Tips & Tricks To Style Instagram Like A Blogger

Instagram Like A Blogger

Ahhhh, Instagram. We spend at least 3 hours scrolling on the app (whoops.) Let’s be real, Instagram is a place where you get the opportunity to show off your skills whether you're photographing your outfit of the day, or showing behind-the-scenes of the avocado toast you just ate. By now, you’ve probably seen your fair share of ‘It-girls of Instagram’ that are influencing fashion in a real way. The good news here? You really can style Instagram just like a blogger would. When it comes to making your photos look Insta-worthy like your fave fashion bloggers, curating a quality page is easier than you may think but sometimes, they just make our own feeds look kinda sad in comparison! Since we all want to style our photos just like our favourite blogger and influencers, here are just a couple of Instagram tips and tricks to execute a photo-ready closet that looks professionally styled.

Hell, your feed might already be brimming with cool content, but if you’re wondering how these top influencers perfect their game here are some tips and tricks to style Instagram like a blogger and get on your way to social media fame.

How To Pose For Photos Instagram Blogger

Posing Tips For Blogger Style Photos

To all the aspiring bloggers out there - mix it up! Whether you’re taking a #OOTD or styling photos of chic accessories using your desk at home, make your posts stand out where your feed looks cohesive in colour and style. Posing tip 1: think about angles. From looking at how these it-girl Instagram bloggers pose, it all comes down to practice. Posing for pictures like a fashion blogger may seem silly when you overthink but soon it’ll come naturally. Angles add extra interest for blogger style photos that makes you stand out from the rest and ooze confidence that will make for a beautiful gram!

While it may take some time to get comfortable posing in front of a camera, try a rocking back to forth motion to give some variety in posing on your Instagram Feed. Photography is everything when it comes to styling your photo-op fit for Instagram or any outer social media outlet, where posing for blogger photos goes hand in hand with telling a story that allows other people to connect with you on a real level. Always keep in mind, how are your style photos giving value? are they inspiring? are they sharing a reflection? Be your own creative director, get creative with the props around you for a little in-home inspiration and test out new angles to practice posing. In all seriousness, to master this - snap away! It’s all about getting as many options.

Instagram Posing Ideas Content

Camera Ready Looks

If you’re a lover of Instagram and looking for ways to take your feed to the next level - here’s exactly how to be camera ready. The most important things to consider before shooting is what the heck are you going to wear?  It’s great to get ideas and inspiration from others but you should wear colours and styles you know you look good in. Showcase your outfits that experiment with colours and patterns but most importantly, styling your personality through them. First things first, decide which part of your outfits you want to focus on to create your #look.

Did you just buy a jumpsuit that you’re completely in love with and want to show it off or will it be a stylish pair of bright heels to take the most of the frame. Consider how you will highlight your camera ready looks, see how it all flows with your feed. In addition think about how you can incorporate other props while doing your poses, it really gives your followers a sense of your personality and a glimpse into a moment. You can also pile on the layers of gold accessories for details and a jacket with a different texture to your patterned dresses to add a different and beautiful element.

Instagram Photo Posing Tips

Make Your Instagram Photos Pop

Think of all the photos you’ve recently liked that made you say ‘WOW.’ Your favourite Instagram style bloggers have made capturing their shots a moment into their lives like a visual diary. Editing Instagram photos is half of the fun to show off your aesthetic and vibes, such as setting warmer tones for your Fall looks to a washed-out vintage theme that matches your more romantics outfits. Even the best photos can benefit from a little TLC to make your Instagram photos pop that will make a great photo amazing compared to one that's just okay. When you edit to highlight your outfit, whether you're visiting a bucket list destination or creatively showing your #ootd, we love how bright colours are the most eye-catching. Take a foral dress as an ensemble to stand out, mix in a bold background and voila!

How to make your Instagram photos pop may seem like a strategy, but you can also do the no edit #edit everyone's lusting over in 2020. This includes beautiful natural lighting, monochrome styled photos that give an editorial feel and charming lo-fi selfie beauty looks. To say the least, Instagram aesthetics are constantly evolving, with new trends always arriving on the platform.

Let us know in the comments below, will you guys be trying these tips to style Instagram like a blogger? Which outfits will you be experimenting with for camera ready looks?