The Cut Out Trend

The Cut Out Trend - Cut Out Tops

Get ready to show some skin, because the cut out trend will be everywhere and anywhere! It looks like we have a comeback of cut out styles coming from your favorite dresses and sleeved tops and even seen spotted absolutely everywhere including cut off tee’s, bikini’s, skirts and including bottoms to re-imagine the sexy ways of dressing. Barely there and the ‘naked trend’ fashion style of cut off tops, dresses and long sleeves give that understated and chić way to give any of your most simplest outfits, that bit of edge. The cut out trend can be sensual for sure, and often a tricky way to dress to look sophisticated and classy so we’ve rounded up the best for every occasion to take over your wardrobe today!

Cut Out Style

Cut Out Style

Get ready for the cut out trend to take in the form of flesh-coloured tones to barely there cut out designs in your going out dresses and tops to leave little to the imagination. What’s the most interesting thing about the cut out style is the number of creative interpretations we’ve seen across the board to show the myriad versions flashing a bit of sexy décolletage across the shoulders or to edge up for your everyday and evening looks. Before you start stressing about flashing too much skin, let’s all take a big breath! Make the most out of your cut out style in finding pieces that are cut in pretty strategic places, because there is so much choice to fit your liking, personal style and body shape.

Are you looking to spice up your everyday dressing game or curious enough to experiment with the cut out trend? As an avid follower of trends there’s no denying that less is more but what’s the wearability of the cut out style? It can be an exquisite off the shoulder or cold shoulder top, a more versatile version of a plunging neckline or give that va-va-VOOM to your date nights with backless dresses. Cut out style is not entirely new, but we are loving it’s 2020 ways to style the cut out trend this year.

Cut Out Tops

Cut Out Tops

You all should now that the cut out trend is emerging in a huge way in Winter and in the later warmer months, and there’s a lot to love about it. To give your outfits that extra dose of OOMPH! pick a statement piece like cut out tops with sleeves. It’s romantic, it’s sexy and the right amount of feminine and edge to add to any outfit. Adding to the appeal of finding one that most matches with your aesthetic, you can take one of these babies from day to night.

Cut out tops can also be cold-weather appropriate, not only is the cropped iteration perfect as a summer piece with denim, but for Winter you can pair cut out tops with leather high waisted jeans landing just above the waistline. I particularly love a boho-chic look and because, yay - for sleeves!

Long Sleeve Top With Cutout

Long Sleeve Top With Cut Out

The cut out trend has proven to be far from over and never goes out of style. A strappy cold shoulder top will be the one that works best for when you want to show off in an alluring way that's not too out there and in your face to wear and also keeps you comfortable in your own skin at the same time! There are other variations like a long sleeve top with cut outs at the back, along the neckline, or a high neck top cut out in an angle to achieve that balance between daring and demure.

As feminine as a long sleep top with cut out makes for a collarbone-slimming silhouette - it looks gorgeous paired with shorts for warmer days, a mini skirt in Winter or high waisted jeans paired with high heels for an evening look! A long sleeve cut out top will balance out your outfits that can easily transition your weekend wear, work tops, and styles comfortable enough as comfortable loungewear at home (and who doesn’t want to show a bit of skin!)

Cut Out Dresses

Cut Out Dresses + Backless Dress

We’ve spotted the cut out trend on the runway, the red carpet, and it’s barely there designs of sheer dresses. There are many ways to wear the cut out dress when you want to look extra sweet and demure at the front, but daring at the back with an opening peek-a-boo. We’re all about to wear the steamy cut outs of a backless dress to add interest to our looks because oh baby this style just came back in a major way!

There’s something so ladylike and glamorous when wearing a bare back gown or cut out backless dress as it’s the perfect frock to wear as a wedding guest to a wedding without looking too perverse. Nowadays, there are plenty of cut out dresses to choose from. From side cuts, to plunge frock maxi dresses and gowns, choose a design that compliments with your body shape. We suggest if you're more petite; a v-neck plunging dress will be perfect for your frame to elongate the body or if you’re heavy on the top, a dress that’s cut out at the back (but not too far down) will be sexy and classy to show some skin.

Are you ready for the cut out clothing trend, everyone? The sexy ways of dressing these beautiful designs should make you feel beautiful, original and confident in yourself. From sleeveless cut out tops to the feminine and edgy style of backless dresses - we say that, less is definitely more.