A Stay At Home Guide To Date Night

Date Night Ideas Staying At Home

A relationship expert will tell you that a key to keep the spark in a relationship, whether brand new - in a comfortable level - or a long distance relationship is to continue courting our significant other. We often think that a date night requires and needs production quality to go outside the comforts of our home and with social distancing becoming the norm, you can’t always go out to the movies or explore and partake in outside activities. In fact, a date night isn't out of the question this Friday or cancelled for the week when there are many adorable date night ideas to keep the romance alive, fun and sizzling! On a positive note, you don’t need to travel, spend loads of money or dine in a world class venue; A date night compels us to come up with some creative and unique activities and by at the end of all this, you can tell that lucky guy you’re stuck with that you’ll be the master of a date night on a budget.

Staying In Date Night At Home

Even though your usual date night is out of the question, there’s nothing like an inexpensive home date idea to remind us that date nights can also be exciting without artificial bells and whistles attached. Staying in could be one of your best date nights ever! The concept of a staying in and planning a date night at home is simple; you can’t get out of town so we have to get creative and come up with fun romantic date activities to plan spending one-on-one time with our significant other. Some of them are totally free of charge, making staying in the celebration of the fact that you are together. Of course there are plenty of perks of organizing a date night at home, it breaks routine, makes it special and oftentimes invigorates the relationship. There's nothing like spending good-old-fashioned quality time together, however we do have some cool and romantic date night ideas to try at home.

Turn Up The Heat With A Movie Night

While you’re practicing “stay at home” orders, take your once ho-hum date night activity of going out to just staying indoors and having a movie night in. Okay, we all know that you’ve probably had a ton of movie nights every evening since this whole thing started, but what we’re proposing is an upgrade. Build a fort. Seriously. A blanket fort made out of all coziest pillows and sheets in your house. Bring the snacks, create a mini projector, pour some wine, and just have a relaxing night watching a movie. You can turn up the heat with your movie night and add fairy lights for a romantic setting. Spend all the time cuddling, pass sassy notes instead of watching and whisper secrets to eachother. Live a little and act childish!

Romantic (Takeaway) Dinner At Home

If you want to surprise your sweetheart with some creative date night activities, order from your favourite restaurant who are still doing take away and support the local businesses in your area. Have a romantic dinner date at home, and order your partner's favourite pizza or Italian cuisine. It’s a classic but it’s amazing how this little change can break the norm where you don't have to stress about planning dinner or cleaning any cutlery. When the takeaway arrives, present your dish in candlelight and pretend that you're dining in a 5-star restaurant. We’re going for lady and the tramp vibes here. Add a bit of seduction and flirt with your feet underneath the table as if nothing is going on. Bonus points if you can excuse yourself out of the room to surprise your partner with a sexy date night dress.

Cute Date Night Outfits

Picnic Date At Home

If you had to cancel plans to travel this year and it’s hard to shake the FOMO off, why not add some European flair and set up an indoor picnic date at home. You can make a homemade pizza together with a pitcher of sangria or share oysters for aphrodisiac with a bottle of champagne for a fancy affair. Add a finger licking fondue pot to feed each other and dress up in those vacation floral outfits you were going to wear! This picnic date idea at home has all the elements of fun without the hustle of going anywhere and you can make your plaid blanket and basket of baguettes as Instagram worthy as you like. Take some pictures (digital or Polaroid) to keep some romantic memories you can both laugh at later. Your dreams about a summer escape to Greece or dining in a french bistro will be a sweet reminder of your future plans ahead, for the time being, let your indoor picnic be the ultimate destination.

Make Art

Even though you and your significant other aren’t that good at drawing, why not make art at home and set up a painting studio in your living room while the other acts as a private model - yes, we’re talking in nude. This is a crazy, creative date night idea that will inspire the artist in both of you that will definitely make it an unforgettable and fun memory. Choose to make art at home and create abstract life paintings in whichever way you prefer - buy a couple of canvases, some fruit props if you like and sketch, draw or paint in watercolour. “Draw me like one of your french girls” you say, and pop one of your favourite bottles of wine. Paint and sip and after getting crafty, give the works of art to each other as gifts.

Mini Golf Date Night Ideas

In terms of fun things to do with your special guy, put on some light-hearted competition and have a date night by creating a mini golf course inside. Mini golf has been a staple favourite for date night ideas for many couples but just because you have to stay indoors doesn’t mean it’s discontinued. Making holes in your house is just not feasible, but our stay at home guide is to create a mini golf course date inside and putt putt away in the living room with DIY materials you can find inside your house. Makeshift a course for the ball to go through obstacles like stacks of books with a goal to land in a cup. Ignite that friendly competition to bring some fun into the relationship. 

Romantic Stay At Home Spa

Self care is very important for our health and well-being so why not pamper you and your beau with a relaxing stay-at-home spa date. If you've been itching for a romantic evening with your man, surprise him with a spa treatment he deserves. With therapeutic body scrubs or essential oils -  you won't know which is more fun, the massager or the massagee. Make your romantic home date spa an experience in the bedroom or bathroom and don your fluffy spa-worthy bathrobes and slippers. With a glass of bubbly, dim the room with candles as lights and put on soothing music for ambience. Make it a sexy night in full of indulgence with a bubble bath and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries, that will surely make a simple yet meaningful romantic gesture to your partner.

Date Night Ideas At Home