this time, the world has dramatically reduced the amount we spend outside, it’s interesting that the growing demand for sneakers are the top shoe style people are still partially after the most online today. You’ll find that the “dad sneaker” or the “chunky sneaker” still make the main element and statement of an otherwise plain denim jeans and top outfit. Off duty sneaker styles are as posh enough on the street to fits that are suitable for the office, a standout sneaker style that makes up the ‘cool girl’ sartorial palette or that business casual sass to take you from work to weekend.

Of course sneaker and trainers are normally associated as an athletic style worn with sports bras and leggings, and we thought you might be hesitant to incorporate it into your daily uniform so we rounded up the best sneaker styles 2020 to fit any occasion that’ll get you hitting the floor running!

Sneakers Trend 2020

Outfits Styled With Sneakers

Days are gone where sneakers were only used solely for athletic endeavors, running errands and doing sport. I know, I know. Sneakers are just so easy to wear and we get it. But regardless of which trainers you’re into, there is still much more in how to style sneakers other than the jeans and shirt combo almost everyone is guilty of wearing. With both futuristic and nostalgic styles, sneakers have really broken free in the past few years to take on a new meaning to sartorial kicks instead.

When deciding how to wear your outfits styled with sneakers, there is a fashion girl way to wear them to shake things up a bit. Following the street style scene, the bounty of our favourite bloggers and their outfits styled with sneakers are worn with tailored pieces, graceful flowing dresses or skirts that are made to look more juxtaposed. Wearing sneakers just never gets old and just a fun addition to your outfits including your party mini dresses to put together a banging look for a glam weekend outfit!

Street Style Sneakers

Sneakers For The Relaxed Office

There are plenty of work environments around that welcome any type of footwear in the office, and what a major perk that can be! Sneakers for the relaxed office vibe, that are sleek in design with materials made out of leather make it the perfect business casual sneakers look for that back to work chić. This usually means that you can dress up for work and show off your personality at the same time! If your office space has a lax sense of dress codes, go for sneaker styles that are low key and not too loud with colours.

Slimline trainers or sneakers for the office will have you looking smart casual, put together but also versatile enough to bode well with your work clothes. Whether you work in a creative team or looking for sneaker shoes for dressed down Fridays, you can go all in with a pair of sneakers that are comfortable for standing all day or running to meetings too. 

Sneakers With Dresses Off Duty Model Style Hailey Bieber

Off Duty White Sneaker

Just about every designer has created their versions of the chunky white sneaker style and it’s only natural that we have started to blend them in for play; after all the design was originally for sportswear. These days models make their off duty style with sneakers and outfits seem so easy, showing that just because you swapped stilettos for kicks doesn't make you any less chić. Dressing just like a model is easy, really. Just copy this look!

When it comes to off duty sneakers with celebs like Hailey Bieber, she usually keeps it cool in a maxi coat and boyfriend jeans, but these white low tops are the classic design dainty enough to match your floral dresses and casual maxi dresses. Make this your ultimate guide to the best white sneakers to look street style elite and effortlessly cool. Finish your look with a leather jacket, an oversized plaid blazer or unleash your inner athleisure goddess and rock it in a puffy coat while grabbing your morning coffee on the run.

Sneakers And Suits

Sneaker With Suits

When there are so many sneakers that come in all types of shapes and different sizes there are a few rules to follow with so many options available from basic to the brightest colours. Know exactly what suits your wardrobe and taste. So what's the best sneaker with suits to combine the best of both worlds? A Chunky sneaker. They are the most talked about shoe and wearing sneakers with suits, makes it the biggest street-style trend, since forever. These sneakers can be styled with absolutely everything, even your tailored pants to your favourite blazer work dress or blazer and skirt combo. For a fresh take on the look, pair chunky sneakers with a powerful bright coloured suit. Want a more subtle way to wear a sneaker? opt for a white sneaker with a pop of colour in a cool caged silhouette.

Whether you're looking to reinvent your style or step up your existing wardrobe, there will always be a sneaker style notable for the occasion. Want to wear a suit with ease? There's a sneaker for that! Want to flex in a show stopping gown... there's also a sneaker for that too. Let us know in the comments below if you'll be trying out these sneaker styles to your daily wardrobe because at this point, it's still quite impossible to scroll through Instagram without spotting these pearly whites.