The Best Coffee Table Books

Coffee Table Books

Chances are right now you’re trying to pass a little bit of time, and what’s the best thing to do? Tackling a list of the best coffee table books. Your table book library may say more about your personal taste and an indicator of your passions than you may realize, and not only does flicking through beautiful pages of words an inspiration, a good coffee table book will have you achieving some major #interiorgoals. If your coffee table is looking a little uninspiring these days, we’ve compiled a list of books to fuel those passions for travel, design and current to classic fashion bibles you need right now. Whether you’ll be enjoying some blissful solitude for yourself, the best coffee table books should be the ones that not only look great on your table for when guests visit but also the ones that spark your interest to keep going back to.

The Best Fashion Coffee Table Books

There are multiple benefits to just settling down with a book at home, coffee table books are great for relaxation, from feeling less stress to improving your memory and most importantly… gives you something to do other than twiddling your thumbs! If you're a self confessed fashionista stay connected to fashion with books that inspire you because not only are they great decor but they make your home or home office a creative space.  A 'coffee table book' arrangement should be a refined space, a collection of everything from making you laugh to some awesome meal ideas in sight on your kitchen bench if that's what you're passionate about or a skill you're keen to learn. Curate your collection of coffee table books a part of your self-care routine. It’s safe to say, there’s nothing better than curling up with a book with your morning coffee!

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Chanel Coffee Table Book

Chanel Coffee Table Book

When we are constantly getting our daily inspiration via Instagram, it’s easy for that novel to start collecting some dust. Having books on hand in sight where it’s available will get you putting the phone down and doing things the old fashion way, flipping through a book! Enter, your humble living room and have your dedicated space with those inspiring fashion coffee table books featuring some of our leading females in fashion history. The Chanel coffee table book is one of those classic fashion coffee table books that not only looks incredibly chic styled on a marble table but a fashion bible for revolutionizing style. The best fashion coffee table book, is ‘Chanel’ by Francois Baudot. It gives an insight of how Coco Chanel showed us the power of a chić pants suit. Chanel modernized the ‘little black dress’ to inspire women to live comfortably and freely as women. A trendsetter of her time.

Best Coffee Table Book

Travel Book For Wanderlust

No coffee table book collection is complete without one that whisks you away to exotic locations and inspiring your next bucket list destination. We’re guessing the reason why you’re reading means you might be itching to travel? A travel book will give you that wonderful travel book for wanderlust - so why not choose American photographer Slim Aarons ‘Poolside’. This is one of the best coffee table books for iconic vintage style. It showcases some serious nostalgia-inducing shots of Italy’s jetsetters in the 50’s-80’s and how they spent their leisure time. It’s all sparkling water, cocktails and nothing but fun in the most aesthetically pleasing way! Armchair traveling just got a whole lot easier, so take yourself back in time with how sweet life was back then. The beautiful landscape, romantic shots of glittering sand - we can practically see ourselves lazing poolside in a two-piece bikini or crochet jumpsuit bedazzled in gold.

Best Coffee Table Books

The Beauty Chef Book

Essential reading books are not only for fashion and traveling but cooking too, because that can be a form of self-care right? 'The Beauty Chef' by Carla Oates is not only a super nourishing cookbook that instructs you to make food, but it’s a whole experience on the science of antioxidants and nutrition behind certain ingredients to boost inner beauty. The Beauty Chef Glow from within is not only inherently taken from creams and serums but what you’re feeding your body that is way beyond skin deep. It could be the best coffee table book for decorating your kitchen shelf with it's drool-worthy photography, but The Beauty Chef book also has up to 150 gluten and dairy-free delicious recipes to try at home. It's a wonderful cookbook for the bidding chef in you, or a great coffee table book for gifting a loved one for any holiday occasion.

Vogue Coffee Table Book

The Essential Coffee Table Book

You’ve got some guests who arrive early and you’re running around in the kitchen, or you’re still getting ready upstairs, what’s a way to distract them? A coffee table book. All the times you’ve been at someone else’s house, think of it as magazines in a waiting room - it’s always nice to pick up a magazine or book to look through while passing the time. The essential coffee table book to have is a flip through anything Vogue where it’s part art and part photography. ‘In Vogue’, ‘Vogue Living’, or your favourite hard copies of ‘Vogue Covers’ throughout the years. Up your Vogue coffee table book game with a statement stacked in a pile, or elegantly on flatlay atop a gold rose tinted tray.

Fashion Coffee Table Books

A Book With Style And Substance

All true fashionistas need those fashion table books am I right? But which book is truly all about style and substance. If you’re looking to slowly grow your collection of fashion books that already include the iconic “Tom Ford” copy,  make the “Little Black Book” a fine addition. An interior styling trick to coffee table book decorating is having different sized books. With this you can create a beautiful palette and be able to see what is stacked on or underneath. The ‘Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women’ is the essential career handbook for the driven modern women today whether you’re just starting off in the business or already have years of experience. The essential coffee table reads for an artist or entrepreneur with plenty of inspirational wisdom like networking and overcoming creative blocks. The great thing about this fashion coffee table book is you can actually take it with you traveling with it’s friendly size.